Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2478

Chapter 2478

Others only saw Li Qiye and Liu Chuqing playing around and enjoying the scenery . However, she had an amazing harvest during the trip .

Meanwhile, the reclusive Qin Jianyao suddenly held an event and invited many prodigies and talents .

“It’s rare for everyone to gather at Nine-linked Mountains, so I invited everyone to the stone forest so that we can get to know each other . ” Jianyao said .

The sudden event at the stone forest caught some people off guard because she has been staying behind closed doors after coming to Nine-linked Mountains, not meeting anyone outside of Yang Bofan and Tang Hexiang .

“It’s to be expected . ” The experienced ancestors have predicted this .

“Calm Lotus Monastery is finally choosing to participate, wanting to divide the world after Lucidity King’s departure . ” They could read her like a book .

During the reign of Lucidity, Calm Lotus couldn’t share the royal reign at all and had retreated from any power struggle .

With his end came their beginning . Because of this, their successor finally showed herself in these tumultuous times .

“Looks like they have made up their minds about their candidate . ” Another ancestor realized something and shuddered .

This sect had two secrets so they were quite unfathomable . No one could take them on outside of War Saint Dynasty led by Lucidity . The other four great powers couldn’t begin to touch them .

In fact, in Nine Secrets right now, every single person and sect were paying attention to their choice . They had the whole world in their grasp .

“Is it Tang Hexiang or Eight Formation True Emperor?” This question lingered in everyone’s mind .

Both Tang Hexiang and Eight Formation True Emperor were quite evenly matched . If one of them could gain Jianyao’s support, they would definitely be able to seize the throne .

The older experts knew that this sudden event was premeditated and could very well determine the fate of this generation .

Thus, anxiety and excitement permeated the crowd .

Unlike the insightful masters, the younger cultivators cared more about the list of invitees . For these youths, especially the genius, being invited by her was an honor and a proof of their status . Plus, they would have a chance to get close to her . That’s why everyone was waiting for their invitation card .

Though she never really participated in political affairs, this event was swiftly carried out . Plenty of cards were sent right after the announcement . In fact, the requirement for entry this time was relatively lenient .

Of course, it was all relative . The invitees were still famous youths consisting of mainly geniuses and incredible talents .

Because of this, the lucky ones became quite excited after receiving their letter and earning her sect’s recognition - an honor indeed .

“I’m so proud of myself, being able to participate in Fairy Qin’s party . ” One genius exclaimed .

Ma Jinming was among the first group to receive an invitation . He laughed heartily and said: “Fairy Qin is insanely insightful and visionary . I will do my best if she ever requires anything of me . ”

He has been brooding about not getting an audience from her in the past . However, to be among the first wave of invitation wiped away any grievances .

Eventually, the prodigies in Nine-linked Mountains have received an invitation, same with some of the older experts .

Of course, the crowd still consisted primarily of younger people from Nine Secrets . The ancestors could tell that she was using this to establish her own position and gain some prestige .

After the last wave, some meticulous people noticed that she didn’t invite a particular person .

“Fairy Qin didn’t invite the king . ” The person who noticed this became surprised .

After all, in terms of status among the young generation and even the previous, the king was on top . He had total authority before despite losing it now . This didn't diminish the innate nobility within him but she still didn’t send an invitation .

“How strange that the fairy to not invite him . ” The youths were surprised .

After all, the first thing she did after coming here was visiting him . It seemed that there was some consideration to be had at first, but the lack of an invitation now was truly puzzling .

A genius thought that he understood the matter and sneered: “Hmph, she acted based on his status but when she actually met him, she found that he was a piece of trash so she left . ”

“Looks like he can’t enter her sight . This really shows that he isn’t worth a single coin . ” Many geniuses agreed .

“Maybe Calm Lotus Monastery has abandoned the king since he has no value to be taken advantage of . ” An older expert also felt this way .

“Well, perhaps that sect has a different candidate to be the next king . ” An ancestor took it to the next step .

He thought that maybe Jianyao was going to reveal some news about the next king . Inviting the previous would only lead to unnecessary conflict .

Of course, many didn’t care at all and focused on taking advantage of this opportunity by putting on a commendable front . No one wanted to waste energy worrying about the trash king .

They didn’t care about Li Qiye, but Li Qiye surely didn’t care about them for the same perceived reason .

In the next few days, he spent his time leading Chuqing around the area - the main mountains and the nine lakes .

She had an incredible harvest thanks to his guidance . Her comprehension of the word Qian was improving at a rapid rate . She only needed time for training and polishment before obtaining a precious dao heart - Li Qiye was confident in this .

“What does one become after understanding all nine secrets?” The innocent girl had a strange thought and asked Li Qiye along the way .

“What do you mean? They’ll still be a human, not suddenly turn into a monster or anything . The progenitor finished all nine and he remained a progenitor, not an immortal . ” Li Qiye smiled and said .

“Oh, I see . ” Chuqing was embarrassed by the question since it’s not like no one has done it before . It’s just that in the present, people only had access to one or two, so it was hard to imagine the result of cultivating all nine .

“Maybe only the progenitor can finish training in these precious words . ” Her training under two words right now gave her a clearer understanding of their abilities . She thought that someone capable of finishing all nine must be extraordinary .

“The most precious thing in the system isn’t the nine secret words . ” Li Qiye gently shook his head .

“No? What is it then?” Chuqing was frightened and remained a skeptic .  

Everyone knew that the nine secrets were the very foundation and core of the system, precious beyond imagination . What could actually be more valuable in this land?

“Nine-linked Mountains . ” Li Qiye casually said .

Liu Chuqing immediately looked around this beautiful place and scratched her head: “Are you saying that there are hidden treasure groves buried under this place?”

Li Qiye shook his head: “Those aren’t necessarily precious either . The nine secrets and treasures are not the most precious thing . Don’t judge using a layman’s vision . There’s a reason why your progenitor was able to pass down this system, and why Nine-linked Mountains has been standing strong for so long . ”

“I see…” Chuqing didn’t quite understand .

The two of them finally made it through the eight lakes . Only one was left .

They appreciated its scenic beauty, a boundless expanse of blue water .

“That’s Xiang Island over there . ” Over yonder across the mist and fog was an island - a scene as beautiful as a painting . She couldn’t help but remind Li Qiye .

“We’ll return after finishing this lake . ” Li Qiye gave it a quick glance but didn’t care too much .

They were waiting at a relatively small dock . Many other cultivators were waiting as well and immediately noticed these two .