Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2555

Chapter 2555: 2555

The four no longer had the urge to voice their frustration . A while ago, they were furious and wanted nothing more than to crush Li Qiye . Now, only whiteness painted their cheeks .

They already knew that he was very strong but didn’t have a good approximation . They truly believed that he was stronger than them in a one-on-one fight, but the four of them together could put up a good fight .

Plus, they still had their hidden moves, confident that they could suppress him no matter what . Alas, this confidence started wavering after the previous exchange . Could these moves actually suppress him?

These moves could absolutely imprison Lucidity King, but only uncertainty remained against Li Qiye .

He was right . They mustered up a lot of courage just to stick around in this place .

From a personal viewpoint, fleeing was the right choice . Run as far away as possible to never see him again .

However, because of honor and their sect’s wellbeing, they had no choice but to fight to the death .

“Get started already, this is your last chance before I make my move . ” Li Qiye acted nonchalantly .

The group froze, not used to being treated in this manner . The worst part was that they couldn’t retort at all - truly a moment of despair .

They exchanged glances and finally took a deep breath . They gritted their teeth, ready to fight: “Damn it all!”

They had no other choice . This could only end in their death or his death .

There was no fixing this situation since all pretenses have been broken . Even if they were to run, he would go after them and their sect .

Death would be the outcome either way so they might as well go all out . Maybe there would be a sliver of success . Not all hopes have been extinguished due to their secret moves .

Each of them slowly summoned a weapon with a solemn expression - their final and only hope .

“Buzz . ” Lights started to pulse . These rays tore apart the area with their ancient chaos energy .

The olden days seemed to be emerging again .

War King had a halberd; Juezun took out an old bell; Calm Lotus Supreme Ancestor chose a stone seal; Myriad Formation Supreme Ancestor drew a divine saber .

“Boom!” They poured their power into the weapons to wake them up .

Ancestral auras shot to the sky and quaked the entire system to the horror of its inhabitants .

Many around the world felt the urge to kneel and worship their ancestors after sensing these terrible auras . Some actually got on their knees instinctively .

These four weapons emitted a majestic and ancient presence as if four progenitors were awakening .

“Our system still has ancestral weapons, four of them at that!” An ancestor became startled .

Everyone knew that Nine Secrets was one of the oldest systems . Its progenitor was Bao Pu’s disciple . It has experienced rise and fall, even near-destruction . Of course, it persevered through these events .

With Lucidity King, it reached a new age of prosperity, becoming one of the three behemoths in Imperial Lineage .

Its members took pride in this strength . However, many lamented about the lack of an ancestral weapon .

Rumor has it that due to the long years, the system has lost the weapons left behind by its progenitor . Future descendants no longer saw them .

Despite the fame surrounding its strength, many disciples were still nervous and uncertain . After all, the Li and the Mu still had ancestral weapons .

How could their system handle these weapons in the case of future conflicts? It wouldn’t be easy resisting these great weapons .

Thus, the appearance of four ancestral weapons astonished the crowd . Not even in their wildest dreams would they expect their system to still possess these legendary artifacts .

This truly solidified their system’s position among the top three .

“We have ancestral weapons…” People became emotional .

Regardless of the current conflicts, these four weapons still belonged to their system .

“Your Nine Secrets still has ancestral weapons? That’s some resilience and restraints across the years . ” Wild Bull’s group found this surprising .

They were confident in taking on War King and the supreme ancestors, but not when these guys have ancestral weapons . These weapons far exceeded ordinary imperial and Eternals’ treasures .  

Moreover, the progenitor of Nine Secrets was at the immortal level as well . His creations were superior to regular ancestral weapons .

“This is a given . ” Ill Lord said: “How else did they stifle Lucidity King enough to maintain a near-stalemate? Given Lucidity King’s personalities, he wouldn’t have allowed the five supreme ancestors to have any influence or spared the Sacred Cabinet . ”

Lucidity King wanted to eliminate all potential threats to his authority . If it wasn’t for the existence of these weapons, he would have flattened the five great powers and the Sacred Cabinet long ago .

Of course, the five powers didn’t wish to see the fall of the cabinet back then as well lest Lucidity King obtain the cabinet’s ancestral weapon . They pressured the king, allowing the cabinet to go into hiding .

“They’re in the same set which makes it impossible for Lucidity King to stop . Of course, his enemies wouldn’t use them unless there was no other way . They’re only strong enough to use these artifacts once . Hmm, the full set isn’t here today, but it is still powerful enough . Just three of them together can stop Lucidity King . ” Ill Lord assessed .

“It makes sense why the geezer didn’t destroy the five great powers now . ” Golden Dragon murmured .

“What is the potential of the entire set together?” The scholar became curious .

Ill Lord looked at the weapons and said flatly: “It doesn’t matter since the outcome is clear . These ancestral weapons still can’t revert the tide . Their users are not strong enough to stop the young noble . It’s useless even if a progenitor is here in person . ”

The group nodded in agreement . In order to fight against Li Qiye, his enemies better have some combatants at the immortal progenitor level .

On the other hand, the crowd had a different opinion than these masters .

“That’s their ace card, there is still a chance . ” A few of them murmured .

Ultimately, these weaker cultivators believed that ancestral weapons were invincible, and War King’s group actually had four .

They felt that this was enough to change the situation .

“Can the king handle them?” A youth said with curiosity .