Chapter 270: Tyrannical Lion Physique, Heavenly Turtle Fate

“Settle down…” Li Qiye cried out. His voice was like a morning bell, waking the suffering Chi Xiaodao and enlightening him with perfect wisdom. Chi Xiaodao immediately mustered all that he could to calm his mind. Despite doing so, his body was still shaking in extreme agony.

At this time, Chi Xiaodie was still clenching her fists tightly and was nervous to the point where she almost forgot to breathe.

Li Qiye’s right hand was magical as it controlled the fiery needles piercing into the old turtle. It moved and wove inside Chi Xiaodao’s body and, in just a flash, it created profound mystical patterns that became engraved in the deepest parts of the old turtle’s soul, exuding all of its dazzle!

“Begin…” Right when these profound mystical patterns were completely woven, Li Qiye’s left hand that was placed on the cauldron activated the medicinal contraption. Immediately, a phoenix hymn resounded as the contraption turned into a phoenix that carried the entire medicinal concoction. It then flew up and rushed towards the old turtle.

In this instant, the fiery needles that were weaving these magical outlines suddenly exploded with an unstoppable blinding force. These magical outlines then swallowed the approaching phoenix along with the whole medicinal concoction and used an unbelievable speed to absorb its medicinal effects.

“Poof!” These outlines suddenly grew bigger after absorbing the essence of the medicinal concoction and then it took root in the old turtle’s body.

“Go…” At this time, Li Qiye commanded the dragon. The dragon then roared once and let go of the Tyrannical Lion. In the blink of an eye, it flew towards the rooted magical outlines inside the old turtle’s body and was completely absorbed in an instant.

Once it devoured all the essence of the medicinal concoction, these magical runes acted just like an outbursting root; it turned into a gigantic tree that was capable of covering the sky. In just a second, the magical outlines and the old turtle suddenly integrated into one.

At this point, the Tyrannical Lion lost its opponent. It then crazily roared and aimed straight towards the old turtle, intending to give it a bite. At this second, the old turtle suddenly opened its eyes that were burning like divine torches.

“Bang!” The old turtle swiftly flicked out its giant claw. “Boom!” This one claw was able to pin the Tyrannical Lion down. The lion struggled to get up, but under the suppression of the turtle’s claw, it simply couldn’t do so.

“Ommm…” At this time, divine brilliance flowed on the old turtle’s body and aggregated above its shell before turning into a blue sky. The majestic old turtle — at this time — shouldered this blue sky as if it had turned into a God Turtle capable of shouldering the nine heavens. “Boom!” At this time, the old turtle slammed down its claw and struck the Tyrannical Lion flying away. The shivering lion wanted to rush in again, but it paused in the end while staring at the old turtle with some hesitation in its eyes. The old turtle emanating its heaven-shouldering momentum frightened the lion, so the lion went back to hiding inside the Inner Physique.

“Success…” Li Qiye slightly nodded in approval after seeing such a scene while the unbearably suffering Chi Xiaodao also began to gradually recover. At this moment, the old turtle accompanied his True Fate as he carried the blue sky on his back in all of its splendor, just like a true God Turtle.

Chi Xiaodie was both happy and nervous for she didn’t think that this impossible matter was actually successful!

“Boom, boom!” Right when Chi Xiaodie breathed a sigh of relief, a thunderous lightning — as thick as a water containing jar — descended from the sky and went straight for Chi Xiaodao with the intention to kill.

“Heaven’s Wrath!” Chi Xiaodie became greatly alarmed the moment she saw this thick lightning striking down as she exclaimed in horror.

“Go…” In this moment, Li Qiye cried loudly as the Myriad Heavenly Cauldron immediately opened its mouth wide. An origin flame from its deepest depths rushed out and turned into a gigantic, unfathomable mouth that was capable of devouring all existences. Before the Chi duo could react, the origin flame had already completely devoured the lightning without a trace remaining.

This origin flame acted as if it didn’t eat enough after absorbing all the lightning from the sky; at this time, it slowly went back inside the cauldron.

“Only a minor tribulation yet you still dared to strike down.” Li Qiye said without a care in the world after the origin flame devoured the lightning.

Good Heavenly Cauldrons all have experienced lightning tribulations from the heaven and earth. As for the Myriad Heavenly Cauldron, needless to say, it had undergone an uncountable amount of lightning tribulations, even far stronger ones. To this divine cauldron, such a minor lightning tribulation like this one was only an unfilling breakfast.

“It is done.” Li Qiye withdrew his cauldron contraption and released Chi Xiaodao, then he calmly said while the Chi duo was still in shock.

Chi Xiaodie was absent-mindedly standing there in a daze. It took her a long time to regain her wits for this scene was simply too shocking. Fate changing was such a profound alchemy art and was something that countless alchemists aspired towards throughout their whole life, yet they still were unable to reach its boundary. Even Legendary Alchemists would have an extremely difficult time to perform such a task.

Even though her little brother’s case was only Fate advancement and couldn’t be considered a True Fate change, it was still layered with arduous challenges. It required an extremely powerful alchemy dao and a strong grasp on a profound Fate changing technique. There could not be a single mistake during the process. This was a chance that only appeared like a shooting star; once the opportunity was lost, it would delay the Fate changing process and could even result in death.

A matter such as this was extremely difficult for even Legendary Alchemists, yet it was nothing in the hands of Li Qiye.

At this point, Chi Xiaodao’s entire body was shaking like soybeans being roasted. The moment he opened his eyes, it revealed a pair of bright and spirited pupils. His blood energy became even more formidable and others could even hear the sound of it flowing like a storm.

“This is amazing. I can feel my blood energy flowing like ten thousand stampeding horses.” Chi Xiaodao was ecstatic. Before his blood energy came to a halt and his cultivation was stuck in the Soul Creation realm. But at this moment, he felt the magnificence and vastness in his tyrannical blood energy.

“This is the advantage of the Tyrannical Lion Physique. Your blood energy is great, and at this moment, your True Fate can control your Physique. It is not a problem to reach the Royal Noble realm.” Li Qiye looked at Chi Xiaodao’s current state and approvingly nodded his head.

The finally composed Chi Xiaodao took a deep breath and then bowed down with much gratitude: “I will never forget Brother Li’s life-altering favor. If you ever need this little brother in the future, just say one word and I will not refuse walking through a sea of fire or a mountain of blades for you.”

Li Qiye accepted Chi Xiaodao’s respectful gesture and nodded his head to say: “Stand up. Enjoy your new talents from having the Tyrannical Lion Physique along with the Heavenly Turtle Fate.”

Chi Xiaodao bowed three times again as the worries in his heart were swept away. Even though he was a cheerful person, being stuck at the Soul Creation realm with nowhere to go rendered his inner heart completely different from his external demeanor. But today, this nightmare has finally been dealt with. To him, the path was now bright and clear with an easy path to travel.

Chi Xiaodie silently stood at the side. Prior to this, she once thought that Li Qiye was a swindler. When Li Qiye was talking about Fate changing, she believed that Li Qiye was only speaking nonsense and didn’t know the immensity of the heaven and earth. However, this impossible matter, in her eyes, and in the eyes of many others, happened in the hands of Li Qiye. It was as if all things were trivial under his doing — as if nothing was difficult at all.

An uproar immediately shook the Lion’s Roar Gate’s upper echelon after the successful Fate changing. All the elders found it to be impossible, but after examining Chi Xiaodao, the shocked elders knew that it was really successful.

Having heard this, an elder who was studying the alchemy dao immediately came out from his secluded meditation and didn’t mind losing some face to ask a junior, Li Qiye, about Fate changing.

“It is only a minor technique.” Li Qiye only answered dismissively with this sentence to chase this elder away.

Such a nonchalant phrase left the elder with a wry smile as he stood there silently for a long time. This was Fate changing ah; how many alchemists spent their whole lives to never touch such a magical boundary! Only Legendary Alchemists could do such a thing.

Even though these words might have sounded arrogant, this elder couldn’t deny the fact that Li Qiye had the qualifications to do so. He was at such a young age yet he was able to perform Fate changing, this was indicative of his unlimited future potential; he was absolutely capable of becoming an Alchemy Emperor!

He didn’t dare to say much even when Li Qiye wasn’t willing to teach him the Fate changing art. Such a secret art would not be passed on to outsiders by any alchemist or sect.

However, he still had the gall to ask Li Qiye about the alchemy dao. Keep in mind that this elder could be considered as a big character. He had some accomplishments regarding the alchemy dao; however, in front of Li Qiye, he acted like a respectful student with complete devotion as he came again and again beseeching for Li Qiye’s teaching.

“Fine, taking your ancestor into account, I will teach you one or two things.” In the end, Li Qiye agreed to teach this elder the alchemy dao.

Li Qiye was not interested in teaching the alchemy dao to outsiders. However, this elder was indeed full of sincerity, and Li Qiye — out of love for the absolute loyalty of the Lion’s Roar Gate’s ancestors to him — made an exception to teach him once.

Having heard Li Qiye’s agreement, this elder bowed in extreme excitement. He was even willing to become Li Qiye’s student.

During these lessons, the elder was very astonished. Li Qiye’s teachings immediately enlightened him; all of his previous unanswered questions were solved in an instant.

What stunned him even further was that Li Qiye continuously taught him an alchemy dao that brought him to the true orthodox path. At this time, this alchemist finally understood what the true alchemy dao was; what he learned before was simply a minor dao.