Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2378

Chapter 2378

The great eye focused on Li Qiye, causing an eruption of stars .

It eventually answered: “To see through my eye is not just destruction, it is damnation . So many heroes have fallen to the darkness, unable to stand strong after borrowing my sight . ”

“I thank you for your consideration . ” Li Qiye smiled: “Perhaps I am not the strongest in history and certainly not the most brilliant, but my dao heart allows me to stand tall . ”

The intent took its time thinking before speaking: “So be it, prepare yourself . ”

With that, the eye squinted . A magnificent scene appeared like the instant collapse of numerous galaxies and forced to converge onto a single point!

“Boom!” It sent off a pulse containing the power of these galaxies with a power greater than a big bang .

Previously, Everlasting Kingdom had also gathered the power of a sect to send out a pulse . This pulse was akin to a drop of water amidst the storm compared to this one . Even Yang Radiance or Vermillion Martial Court would turn to dust in a split second before this pulse .

True Emperors and Eternals were no match . Progenitors would find themselves in a precarious situation before something so mighty .

“Pop!” When the pulse struck Li Qiye, he wasn’t sent flying right away .

“Crack!” Under its bombardment, his body disintegrated . His muscles and bones shot out like specks of dust .

Remember, his physical body has experienced numerous trials . Once he activated its strongest state, he wouldn’t have a problem withstanding a heavenly tribulation directly . This pulse was far worse .

The Primordial Will appeared and the three maelstroms began to rotate to stop the pulse . His twelve laws poured down for more protection .

“Boom!” The pulse became brighter . The death of a million suns wouldn’t have the same intensity . This was the limit of luminosity .

At this point, even progenitors might not be able to stop this pulse . Keep in mind that this was only a single glare from the eye .

Li Qiye’s thirteen palaces instantly turned into an ancient expanse, allowing him to jump above everything as if he was the ruler of the high heaven .

“My law is eternal!” He chanted . The primordial tree opened an entirely new epoch . A world came into existence from the chaos with life starting again under his reign .

His one thought could bring about light; another could turn it to darkness . One to create an immortal; another to become a devil . He could create celestial bodies and everything in existence; yin in one hand and yang in the other . He became as great as Creation itself .  

Progenitors would need to run before this form of Li Qiye, unless they were seeking death . Only a being like this eye could force Li Qiye to go all out . Progenitors weren’t qualified to do so .

“Rumble!” Li Qiye pushed against the pulse and began walking towards the depth of the eye .

Each step was walking on a temporal period, tracing back to the very source in order to see a non-existing past .

No one could ever research this period . For example, Samsara Wild Ancestor could go back to his own period on the river of time .

However, if he were standing here right now, he couldn’t reach the incoming years in front of his step because this had exceeded his limit . He would go on forever, only to find nothing but failure .

Li Qiye finally returned to the source and saw a great explosion . Everything was back to the beginning - no Three Immortals, no tenth and nine worlds, no light, no darkness…

During these long-forgotten years, the terror reigned . Supremes and invincible beings were mere ants, serving as food .

Hopelessness pervaded . This was the real source of darkness . Samsara used to call himself this, which was true only to his own epoch .

Compared to this real source, what he did was only child’s play .

Before this terror, how could one find hope? This went on for generations, eras… epochs happened like the blink of an eye .

Not to mention normal people, even great overlords and supremes surrendered to evil…

Like the eye had said, this terrible history could make one give up . Who would actually want to witness this reality?

“This is what I was searching for . The answer has been in the heart of everyone . Only through knowledge will I be able to win . ” Li Qiye murmured .

His dao heart allowed him to stay sane . Though power was crucial, a fortified mind was even more important . Otherwise, the weak-minded masters would only add to the suffering, becoming the claws of darkness .

Li Qiye continued testing his dao heart against this dark history . Meanwhile, it was very exciting in Myriad Lineage .

Vermillion Martial Court has sent wedding invitations to all the systems and big shots in Myriad . Mu Shaochen and Wu Bingning will have a great ceremony at the martial court .  

This might be the grandest wedding ceremony within the last few generations . Anyone with just a little fame had a chair waiting for them .

“We welcome everyone to join in this celebration . Of course, Brother Li Qiye is included . After all, not too many can defeat me . ” Mu Shaochen showed his face and released this provocative statement .

The crowd was astonished by the audacity of this guy . Utterly defeated yet still want to go against Li Qiye again?

“He wants to go to the death . ” An expert said .

Nevertheless, this type of provocation was effective and rather domineering . Everyone knew that Wu Bingning belonged to Fiercest’s camp .

“Shaochen is still alive . This might have something to do with the Mu’s immortal art . ” An old ancestor shuddered after finding out .

Being turned into nothingness yet still alive? This particular art was quite heaven-defying .

“Well, even if Shaochen has more ace cards up his sleeve, he still can’t take on Fiercest . ” The majority had no confidence in him .

Not long ago, they thought he could sweep through the world uncontested, but after witnessing Li Qiye’s strength, they had a new perspective .