Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2357

Chapter 2357: 2357

Mu Shaochen stood up and looked at the mass: “If Falcon God is here, then we are ready to start the trial . ”

“Unfortunately, Li Qiye isn’t here . ” Someone else played along perfectly .

Shaochen’s eyes became serious: “If Li Qiye still isn’t here, then he knows he is guilty and doesn’t dare to face everyone . It’s not unreasonable to consider him a heretic deserving persecution now . ”

People glanced at each other, understanding that the young lord wishes to turn Myriad against Li Qiye . It didn’t matter if the guy would come or not; the young lord would come up with different excuses until one stuck .

“That’s right, the coward must know he is guilty . He surely had cultivated the blood art, no need to be merciful towards someone like that . ” An ancestor from Coiling Dragon said .

“I agree, maybe he wants to run back to Insane Court . We can’t let him run back to his lair and must mobilize now . ” Members of Heavenstart and Sword Grave hurriedly added .

His supporters loudly shouted while the undecided systems couldn’t exactly refute . The latter stared at the untethered, waiting for her to say something .

If they were to voice their opposition, it would mean supporting Li Qiye and being implicated with him .

“It is not appropriate to declare a judgment before the trial . We should, at the very least, give him an opportunity to defend himself . ” The untethered remained calm .

“I doubt he will show up . ” Mu Shaochen said: “Untethered, how much longer must everyone wait for him? We don’t need to talk about whether he’s a heretic right now since that seems to be clear . We need to talk about countermeasures right now!”

Shaochen aggressively declared his decision, wishing to shake the very foundation of Yang Radiance’s authority in Myriad Lineage . As long as the majority systems took his side, he would become the new leader .

“You’re rushing it right now, the event has only just begun . ” The untethered was unperturbed .

“Young Lord Mu isn’t rushing it . ” An ancestor from Sword Grave said: “We have been waiting for a long time now, this is giving the heretic a chance to escape . ”

“Untethered, it is time to deliver a judgment, no need to play nice with a heretic . If you continue to be merciful, more lives will be lost as a result . Can you bear the responsibility?” Another from Vermillion Court said .

Numerous top systems have shown their stance and allegiance to the young lord .

The ones that have gained benefits from him such as Sword Grave were offering their full support and treated him as a leader .

As for the martial court, it was willing to pick him as well for immediate benefits but most importantly of all, he would eventually return to Imperial .

If they could surpass Yang Radiance right now, their system would become the new ruler after his departure in the future .

This was more than a trial; it was a battle struggle for supremacy of Myriad .

Mu Shaochen certainly came prepared to challenge Yang Radiance and had formed solidarity with his followers . This allowed them to seize the initiative and the upper hand .

As the atmosphere intensified, the sage and the untethered were strangely calm and didn’t bother to respond .

“We need to mobilize now against that heretic! He is clearly guilty, that’s why he isn’t showing up . ” People kept on shouting .

“Very well . ” Mu Shaochen spoke after gaining control of the event in such a short time: “We’ll send a search team so that he can’t escape . ”

“Who says our Young Noble doesn’t dare to appear?” A cold voice sounded with two figures appearing before the crowd .

People looked over and saw two girls .

“It’s the martial goddess . ” One was immediately recognized .

Wu Bingning and Ling Ximo have arrived at Myriad Peaks . Though there were numerous ancestors present, Binginng stood there proudly with her back straight .

On the other hand, Ximo was having a hard time, not daring to look at anyone . Nevertheless, she chose to stand by Li Qiye’s side .

“Bingning, you are a bride of the Mu and should mind your words . ” Mu Shaochen didn’t become angry and slowly said .

She looked at him and uttered coldly: “You think too highly of yourself . You aren’t enough to earn my grace, someone else can be your clan’s bride . ”

Shaochen’s expression turned a bit ugly . Ever since he came to Myriad, everything happened so smoothly until her disdainful words just now .

“How improper! You can’t act as you please in this important matter, come back to the sect with me right now!” Another ancestor from Vermillion Martial Court shouted .

“Ancestor, no need to pressure me with seniority . ” Binging shook her head: “First of all, your status is inferior to Windchaser Matron . I didn’t come back with her, so why would I come back with you?”

The ancestor turned red as a junior challenged his authority . He declared: “Such impudence, I will take you back then .

“The martial court wishes to bully a junior?” Yang Radiance Buddha has been standing quietly behind the untethered . He stood up and said: “If you want to play, I’ll entertain you . No need to be so tough on a junior . ”

“Does Yang Radiance wish to interfere with our internal affairs?” The other ancestor said with a heavy voice .

“No, but I do owe Miss Wu a favor, so if you want to take her against her will, you need to ask me first . ” The Buddha heartily laughed .

He was quite brave standing up for Wu Bingning right now . Of course, he was referring to the hostage situation back then .

“Hmph, that wretched has joined the heretic, willingly choose damnation! She is not qualified to stand…” Cloudcrossing Princess said with disdain .

“Pop!” But before she could finish, a slap made her spit out blood .

“Who?! Show yourself!” She howled after being slapped before everyone .

“Consider yourself lucky that you’re still alive . ” A lazy voice was heard .

This newcomer floated in the air, seemingly so nonchalant and carefree .

“Fiercest!” Many recognized this lazy tone even before seeing him .

“Li Qiye is here . ” People looked over at the direction of the voice and sure enough, it was Li Qiye .

He seemed to be taking his time walking over, but in fact, he was moving with frightening speed and instantly made it to Myriad Peaks .

He stood there relaxed as if he wasn’t facing a great alliance but just enjoying his own garden . He was bereft of an imperious aura, but this leisure attitude made people shudder uncontrollably .

This was a being who had massacred numerous ancestors from three systems, definitely a monster .

His appearance caused a bigger stir than the young lord . Those who have witnessed him in action felt their palms becoming sweaty .