Chapter 236: A Stone Egg was Born (2)

Inside the compound was a huge hole that extended for quite a bit of distance, resulting in a chasm! At this second, everyone went to look at the hole, and they only saw black smoke that carried a burnt smell.

Inside the hole was a person whose body was burnt to a black crisp; it was as if he was thrown inside a furnace. This burnt person was holding a stone egg tightly in his chest.

At this time, everyone was amazed. Where did this guy that was burnt to a dark crisp come from?

“Fuck, it really cooked me. I will sooner or later break the Heavenly Ancient Corpse Burial Ground!” At this moment, the burnt person inside the large hole swore loudly.

“Young Noble Li…” Hearing this familiar voice, Chi Yun — along with the elders — were suddenly shocked on the spot.

“Young Noble…” At this time, the group of Li Shuangyan had also just arrived along with Tu Buyu and the juniors. After hearing the familiar voice that couldn’t be any more familiar, Li Shuangyan almost cried and immediately rushed down to the large crater and picked up Li Qiye, who was carrying the stone egg.

“Young Noble, it really is you…” After helping him up, Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao couldn’t contain themselves from hugging him with teary eyes.

“Two great beauties, as your young noble, I naturally do not mind your passionate advances. However, I am already burnt to a crisp, if you both hug me like this, then would I not be burnt even more by desires until I become ashes?” Li Qiye spoke with an indescribable grace and calmness with his blackened body!

At this time, the extremely emotional Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao finally calmed down and realized that countless eyes were on them. This caused them to blush and couldn’t help but cry out! After Li Qiye was carried up, Tu Buyu, along with the Nine Saint Demon Gate’s elders, couldn’t believe their eyes. Returning alive and kicking after boarding an Underworld Boat was truly an amazing thing!

“Haha, aha. Oldest brother, I knew you were invincible in this world. The Underworld Boat is nothing, even hell itself would not dare to take you! You will surely mess everything up down there if it takes you!” Seeing Li Qiye returning alive, the juniors of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect were ecstatic, especially Nan Huairen who exclaimed with laughter.

The blackened Li Qiye smacked his neck with a playful scold: “Stop sucking up, I was almost burnt like a roasted duck!”

“Heh, Young Noble, this kid speaks the truth. Only Young Noble is invincible in this world. To be able to come back alive after boarding an Underworld Boat at a young age, this could be said to be a miracle throughout the ages.” Niu Fen couldn’t help but say with admiration.

“Young Noble Li, you are truly extraordinary! I’m afraid that you are the number one person of the younger generation, you’re the only person to come back from an Underworld Boat.” Chi Yun also couldn’t help but add. His words were not flattery, but sincerity.

This was too incredible to all the disciples of the Nine Saint Demon Gate. Only a few of the undyings with only one breath left ever came back after being buried in the Underworld Boats, let alone a living young person!

At this moment, the elders of the War God Temple also came. They saw Li Qiye alive and well and couldn’t believe their eyes. This was truly a miracle. This guy actually came back alive after only twenty days!

“Well, it is normal that your old eyes are bad. However, I came back alive.” Li Qiye looked at the War God Temple’s elders, who were rubbing their eyes, and leisurely stated.

This embarrassed the elders as they were dazed on the spot. They still felt amazed, however, for they would never believe such a thing unless they saw it with their own eyes.

Both the Nine Saint Demon Gate and the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect were celebrating with excitement.

“Although I know everyone means well, you should at least let me take a bath, I am almost a roasted duck over here.” Li Qiye smilingly said with a carefree manner.

Eventually, everyone left and Li Shuangyan, along with Chen Baojiao, prepared a bath for Li Qiye!

After the bath, Li Qiye changed into a set of clothes with a newly rejuvenated spirit. However, nothing else mattered to him right now outside of understanding this stone egg!

“Do you need to be this focused on just a stone egg?” Seeing their young noble in a trance caused Chen Baojiao, who was taking care of him, to coquettishly complain with peerless charm.

With such an enchanting beauty along with an alluring expression was irresistible, people would have no choice but to lose their minds. However, Li Qiye paid it no mind as his eyes were focused on the stone egg.

“Girl, you don’t know. This egg is truly unfathomable, very unfathomable.” Li Qiye gently petted the stone egg as if he was gently caressing a lover. He wanted to feel the pulse of this egg, but there was not the slightest response. 1

Having heard him refer to her as a “girl,” Chen Baojiao immediately glared at him with soul-capturing charm!

“Really?” Li Shuangyan couldn’t help but to take a second look at this stone egg. After his return, their young noble never let go of this stone egg and always had it with him; he even gave it a bath as he was taking his own! It was as if this was his baby.

Li Qiye glanced at the two of them once before he smilingly replied: “Of course. I will not even trade it for an Immortal Emperor True Treasure.”

After hearing this, both of the girls were astonished. An Immortal Emperor True Treasure was the most powerful weapon in this world!

They glanced at it again and touched it, but they still couldn’t see through the mysteries of the egg. This was simply a dull, gray stone egg, nothing more.

“This looks like an ordinary stone egg, is it really worth so much?” Chen Baojiao was quite suspecting. No matter how one looked at it, it didn’t have any extraordinary characteristics.

“You don’t understand.” Li Qiye smiled. If the world knew that this stone egg swallowed a pond of Myriad Star Water, then they would be scared to death. Even an Immortal Emperor would have their mouth wide open in shock after hearing such a thing! There was most likely no one or any existence that had swallowed more Myriad Star Water than this egg since the start of time!

What Li Qiye didn’t understand was why there were no changes after it swallowed so much Myriad Star Water. He had seen many divine items; if this stone egg had any life, then it absolutely should be undergoing changes after swallowing so much.

His Myriad Heavenly Cauldron was quite amazing with a heaven-frightening origin and could be considered the number one cauldron in the world! However, it became drunk after just one big gulp of Myriad Star Water.

Yet this stone egg swallowed an entire pond without any reaction. He started to wonder if this egg had any life essence at all? If it truly had some life in it and swallowed a pond without any reaction, then it was too terrifying; he didn’t even dare to imagine it! If this was the case, then what kind of existence was this!?

Li Qiye would dare to say that there were no existences in this world that he had not seen before! However, if there was a creature in this world that could swallow a pond of Myriad Star Water without any reaction, then Li Qiye really had not seen it. Even an Immortal Emperor would not be able to do so for they essentially could not refine the water without some time.

“What is this thing?” Li Shuangyan noticed that Li Qiye was not joking, so she meticulously looked again, but the result was still the same.

Li Qiye shook his head and answered: “It would be nice if I knew so that I won’t have to think about how to break it! In fact, I still don’t know what creature it is!”

After returning, Li Qiye had always thought about this stone egg, but it remained a mystery. He was sure that this egg hid a great secret. It did not have any relationship with the burial ground, but with hell instead. However, this was the only thing he could come up with.

Underworld appears, rebirth begins; heaven’s path revealed; divine stone initiated. Entered heavenly coffin, achieving myriad old. Awaken corpse earth, heaven bringing eternality! Li Qiye kept on recalling this phrase and wanted to connect the stone egg with it, but he still didn’t have a clue at this moment!

On the second day since his return, Li Shuangyan told Li Qiye: “An ancestor of the War God Temple wants to see you.”

“See me?” Li Qiye batted his brows a bit before saying: “Let him come, does he actually want me to go and see him? It is him asking me for a favor, not the other way around.”

Li Shuangyan became a bit speechless. Not to mention her, if the world heard this, they would be quite stunned. A War God Temple’s ancestor was an invincible character; even a Virtuous Paragon would not dare to act recklessly when facing this ancestor, but their young noble was an arrogant mess!

In the end, the War God Temple’s ancestor actually came. The truth was that the War God Temple didn’t have just one ancestor. This ancestor stayed behind while the rest all went back to the temple.

He came in and sat down. This time, he did not wear black and was dressed in a hemp robe instead. He suppressed his blood energy so that he was just like an ordinary old man. In fact, when one was at an invincible level like him, blood energy could be freely controlled.

“This old man’s name is Mu Chen.” Even though this ancestor was not arrogant, he was still a bit reserved. In fact, with his status and power, he was qualified to have a threatening arrogance.

Mu Chen! If others heard this name, they would piss their pants from horror. Don’t even mention existences like the Heavenly God Sect, even an ancestor of the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom would lose his colors.

Li Qiye’s eyelids simply lifted a little bit while looking at him. He was just a bit surprised: “You being alive is outside of my expectations. That year when the old War God Mu was buried, I heard that you were one of the pallbearers! Old Man Mu had always thought highly of you.”

Li Qiye’s words shook Mu Chen. Even the disciples of the War God Temple did not know of such a tale, let alone an outsider. This was an extremely ancient matter. Besides the living ancestors, no one else knew about this matter!

“It was only through the usage of an Era Blood Stone to last till now.” Mu Chen spoke. If it wasn’t for bringing their Forefather to this place, he would not pay such a monstrous price such as leaving the Era Blood Stone.

At this point, Mu Chen looked at Li Qiye and said: “Even though Forefather Mu lived for another generation, he couldn’t make it to the present.”

Li Qiye waved his hand and said: “Don’t try to test me. The old man from the Hidden Immortal Hall didn’t dare to inquire, do you really want to take this gamble?”

Mu Chen immediately turned silent. The truth was, to both him and the War God Temple, Li Qiye was too devilish. He felt that Li Qiye was only something as simple as the prime disciple of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect! However, their Forefather had talked about this, so he no longer dared to try searching for Li Qiye’s background after Li Qiye’s warning.

“War God Mu had lived for two generations, plus he buried himself in the Era Blood Stone for a long time. This was already heaven-defying! The old heaven had soon not tolerated him. It was already a miracle to live that long. It is already good that the old man from your Hidden Immortal Hall is now buried on the Underworld Boat, so don’t be too greedy.” Li Qiye glanced at Mu Chen once, then he continued on: “Your War God Temple is great in all aspects, but its conservative air is too heavy. This has a lot to do with having too many old men alive.”

Li Qiye’s words caused Mu Chen to contemplate silently. Their War God Temple had been standing strong since the Desolate Era until now, and it was due to two reasons. The first was because there were many great geniuses that appeared; the second was because they always had ancestors who were willing to be buried in the dark in order to protect the temple. The younger generation created the future while the old generation protected the heritage. Because of this, the War God Temple continued to exist until this day.

“Well, we will not waste time. If you have something to say, go ahead. Out of respect for your War God Temple’s great contribution to the Human Race, I will let you know certain things as long as the situation permits.” Li Qiye slowly said.

Li Qiye’s words, once again, shook Mu Chen’s heart. These words were not simple! He became serious and looked at Li Qiye to say: “I want to ask Young Noble Li, the end of the Underworld Boat, what is that place? Could Young Noble Li describe the circumstances and details regarding the drifting boats?”