Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2740

Chapter 2740

“Amitabha . ” A Buddhist chant could be heard right when the group was about to move on .

A monk appeared by the entrance of the pavilion and stopped them . His kasaya has lost its color from being washed too many times and turned white in the process .

However, it was kept tidy as if he had just gotten out of the door . Perhaps he focused on keeping a clean and proper appearance .

It was hard to tell the monk’s age . His spirited eyes would deter people from calling him old . They belonged to someone around twenty years of age .

However, to call him young would be inaccurate due to his white eyebrows . Time has left a number on his complexion as if he had experienced numerous rains and winds .

He stood in their way and seemed to be a traveling monk .

“Master . ” Weizheng didn’t want trouble and placed his palms together to greet the monk . He then stood to the side so the guy could come into the pavilion .

“Amitabha . ” The monk returned the greeting and said: “Benefactor, would you like to form a positive connection with me?”

Weizheng was surprised to hear this . He took out a silver item from his chest and handed it to the monk: “Master, I was in a hurry and didn’t prepare enough Buddhist offering, here is a little amount to buy some incense sticks, please accept it . ”

The monk didn’t accept the offering and still maintained the same pose . His eyes fell upon Li Qiye: “I am connected by fate with this benefactor so here I am wishing to build a positive karmic bond . ”

Weizheng’s expression changed again, thinking that this monk came here specifically for their ancestor too .

“Master, you’re kidding . Our ancestor has never left our place before . ” Weizheng chuckled awkwardly and said .

“That grandpa earlier said that their daughter is connected by fate with our ancestor too . Don’t tell me your clan also has a daughter at the right age for marriage?” On the other hand, the young Ruoxi became curious .

“Ahem…” Weizheng cleared his throat to tell the innocent girl to stop . Meanwhile, the others wanted to laugh but had to hold back .

“Amitabha . ” The monk didn’t become angry and said: “I am alone and do not have a daughter, but if the benefactor follows me, he can pick any of the three thousand great beauties from my ancient kingdom . ”

“Really? Your ancient kingdom has that many great beauties?” Ruoxi’s interest was piqued .

“Monks do not lie . ” The monk said solemnly: “My ancient kingdom has billions of citizens and millions of cultivators . The princesses and saintesses there are all kingdom-toppling . ” 

“Can someone be this lucky?” Ruoxi tilted her head and stared at her ancestor .

This was too unbelievable, one person after another just coming to offer the ancestor beauties . How could someone have such romantic luck? It’s almost like a free pie falling down from the sky or a fantasy .

The rest of the youths glanced at each other in amazement as well . Only Weizheng had a dejected expression, fully aware that this “pie” was anything but free .

“Master, since when have you become a matchmaker?” A voice as clear as an oriole interrupted their conservation .

The group looked over and saw another girl standing by the entrance . No one noticed when she got there as if she has been there the whole time, it’s just that no one could see her before .

Her blue dress was loose and hid her figure very well . Of course, one could still see the faint outline of her exceptional figure .

She also wore a big hat with an attached silk veil . This long, blue veil shrouded both her face and her upper half .

It gave the sense that she was a mysterious flower hidden by the fog . No one could see her clearly .

Her appearance naturally surprised the group . Weizheng cursed his luck even more . This was the third person who came with unknown intentions .

“Amitabha . ” The monk instantly greeted the girl and said: “I‘m not sure how to properly address you, is it Senior Sister or Martial Aunt…”

The group found this surprising . One could see that the monk was relatively old but the girl seemed to have a higher status than him . This appeared to be their first meeting .

“No, Senior Brother, I have heard of your fame long ago . ” The girl in blue bowed back and said: “I didn’t think I would be lucky enough to meet you right away after leaving the sect . ”

“I see, nice to meet you, Junior Sister . ” The monk inquired: “Is the ancestor doing alright?”

“I’m afraid I can’t say . ” The girl shook her head .

“Amitabha . ” The monk performed a full respect ceremony towards a particular direction before speaking again: “I couldn’t come to say goodbye to the ancestor, please send my regards later . ”

“He and I are connected by fate . ” The girl nodded before looking over at Li Qiye and said .

Though one couldn’t see her features, they could her beautiful eyes that were as bright as the stars through the veil .

The group didn’t know what to say . It sounded as if everyone in the world was somehow connected to their ancestor .

“You want to marry our ancestor too?” Ruoxi couldn’t help but ask .

“No, I will stay near and watch him . ” The girl answered .

“Amitabha . ” The monk joined right away: “Junior Sister, is this your idea or the ancestor’s?”

“Senior Sister, the ancestor didn’t speak on this issue . The reason I came out to the secular world is to deal with a karmic string that ties me and him together . ”

“I see, it’s good that it is not the ancestor’s will . ” The monk said: “I’m afraid we have a conflicting view then . I must cross him over in order to illuminate and save everyone . ”

“You think he is your savior, Senior Brother?” The girl looked at the monk and asked .

“Amitabha . There are only Buddha and the wellbeing of all in my heart . I must do something in order to stop him from falling on the evil path and cause destruction everywhere . ” The monk shook his head .

This conversation utterly confused the group . Why was the evil path suddenly brought up?

“Yes, our views on this are opposite indeed . ” The girl disagreed: “The heavenly change heralds a monster .  There will be someone who will flatten various ominous potentials . I believe that this person is him, someone who can change the future . ”

“The heavenly change heralds a monster . ” Weizheng murmured to himself . He had heard of this phrase before since it was very popular years ago .

“Junior Sister, your fate reading is masterful . ” The monk said: “However, you are coming into this world with an optimistic perspective . Open your heavenly gaze and perhaps you will see the presence of evil . ”

“I might be entering the mundane realm but I’m still disconnected unlike you who is stuck but wishes to leave . And no, I don’t have an optimistic perspective . I’m actually reading everyone while maintaining the highest level of caution . ” The girl shook her head while looking at Li Qiye .

“I’ve opened my heavenly gaze already and saw the evil presence in him . That’s not because he is evil, just something nefarious is dormant in there . The era has begun and it has something to do with him . There are signs of him being able to overcome the ominous situation . ” The girl paused a bit and continued .

“Then what is your plan? You wish to stay around and protect him, not allowing the dormant evil to take over?” The monk asked .

“What about you, Senior Brother?” The girl answered with a question .