Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2563

Chapter 2563: 2563

This ancestor of the Mu has had enough of this conversation .

The relationship between the three great behemoths was very delicate . One always wanted to rise above the others but afraid that the third would take advantage of the situation .

Because of this, they were both friends and enemies while maintaining this stalemate . No large-scale conflicts have started just yet, only minor skirmishes .

The Mu naturally thought about taking actions against Nine Secrets after receiving news of Lucidity King’s death . However, the new king had full control over that system now and they didn’t want to get involved .

Mobilizing against Nine Secrets might be doing exactly what the Li Clan wanted . The Li would benefit the most from a fight between the Mu and Nine Secrets .

Lengying didn’t leave even after being asked to leave . He sipped his tea and said: “Don’t chase me away so fast, Brother Mu, let me finish . ”

“Brother Sun, no need if you wish to continue on persuading me . ” The ancestor said: “We will not participate in this mess, so please drop this idea . Of course, if you are just here to drink and chat with me, then you’re welcome to stay . ”

“I’m thankful for your hospitality, Brother Mu . ” Lengying drank his tea again before speaking: “I’ve heard that your clan has been searching for someone recently . ”

“You’re asking the wrong person, Brother Sun . I haven’t paid attention to mundane matters for a long time, I don’t know if the juniors are looking for people . ”

“Is that so?” Lengying was relaxed . After a while, he added: “If my ears are still working, I heard that the Mu is searching for a youth with the title of Fiercest . Am I wrong?”

“Who did you heard it from?” The Mu Ancestor’s eyes turned cold .  

Keep in mind that when such a powerful Eternal showed this expression, so many people would tremble in fear .

Lengying took his time: “Paper can’t wrap fire and no walls can block all winds . I just want to remind you about a particular promise your clan has made with Jade-break True Emperor . It wouldn’t be good if the emperor were to find out about your violation . Given the emperor’s temperament, he might start a war between the Mu and the Li . ”

Lengying cleared his throat and continued: “If I’m not mistaken, Jade-break True Emperor broke into your clan with the protection of Gu Yifei, no one could stop them back then…”

“Are you threatening us, Brother Sun?” The ancestor uttered coldly .

“Brother Mu, you misunderstood . I am only reminding you so that history doesn’t repeat itself . ” Lengying remained calm, still enjoying his tea .

“Thank you then, Brother Sun . ” The ancestor snorted .

“No need to thank me so quickly, I still have a gift for you . I’m sure you will like it . ” Lengying said .

“I’m listening . ” The ancestor scowled, clearly dissatisfied with Lengying .

“Brother Mu, the truth is that our new king is Fiercest, the person you are looking for!” Lengying revealed .

“Brother Sun, that’s not funny . ” The ancestor was stunned for a moment before turning cold again .

“Brother Mu, you think I am messing with you?” Lengying stayed calm .

The ancestor stared at him to read his expression for a while before replying: “Even if you wish to use a borrowed knife, don’t make it too obvious . ”

“Amazing coincidences can happen in this world . Haven’t you heard of the proverb, there is no story without coincidences?” Lengying took another sip of tea . [1]

“Still hard to believe . ” The ancestor coldly said .

“But am I not here before you in person, you think I would employ such a naive trick for a borrowed knife? Your clan will help me after hearing a lie? That’s impossible . ” Lengying said .

The ancestor agreed . Lengying was no idiot that would use something so childish .

“I am not a good person and have done many bad things in life; my hands are stained with blood . ” Lengying continued: “But Brother Mu, am I not a trustworthy person? My promise is definitely worth something, right?”

“You are a man of your word!” The ancestor had to admit .

Sun Lengying was always stingy with his words, treating them as precious as gold . That’s why he always stayed true to his statements and keep his promise .

“That’s why I don’t need to trick your clan about this . I would only be humiliating myself and acting like a clown by doing so . ” Lengying said .

“I’m still in disbelief . ” The ancestor said .

“Go ahead and confirm it, I’m sure your clan can dig up information about someone . ” Lengying said .

“We will . ” The ancestor accepted .

“It won’t be a problem . And, I know your clan wants revenge for Mu Shaochen, so can we talk now?” Lengying said .

“What do you want?” The ancestor replied .

“Nothing, just what belongs to me . With your clan’s help, of course . ” Lengying responded .

“I’m sure Lucidity King had his reasons for passing the throne down to that youth . ” The ancestor chuckled .

“That’s all in the past, I only want to take back Nine Secrets, not dwell on bygones . ” Lengying said .

“He’s clearly an extremely powerful Eternal to be able to seize the throne like that . ” The ancestor said: “Brother Sun, you need to know that you’re facing the master of Nine Secrets . You will become the enemy of an entire system, quite unwise . ”

“I also have the help of your clan . I’m sure you want nothing more than to kill him . ” Lengying coldly said .

“I won’t deny that, but we don’t need to help you either, Brother Sun . ” The ancestor slowly said .

“I’m confident that people won’t say no as long as the conditions are right . Our system is large and can satisfy any of your demands . Just say the word . ” Lengying offered .

The ancestor’s eyes narrowed while staring at Lengying . The guy was right, no one would say no as long as their demands were met .

Nine Secrets System had plenty of daoist scriptures and riches . If their clan had access to take whatever they wanted… Yes, this tempting condition was too much to say no . The ancestor’s heart naturally started beating faster .

“That’s very generous indeed, Brother Sun . ” The ancestor said .

“It’s justified when asking someone for help . I’m sure you will want to be friends and cooperate with me . ” Lengying said .

“You are willing to open up your system? Don’t change your mind at that point . ” The ancestor said .

“Don’t worry, Brother Mu . I, Sun Lengying, am a man of my word . Plus, I only want what belongs to me and don’t care about the rest, so your clan can ask for anything . ” Lengying said .

The ancestor started contemplating . This was killing two birds with one stone - revenge on top of Nine Secrets being open to them .

“You don’t need to answer now . ” Lengying added: “Wait until your clan knows what it wants before making your request . I’m easy to work with . ”

“Very well, I won’t be reserved then . ” The ancestor said .

“That’s how it should be . ” Lengying said .

“However, Brother Sun, this Fiercest guy could come up from below on top of dominating your system, I guess I don’t need to say more about his abilities . ” The tone from the ancestor became serious .

Lengying looked him in the eyes in response: “Yes, he is immensely powerful, but that’s also with the help of our system . Once he leaves, he’ll weaken by a bit . Of course, if we can lead him to your clan, I’m sure our side will have the absolute advantage . He’ll be a moth drawn to the flame . ”

1 . The proverb here requires knowing the background and meaning to work . The literal translation would have been - can’t write without this coincidence . So the background is that the author was trying to describe a fight between a folklore hero and a tiger . Unfortunately, he wasn’t happy with what he got - not animated enough, lacking soul… During his struggle, a loud commotion came outside of his study room . He got up and looked out the door to see a drunkard fighting against a dog . They were exchanging punches and bites evenly until the drunkard eventually did a sidestep and got on top of the dog’s back, rendering it helpless . He had an epiphany as if he was seeing the hero fighting against the tiger . He ran back inside and started writing . He then told his wife who responded with the proverb