Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2481

Chapter 2481: 2481

The old man smiled wryly after hearing this and had to reveal his intention: “I do have a tiny request, Your Majesty . When you do take action, please go easy on us . Nine-linked Mountains is just a small place that can’t handle your invincibility . If the mountains were to be destroyed in the process, our disciples will be forced to leave their homes and wander about . ”

“This place is small, huh?” Li Qiye gently shook his head: “Vast is the right word, and it has taken the most fertile part of Nine Secrets too . ”

“That’s only for regular people . ” The old man replied: “For someone such as yourself, Your Majesty, this is a tiny, barren wasteland, not worth mentioning . It can’t handle your full power . If you don’t care about the disciples here, please think about the citizens of the system, just go a little easy and spare us . Otherwise, one punch of yours might penetrate the system completely, signaling its end . ”

The old man wasn’t exaggerating . An existence that was, at the very least, an immortal progenitor was a monster . Destroying a system was no problem, perhaps with a single strike .

“I suppose I can’t refuse after you put it this way . ” Li Qiye smiled: “Don’t worry, your Nine-linked Mountains will be just fine, it won’t lose an arm or a leg or anything else . I’m a merciful person who always cares for the people . ”

“I thank you on behalf of everyone, Your Majesty . ” The old man stood up and cupped his fist towards Li Qiye .

Meanwhile, Liu Chuqing sat next to Li Qiye without uttering a word .

“Oh right, how about giving me the plaque at your sect’s entrance?” Li Qiye casually brought this up .

The old man didn’t know how to answer . He awkwardly coughed before replying: “Your Majesty, it’s embarrassing but I can’t make that decision since it was left behind by the great forefather . ”

“Is that so?” Li Qiye continued with a smile: “I personally don’t care for most items in the world since they’re worthless, but I like this silly girl . If you wish to pay respects to me, I think it’s about time for a greeting present . ”

The man smiled wryly: “Well, I’m afraid that anything I can take out can’t get into your sight . The regular items in this world aren’t worthy as presents to a celestial like The Lady . ”

Chuqing became embarrassed again and looked down on the ground, still not used to this particular address .  

“Then hand over the nine secrets . ” Li Qiye nonchalantly demanded .

She was stunned to hear this . The nine secrets were priceless and no one could gather all of them . Li Qiye spoke as if he was asking the old man to hand over some cabbages .

“Your Majesty, you are messing with me . I’ve only fixed a few things, it’s easier said than done to gather all nine, let alone reaching grand completion . ”

“But your Qian is at grand completion . ” Li Qiye replied .

“Nothing can hide from your eyes, Your Majesty . ” The old man sighed and said: “The truth is that this is the accomplishment after a lifetime of effort . I am slow and inept, probably won’t be able to finish all nine . As far as I know, True Emperor Jiu Ning is the only person who has done so . ”

“She has done so successfully, just like the rumors?” Chuqing became curious .

“Yes, as far as I know, My Lady . ” The woodcutter nodded: “She studied both Jie and Lie in Calm Lotus, Dou and Zhe at War Saint, and the rest in Nine-linked Mountains, but that’s just starting on all nine . She had a long way to go before reaching perfection for all nine . Who knows what comes of it since she left for Immortal Lineage . ” He stared at a particular location in a daze after revealing this .

“I thought Emperor Zheng had also done it . ” She asked .

The woodcutter replied: “That’s not the case . The emperor didn’t train in all of them but he definitely could have, given his amazing talents . Maybe it was because of his talents that he opened a new path, resulting in the supreme manual - Lucidity Scripture . This allowed him to jump out of the Nine Secrets System’s boundary . ”

“I see . So True Emperor Jiu Ning is the only person after the progenitor . ” She murmured to herself .

“That’s true till now, but who knows about the future?” The old man nodded before glancing over at Li Qiye .

“Just the nine secrets, I’m not that interested in them . However, the underground parts or the item beneath this lake, that’s another story . ” Li Qiye said .

“You’re joking, Your Majesty!” The woodcutter’s expression changed after hearing this .

“I am not . ” Li Qiye calmly said, clearly revealing his stance .

“Your Majesty, please, please leave behind a little bit for our sect . ” The woodcutter had a pained expression, virtually begging .

Despite Li Qiye’s nonchalant looks, he could see that the guy was serious . The consequence would be unimaginable and no one could say otherwise .

“I’m already leaving things behind for the sect . Otherwise, I would refine this place and take it as my own . ” Li Qiye smiled .

The man knew that Li Qiye was telling the truth . If Li Qiye wanted to, he could refine the entire system, not just Nine-linked .

“Your Majesty, our sect is very barren already . ” He kept on trying .

“How about my silly girl right here?” Li Qiye ignored the crying old man and gently stroke Chuqing’s hair . One could see the clear adoration on his face .

“The Lady is a priceless gem yet to be polished with the constitution of a heavenly being . ” The old man praised .

Chuqing couldn’t handle the flowery praises: “Senior, you’re too kind . ”

“I am not exaggerating . ” He explained: “There are plenty of dragons and phoenixes in this world, but few can actually enter His Majesty’s sight yet you can . That’s a testament to you being special, My Lady . ”

He wasn’t just flattering the girl . He knew that to earn the grace of a character like Li Qiye was a great fortune, exceedingly rare as well .

Beautiful girls have been viewed as ants by him in the past, such as Qin Jianyao . Liu Chuqing, on the other hand, had a higher standing in his eyes .

Li Qiye said: “Life is a game of chess . Some people believe that they’re the chess players, but in reality, I’m the only one playing . ”

“Your Majesty, you mean…” Chuqing didn’t understand this random comment . Of course, she was satisfied just being around him and didn’t care for other matters .

“That’s why all of these items will be returned to your sect in the future, with my permission . ” Li Qiye said .

“Your Majesty, you have already made up your mind, it’s not like we have a choice . ” The old man smiled wryly .

“Indeed . ” Li Qiye said: “Work for me and gain great benefits, or I can be more direct and get straight to the result, what do you think?” 

“Please don’t, Your majesty . We’ll just obey all your wishes . ” The old man became startled and hastily said .

Li Qiye laughed and stroke her hair again: “This world and its people need to thank my silly girl for bringing mercy here . ”

“Why?” She asked for clarification .

Li Qiye gently patted her head and said:” Alright, just keep on focus on comprehension . ”

She obediently obeyed and sat down cross-legged to enter a state of meditation - becoming one with heaven and earth .

The old man understood what Li Qiye was trying to convey . The guy didn’t care for Nine Secrets or its people .

The girl ahead was the reason for him to show mercy, leaving behind certain things for this system . Otherwise, it would only be another place along the way in his journey . He wouldn’t care about its prosperity and existence .

“My Lady, you are blessed to have earned His Majesty’s grace . ” The woodcutter emotionally said .

“No, one makes their own destiny by following the grand dao - treating promises like gold and possessing a peerless dao heart . Everything else is unnecessary . ”