Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2249

Chapter 2249

Fortunately enough, one quick-witted youth interjected: “Speaking of Miracle Young Noble, I heard he came to the land of the fire source and met Vermillion Martial Goddess . ”

“Yes, so I’ve heard too . ” A different one replied: “But there was a man hanging around the goddess, seemingly very close . I think his last name was Li, but his background sect is unknown . ”

“Last name Li?” Mu Yalan who was looking into the distance turned around and asked .

“Right . ” The youth noticed that the doctor had taken interest in the conversation and quickly said: “The goddess is incredible, the only youth to attack Insane Court in the alliance on top of coming back unscathed . However, no one knows anything about her companion, just that they are very close . ”

“I believe there are rumors that their relationship is special, that’s why Miracle Young Noble is antagonistic towards him, resulting in a clash . ” One more jumped in .

“What does he look like?” The two of sisters glanced at each other while having a pretty good idea about this man .

“Well, I’m told that this guy very ordinary look . No one understands why someone like the goddess would be with him . That’s why Miracle Young Noble was annoyed and even wanted to do something about it . ” The youth responded .

“What happened next?” Shaoyao became interested because this was her first time hearing this story .

“I heard this Li guy burned Young Noble Wu Lian from Everlasting to ashes then declared his intention of destroying it, quite a fierce style . ” The first guy who started this topic didn’t want to lose and added .

The two girls glanced at each other, knowing exactly who this Li guy was now .

“There are too many insane men in the world, ignorantly fearless . Just an ant wanting to talk about destroying Everlasting? He overestimates himself . ” Hu Qingniu coldly uttered .

Qingniu wanted to show off his speaking skill but the atmosphere became quiet again . Outside of the two sisters, he and Zhang Yan had the highest status here . His frank statement left no room for others to retort without offending him .

Zhang Yan went crazy again since they just got the beauties’ attention . Now, Qingniu killed the conversation again .

“The world is full of crouching tigers and hidden dragons . ” Yalan flatly responded, clearly on the side of this Li fella .

“Right, right, Miss Mu is completely right . Maybe that guy has an amazing background . ” Zhang Yan quickly flattered: “That’s why he dares to say whatever he wants . ”

“That’s useless . ” Qingniu replied right away: “Everlasting is the strongest kingdom in the system with countless ancestors . Miracle Young Noble is an amazing genius himself . A nobody talking about destroying this lineage? That’s just the daydream of someone who’s tired of living . ”

Zhang Yan almost vomited blood, not understanding why a medical genius was so socially inept, unable to read the situation .

He wanted to break the guy’s head and take a good look at his brains . Even a fool knew about the delicate situation between Longevity and Everlasting . Now, this Qingniu was praising Everlasting so the two sisters naturally wouldn’t like it . Alas, he couldn’t come up with a new topic .

“Miss Qin, what do you think about it?” Qingniu continued on and revealed a rare smile: “The world is full of ignorant fools . This guy boasting about destroying a kingdom is ridiculous . He might just be a youth that hasn’t experienced enough tribulations . ”

Shaoyao didn’t say anything and continued to stare at the lake .

Everyone else was speechless . This guy didn’t realize he had said the wrong thing and was feeling quite pleased with himself . It looked like no one could talk when this conversation-killer king was around .

Mu Yalan who has been searching the area suddenly noticed something . She softly elbowed Shaoyao to get her attention . Shaoyao saw a remote island with someone digging then .

It was a man who couldn’t be more ordinary-looking . He was quite busy with pits and piles of mud around him . He was completely focused on the task as if he was trying to become a digging virtuoso .

The two girls heaved a sigh of relief then smiled after seeing who they were searching for - the First Brother .

Despite his dirty and muddy appearance, he was especially beautiful right now . As long as he was around, everything would be just fine and dandy .

Yalan was a proud apricot in the snow while Shaoyao was an orchid hidden deep in the valley . When they smiled, the youths lost their mind, instantly charmed by this gorgeous scene .

The girls didn’t know what Li Qiye was doing but they couldn’t come over either . They told their fellow disciples to stop the boat in order to watch him . In their eyes, the mud pits resembled windows that would need to another vast world . They didn’t know what his goal was but it certainly wasn’t just playing in the mud out of boredom .

The rest of the group looked over too . This was just another man that could be found anywhere on the street, nothing peculiar about him except his common and boring appearance . Qingniu and Zhang Yan believed that if they were standing side by side, no one would notice this guy over them .

In fact, another random guy from the street could overshadow this guy, let alone geniuses like them .

Alas, the two girls were completely fixated on each of his actions, as if nothing else in the world could be more interesting .

They became sour - what was the point of watching this guy? The guy looked wretched when covered in mud just like a beggar, certainly not a sight for sore eyes .

“Hey, what are you doing?!” Zhang Yan shouted at Li Qiye, full of annoyance .

“Treasure hunting . ” Li Qiye answered casually without bothering to look at them .

“Oh? For what?” Shaoyao couldn’t help but ask .

“A really good one . ” He replied without pausing .

“Miss Qin, that’s just a muddy beach but for some idiots, even a scrap metal found here could be considered a treasure . This penurious man at the bottom of society has never seen anything good . Give him a phoenix wood or raw alchemy branch, that might scare the crap out of him . ” Qingniu was one to never give face and had zero sympathies for anyone .

He arched his chest proudly because he actually had these rare alchemy materials, more than a million year old . He wanted to show off to Qin Shaoyao .

However, she wasn’t interested in them at all . She stared at the pits and said: “What do you mean by a good treasure? Mind elaborating?”

“Are you digging for Alchemy Wood?” Zhang Yan could observe the situation far better than Qingniu . He could see that the two girls were interested in what he was doing so he wanted to keep this mood up .

As for whether this man could actually find something, he didn’t actually give a damn and only wanted to use him for conversational reasons .