Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2399

Chapter 2399: 2399

Li Qiye’s successful attempt shocked the entire crowd .

“Fiercest, he should change his title to number one expert from now on . ” One ancestor praised .

At this moment, everyone realized just how much stronger he was compared to Dracoform Martial God . He was the only one qualified to have this title in Myriad .

“What sorcery is this?!” Mu Shaochen was shocked just like the rest . He was hoping for the devil to consume all of Vermillion because it wasn’t strong enough right now .

It could certainly sweep through the current Myriad but not Imperial . Only by returning to the peak would it be unstoppable there too .

Now, Li Qiye had destroyed his hope . He would never accept this .

“No such sorcery exists in this world, fool . ” Li Qiye shook his head: “Great talents but no knowledge? No different from an idiot . ” 

“You!” Shaochen turned red but couldn’t do anything outside of angrily glaring at Li Qiye .

“Ra!” The heart devil screamed with indignation . It tried its best to absorb but Vermillion remained standing, completely sealed .

Li Qiye started floating up above the airspace of the heart devil and pointed with his truncheon: “Time to end this . ”

“Boom!” The creature screamed again and lost its figure, turning into a dark expanse that soars straight for Li Qiye .

It had turned into a world of darkness, deciding to assault Li Qiye with this affinity .

The crowd was astonished because Li Qiye disappeared into this darkness, devoid of light . No one could ever run from this eternal darkness .

The creature chose against using techniques, even ones as strong as the twelve variations . It chose darkness to take him down .

This affinity pervaded the entire area in an omnipresent manner . It would last for one generation after another, one reincarnation cycle and the next . It had sealed him completely, not allowing for an escape path .

Despite only being a mental weakness, this devil still came from Martial Ancestor . It knew the existence it was facing so it chose the best retaliation method .

The twelve variations would have been useless, but using darkness to infiltrate the guy’s dao heart might be possible . After all, even the strongest would have openings in their dao heart . A successful infiltration would allow it to take root in his dao heart .

At that point, not only would victory be in its grasp, it could also grow stronger using Li Qiye’s dao heart .

“Darkness into the heart . ” Dracoform realized the creature’s intention and knew just how dangerous this was .

The devil could grow so much stronger, causing Dracoform to shudder . Not only would Vermillion go down, but the rest of Myriad also wouldn’t fare any better .

“Will Fiercest be able to protect his dao heart?” The crowd palpitated .

For many people, they could normally fight against a stronger opponent but defending the dao heart was much more difficult .

“Hahaha, you’re done, Li, you will only be a puppet to the darkness, you alone won’t be able to protect your dao heart!” Mu Shaochen let out a burst of crazed laughter .

In his eyes, someone as arrogant and prideful as Li Qiye wouldn’t have a strong mental fortitude .

“I’m sorry to disappoint you, but no one has a firmer dao heart than me . ” Li Qiye’s leisure voice came from the darkness .

“Buzz . ” Rays of light spread from his dao heart, piercing through the darkness . Li Qiye stood in the center, completely unaffected to the astonishment of the crowd .  

Ancestors began taking a deep breath . One of them said: “Such an unyielding dao heart . ”

Few could reach this level, not just in Myriad but all of Three Immortals .

“Let’s go . ” Li Qiye raised the truncheon .

“Boom!” It exuded the brightest radiance . One could hear the roar of tigers, phoenixes, and dragons . Visual phenomena of these beasts soaring around in the air appeared .

These massive divine creatures fused together to form an ancient totem .

“Myriad-form Totem!” Dracoform shouted . He had only heard of this move, never having seen it before since no one could use it outside of their progenitor .

Rumor has it that this was the legendary combination of all the laws within the twelve variations, the final evolution into a supreme totem .

The totem came down in an untouchable and resolute manner . The darkness was smashed back to its original form and fell down from the sky .

“Buzz . ” The totem was also burning this black expanse .

“No!” The devil roared furiously . This was its first word .

“It’s refinement time!” Li Qiye shouted .

The totem released even more light, akin to oil burning on a lake amidst the night . However, this wasn’t just a scorching process . The darkness was being refined into worldly essences - back to its original form . This was the energy that the creature had devoured earlier from Vermillion .

The crowd couldn’t believe it . A great existence like this heart devil couldn’t resist at all and was being refined alive . Li Qiye’s totem completely overwhelmed it .

This thing easily defeated Dracoform earlier but it seemed so helpless before Li Qiye . One could easily imagine how mighty he was after seeing this .

“Pop!” Finally, all the darkness was refined . An endless amount of worldly essences surged to the sky like a tsunami .

“Boom!” The truncheon empowered by the totem pierced through the entire ocean of energy and started falling down .

“It is time for the catalyst . ” Li Qiye shouted .

“I’m going!” Dracoform leaped into the sky with his chest arched forward straight for the descending truncheon .

He closed his eyes and was at peace with himself, knowing what was about to happen and had zero regrets .

He created this disaster so he needed to give his system an appropriate answer, wanting to heal the wounds of the land . Sacrificing himself for the system was the only thing he could do to forgive himself . Otherwise, he would live in a shadow, always stricken with guilt .  

“Pluff!” The truncheon instantly pierced through his chest completely . It carried the worldly energy of millions of miles so its destructive power was as clear as day .