Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2317

Chapter 2317: 2317

Supreme was the name of the merit law earlier, but to be more exact, it was one of the nine heavenly scriptures .

After Li Qiye created a new cultivation system and opened a new page, the Thought Scripture became something new . This merit law could utilize aspects from the user or the enemies .

In the blink of an eye, he used what is considered “supreme” in the matron’s mind, which was Martial Ancestor .

Because of this particular thought in her mind, Martial Ancestor came into being and performed “River-crossing Elephant” . It utilized the ancestor’s prime state, resulting in a superior version .

If it wasn’t for Bingning, just this one thought alone could have crushed the matron earlier .

Of course, he could also create what his mind considers to be “supreme” . However, the result would be horrifying beyond words . This matter was not worthy of him doing so .

A prerequisite was having a tough dao heart . For example, if Li Qiye’s heart couldn’t handle the creation of Martial Ancestor, he would be the victim to this summon instead .

Naturally, this was impossible . His dao heart was tougher than anything else . Emulating a progenitor was insignificant as a burden .

Supreme was now the name of the heavenly scripture previously known as Thought . He used it to defeat the matron without lifting a single finger .

People knew that this was no illusion but it couldn’t be considered a merit law either .

What merit law in this world could summon Martial Ancestor and his techniques?

The crowd was justifiably shaken . Some dropped to the ground; others soiled their pants . This supreme power was beyond them until death .

“It has to be magic…” An ancestor thought .  

To add on to the confusion, Li Qiye was not a disciple of Vermillion . If he was actually someone who trained in this system’s merit laws, then after reaching a certain level, perhaps he could summon an intent or will of the ancestor . This wasn’t the case in reality .

They didn’t know that the scene earlier actually stemmed from the matron’s mind .

Wu Bingning heaved a sigh of relief after seeing that the matron was still alive .

Nevertheless, this old woman’s mind was in disarray . She and her group thought that an outsider had just summoned an intent of their progenitor . The big question was - how?

Li Qiye casually uprooted a tree and broke its branches . He looked at the matron and said: “If I see you one more time, no one will be able to beseech for your life . I’ll decapitate you then . ”

Having said that, he swung the tree and blew the matron flying towards the horizon like a shooting star .

“Don’t dawdle around, go find her or some beasts will have a nice meal . ” He smirked at the remaining experts from Vermillion .

They woke up from their stupor and immediately ran towards the same direction as the matron . They were scared out of their mind, thinking about her becoming the victim of some beasts . How could they go back and answer to their sect in that case?

Bingning had conflicted feelings . From now on, she had cut all ties with her system . Like the matron had said, this was a traitorous act .

Despite her determination, it was still her home . Leaving all of a sudden resulted in a void in her heart .

“You have trained in our merit laws?” She thought about something else and asked Li Qiye .

She shared the same sentiment as the other ancestors, that he summoned the progenitor from the knowledge of their merit laws . She believed this even more than the other due to his previous claim of knowing the twelve variations .

The summoning wasn’t an impossibility if he actually knew all twelve .

“You’re overthinking it . ” He smiled .

She started contemplating . Li Qiye didn’t need to lie, but then how did he summon their progenitor? Where did he get the twelve variations? The answers continued to elude her .

Meanwhile, those who knew about his past exploits were greatly affected .

“He’s, he’s a monster, the leader of Insane Court and First DIsciple of Longevity Valley, how he can summon something from Vermillion too, don’t tell me he knows all merit laws in this world?” An elder speculated .

One person knowing the merit laws of three systems was too much to take . Few in this world could actually do so .

“I heard something fun was going on here? Is it over?” A smile as bright as the sun appeared .

The speaker had a straightforward and friendly tone . Who else could it be but Conqueror young Noble?

“Sigh, looks like I’m late . ” He said with regrets .

“Don’t worry, it’ll get fun . ” A cold voice sounded from the top of a peak .

“Sword Sovereign!” People recognized him right away .

Not long ago, these two had a big fight and Sword Sovereign ran away . Thus, his appearance here was unexpected .

“It’ll be fun for sure . ” People whispered after seeing these two together .

“You want a rematch?” Conqueror smiled, not surprised .

“Brother Conqueror, no need to be so hasty for a fight . ” Another powerful voice came about from a different peak .

It was a youth with hair fluttering to the wind; handsome and gallant with a majestic aura . The most notable thing was his eight hands . They were bright, seemingly cast from gold .

“Coiling Dragon Young Noble!” A spectator shouted right away .

“Two of the three young nobles are here . ” A high elder was caught off guard .

All eyes were on these youths, waiting for the inevitable fun show .

Coiling Dragon was rumored to be a pseudo-True Emperor . He was also the successor of Coiling Dragon System . This was a great genius from the Eight-armed Tribe . His arms have been trained enough to have this golden glow, quite mighty in combat .

“You want to fight too?” Conqueror’s attitude didn’t change, still as jolly as ever .

Both of them came from Coiling Dragon . Some said that Miracle was no match for these two in terms of cultivation and battle potential . It was his alchemy that earned him a spot as one of the three young nobles, just barely .

Due to the animosity between the Eight-armed Dynasty and Conqueror Young Noble, a fight should be inevitable .