Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2523

Chapter 2523: 2523

Li Qiye’s overwhelming aura pervaded the area and Hanyu felt she had no place to hide .

It seeped into her very being, every inch of her body . She felt weak and utterly helpless . When his breath touched her neck, the heat invaded her and spread all over .

He had gripped her mind, disallowing her from refusing him .

During her formative years, those around her have always been respectful . Such insolence was out of the question . She has never been so close with the opposite sex, so this entire ordeal left her in shambles .

“I need to enjoy a demoness like you, to not waste the opportunity . ” Li Qiye gently flicked his finger .

“Pop!” The buttons on her dress broke, one by one .

The entire process was especially slow, starting from the top . Her dress began to drape off of her shoulders .

This great beauty naturally had skin as fair as jade, especially tempting and comfortable to the touch .

“No…” The girl tried to pull up her dress but Li Qiye grabbed both of her wrists, holding her hands above her head and against the wall .

“No, just kill me . ” Tears filled her eyes .

“It won’t end that easy . ” He smiled in a gentle manner, but this gentle smile was full of danger and ruthlessness - akin to that of a tyrant!

His fingers traced down her soft skin following the slipping of the dress . It was quite elegant yet domineering, leaving no room for refusal and resistance .

“Kill me!” She started sobbing .

“No, you will enjoy the feeling of being taught, you will become the happiest woman from pleasure . ” He smiled: “Being taught by me will be the apex of your life, the greatest of pleasure . From now on, you won’t be able to control yourself from loving the experience of squirming from pleasure beneath me and letting me do as I please!”

“No…” His voice rang next to her ear, full of temptation and masculinity . His breath by her ear made her sensitive, causing her to tremble .

Tears began streaming down her seductive face .  

“Look at me . ” It was an inviolable order .  

She instinctively looked up at him, teary-eyed, and fell into silence . This old man was showing a rare expression - domineering and oppressive like a supreme, forcing anyone to submit before him .

His gaze immediately captivated her heart and imprisoned her mind . It was a bottomless abyss; no coming back out once fallen inside .

He was the invincible master of this world . The gods prostrated before his thrones; the myriad existences were under his whim .

This was the most powerful man in the world, capable of conquering everything . A girl like her could only submit before this absolute power .

She was lost before she knew it . Her dress was down by her ankles now, revealing her full figure .

Ample perfection; plump and round with the beautiful pink spots . Others couldn’t help but take their time enjoying them…

So Li Qiye’s hands started touching them .

“No!” She still had a sliver of reasoning and mustered power out of nowhere to stop him .

Unfortunately, his domineering aura erupted again with flashing lights in his eyes .  

“No…” Her voice became softer, almost like a moan .

Under a round a kneading and ravaging, her soft bosoms became hard .

“Mmm…” She suddenly found her mind to be leaving her body; the latter no longer under her control!

It didn’t take long before he raised her up against the wall in a rough manner…


Meanwhile, Nine-linked Mountains was still overwhelmed by Li Qiye’s authority . Everyone kept their mouth shut .

His invincibility has taken over . He became a supreme that robbed everyone of their breath .

“Clank!” Suddenly, a sword hymn shook the world .

The sword light formed its own world and illuminated the realms . One sword finally flew the long distance and pinned itself inside Nine-linked mountains .

Everyone could tell that it came from Myriad Formation Kingdom .

“Eight Formation True Emperor…” The crowd realized the person behind this and instantly looked around .

“The emperor is coming, he’s really coming . ” Murmurs sounded .

“Clank! Clank! Clank!” Countless divine swords rushed out of the kingdom .

They had all shapes and forms - ancient ones full of stains and spots . Some pulsed with divinity and fury…

They formed a net, seemingly wanting to pierce the entire world until total demise .

“Boom!” They emitted blinding radiance and murderous intent . Everyone in Nine Secrets could sense this .

“Such fury…” The spectators felt a chill after the bloodthirsty eruption .

Next, these swords rushed like the tides towards Nine-linked Mountains with extreme speed .

This resulted in a magnificent scene of countless swords converging and blotting out the sky .

It wasn’t only aiming at Great Desolate Mountain . They eventually scattered on the various peaks in this sect .

Moreover, after this first wave, another loud explosion occurred back in Myriad Formation Kingdom . Exuberant light oozed out like the opening of a treasure chest . Another wave of sword rushed to the air .

It didn’t take long before this realm was filled with lights and hymns of swords . More waves came in a never-ending manner, causing the crowd to gasp .

It looked like a rain of swords above Nine-linked Mountains . They kept on falling down and pinning themselves on the ground .

A terrorizing sword intent engulfed the sect; these energies penetrated deep into the bones in every location .