Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2561

Chapter 2561: 2561

Nine-linked Mountains wasn’t as famous as the five great powers, but it was unfathomable . Even Lucidity King acted with prudence when dealing with this sect .

This promise of the woodcutter was a big deal . For millions of years, the sect has been acting in isolation, never stepping into the rest of the world .

“Go now . ” Li Qiye accepted the promise and said .

The old man bowed again before quietly leaving . Though he was powerful and same with his sect, he knew that their power was ephemeral like the moon in the water or the morning dew on the flowers .

No matter how strong they may be, they were still only ants before Li Qiye . He could destroy them with a single thought .

Thus, it was their honor to pledge this oath of loyalty . They were the ones reaching up above their station .


Li Qiye didn’t linger in Nine-linked Mountains after the battle . He chose to return to Skywrap City instead .

The small group consisted of Ill Lord and his peers along with Liu Chuqing and Bingchi Hanyu . Despite the few numbers, the spectators were still shocked to see them .

To have followers as powerful as Ill Lords? No one else in the world could enjoy this entourage, not even Lucidity King back then .

The group traveled at a fair speed, riding their carriages in the sky towards Skywrap .

However, wherever they went, the sects and clans along with all the inhabitants came out to show their respect .

In fact, even before he got to a city, the disciples from various powers have already lined up to the left and right of the path .

“Greetings, Your Majesty . ” When his carriage appeared on the horizon, these disciples prostrated and shouted in unison .

While the carriage was moving through the path, these disciples didn’t dare to look up at Li Qiye . They continued kneeling until the carriage disappeared .

This happened multiple times along the path from Nine-linked Mountains till Skywrap . These cities and capitals were meticulous and attentive out of fear . They didn’t wish to make the king unhappy lest he destroys their sects .

It was a magnificent and domineering spectacle, befitting a tyrant like him .

In the present, he didn’t need to say anything and could still threaten everyone, forcing them down on the ground .

“Greetings, Your Majesty . ” Once his carriage stopped outside of Skywrap, the city was filled with kneeling citizens .

The troops from the Imperial Guards and the other legions have taken off their armors; their undershirt drenched with sweat .

Today seemed like a nightmare to them, perhaps their final day in this world .

All the legions have participated in the rebellion previously and sieged the city, wanting Tang Hexiang to take the reign . Who would have thought that this king they have chased away would return triumphantly today?

The only thing they could do right now was kneeling on the ground, awaiting judgment . None of them dared to think about rebellion or risking it all .

The Central Legion has been made an example . Supreme ancestors have died without a burial . They were nothing in comparison . Resisting would only end with their death, a complete massacre .

It was better to admit their crimes and wait for the punishment . Perhaps the king would show mercy and spare their lives . Perhaps a few generals would be executed, but at least the majority of the soldiers would be spared .

Li Qiye didn’t bother to look at the massive crowd, still acting as nonchalant as ever .

He stared at the splendorous gate and smiled: “Not bad cleaning up the imperial city so quickly, even the broken walls are fixed . ”

The crowd shuddered after hearing this . The ones who attacked the city back then were nervously trembling .

Numerous walls collapsed on that day and the city fell into chaos which people took advantage of . They stole treasures and anything worthwhile in the city and even the imperial palace .

Today, the walls looked perfect . The palace remained dazzling as always . All of the stolen items have been returned .

He didn’t need to give an order . Everyone was scared out of their mind and hastily fixed everything at the capital . The frightened thieves also gave everything back .

The entire system lived under a state of nervousness since His Majesty’s wrath could end with carnage and destruction .

That’s why when he brought up the rebellion, the ones present felt their soul leaving their body . Heads might roll on the ground, but they were afraid of dragging their families and sects into this mess .

Of course, Li Qiye didn’t pursue these trivial crimes . It was only a casual comment .

The group entered the palace . It looked the same as before - majestic and luxurious . All of the servants and maids were waiting as well .

In fact, the place was filled with gold and jade, even more extravagant than back during Lucidity King’s reign . Li Qiye only smiled and paid no mind .

The return of the king should be a cause for celebration in the entire system, especially in Skywrap . The streets should be decorated with lanterns and colored banners, but strangely enough, all the cities seemed especially serene .

No one dared to act on their own volition without his orders, not even to celebrate . That’s why instead of a joyous banquet and drowning in wine and meat, the citizens felt as if they were treading on thin ice .


After several days of his return, the dismissed Zhang Jiadi also came back .

“Your Majesty . ” Jiadi immediately prostrated after seeing Li Qiye: “Your servant was worthless and couldn’t stay around to serve you, please punish me . ”

“Long time no see, you may rise . I pardon you . ” Li Qiye chuckled .

Jiadi remained on his knees .

“You got something to say?” Li Qiye didn’t bother asking where he went . His leisure demeanor seemed to say that he already knew everything .

“Your servant came back this time for two reasons . First is to humbly beg for forgiveness, the second is to ask for permission to retire . ”

“Retire?” Li Qiye smiled .

“Your Majesty, I was incapable and shameless, unable to stay with you to the end . That’s why I’m asking for permission to retire . If this isn’t possible, please demote me back to being a foot soldier . ” Jiadi quietly said .

“Incapable and shameless? Incorrect . ” Li Qiye said: “You have shown great loyalty staying with me until the last day, a meritorious and commendable act . You are both an accomplished and loyal official, so those words do not describe you . ”