Chapter 299: Beautiful Bing Yuxia

“You dare–” The men and women who came with Huangfu Feng became frightened and shouted. However, they were afraid of breaking the vase while chasing the rat, so they didn’t dare to approach Li Qiye since he was grasping Huangfu Feng’s neck.

Li Qiye wouldn’t even look at them; he stared straight at Huangfu Feng and calmly said: “You’re just a Royal Noble yet you still dare to act arrogant before me? My hands have been basked in more Royal Noble blood than the amount of water you have drank.”

“I… I am a Tiger’s Howl princess. If… If you dare to kill me, then the Tiger’s Howl School will never let you off!” Li Qiye’s nonchalant eyes terrified her. It was as if he would kill her as easily as crushing an ant — such a trivial and insignificant matter.

At this time, a crisp and melodious voice appeared: “Since when was the Tiger’s Howl School in charge of the Eastern Hundred Cities?”

A person stood at the stairway with a peerless and elegant appearance in male clothing.

“Lady Bing!” The group that came with Huangfu Feng was startled and they all took a step back.

The woman that appeared out of nowhere was Bing Yuxia. She idly stood there and closed her paper fan before stepping closer towards Huangfu Feng.

“The Tiger’s Howl School can scare little children, but if you want to scare Brother Li, you must — at the very least — bring in the Soaring Immortal Sect.”

Chi Xiaodie’s group of sisters were in a daze as they stared at Bing Yuxia. She was the descendant of an Immortal Emperor lineage, a high above character in the eyes of the smaller sects.

Li Qiye freely answered her: “The Soaring Immortal Sect is also nothing special.”

Li Qiye then listlessly threw Huangfu Feng down like a bag of trash and didn’t bother to look at her: “Scram. Today, my mood is good so I do not want to kill! If you dare to appear in front of me again… Even though I do not like to kill women, I will personally slay you!”

Huangfu Feng was completely pale as she struggled to claw towards her group to escape. She was too frightened to stay even a second longer.

The group of girls was extremely intimidated. Earlier, they were teasing Li Qiye and felt that he was a harmless and young little demon. But suddenly, this harmless boy turned into a true powerful expert. A Royal Noble was like a little chicken in Li Qiye’s hands, and this reality caused them to lose their minds as they stared at him in a daze.

He then looked at the girls and shook his head before saying with exasperation: “Our good time has been ruined by these indescribably vulgar people.”

The girls regained their wits; they looked at Li Qiye then glanced at each other without saying anything.

“Oh, you didn’t want me to introduce you to anyone… So it is because Brother Li has this interest of wanting to build a harem by yourself?” Bing Yuxia looked at all the girls sitting down then smilingly said with the look of a playful young master: “Brother Li, as people say — although fine wines are great, one shouldn’t drink excessively. You alone taking care of so many girls, can you actually handle it?”

“Ba!” Li Qiye suddenly slapped Bing Yuxia’s voluptuous buttocks.

His sudden attack startled her. She jumped and pulled away instantly to form some distance: “What are you doing!?”

Meanwhile, all the girls here were speechless. This was the descendant of the Ice Feather Palace! At this moment, she was one of the strongest young geniuses in the Eastern Hundred Cities, yet Li Qiye dared to assault her savory behind; he dared to treat her frivolously! This, this was unbelievable ah!

Li Qiye leisurely glanced at her and unhurriedly said: “An improper girl acting like a boy all day long… Watch out or I will take off your clothes one day!”

“You dare–!” Bing Yuxia arched her chest with both hands on her waist, resulting in an intimidating stance as she stared straight at Li Qiye.

Li Qiye could only smile and shake his head before speaking to the girls: “Big Sisters can keep playing, this little brother will take my leave.” Then, he turned away and departed.

He got out to the door and spoke without turning back: “Come, or do you want to stay?” Li Qiye was speaking to Bing Yuxia, of course.

Bing Yuxia smiled and gallantly spread her paper fan just like an elegant young master. She clasped her hands together to say goodbye to the ladies and cheerfully smirked: “Ladies, I will take my leave first.” Having said that, she nimbly floated away.

After Li Qiye and Bing Yuxia left, more than ten girls who were sitting down were still in shock. After a long while, they managed to calm down. The neighboring princess then asked Chi Xiaodie: “Xiaodie, that wasn’t your cousin ah?”

“I never said he was.” Chi Xiaodie wryly smiled and said.

“Your Highness Chi, then who is he? What is his origin?” In a short amount of time, all the girls at the table asked at once: “He didn’t even put the Tiger’s Howl School in his eyes, so he must have come from an Immortal Emperor lineage ah!”

Chi Xiaodie simply sighed in her heart. Not just the Tiger’s Howl School, there were not many existences that could exist in his eyes ah!

“Chi Xiaodie, you and him were together, could it be that he is your fiance? You two stuck together every day, could it be that the two of you…” A more crafty girl asked.

Chi Xiaodie suddenly blushed and gently scolded her: “Don’t speak nonsense, it is not good if outsiders hear it!” She couldn’t help but become dejected and sigh. In the present time, what kind of girl would actually be able to tie him down?

Li Qiye went back to his big solitary peak at the Grand Era Hall. At this time, Bing Yuxia also came alone without the company of any beauties.

“It is a rare sight to see you without any girls.” Li Qiye sat down and glanced at her: “Speak, be frank, no need to mince words.”

Bing Yuxia frankly said: “How about we cooperate this time?” She came alone not to have fun, but because she really needed to talk with Li Qiye.

Li Qiye then narrowed his eyes and said: “Cooperation? With what?” He thought that Bing Yuxia was going to talk about the Sky Cutting tablet.

She glared at him and said: “You wouldn’t join the Grand Era Hall randomly, right? You surely came for the Void Gate of the academy, yes?”

Li Qiye looked at the girl standing in front of him. Her temperament and demeanor were somewhat similar to Immortal Emperor Bing Yu of the past.

He shook his head and smilingly spoke: “The Void Gate is a legend, and no one in this world knows whether it is real or not. At this moment, isn’t it still too early to talk about the Void Gate?”

“If it is only a legend, then why are you here?” Bing Yuxia was not the type who was all talk. Her becoming the descendant of the Ice Feather Palace proved that she was a formidable character.

“I’m a bit interested about it.” Li Qiye smiled and said: “There are so many people at the academy, but why do you keep coming to find me time and time again? Don’t tell me it is because I am very handsome?”

Bing Yuxia laughed brightly with three parts that contained the brilliance of the sun and seven parts gentleness, then she said: “Handsome and you have nothing to do with each other! Moreover, the descendants and great children of the ancient sects and heritages — I don’t like them. The majority of them just act respectable on the surface, but they are all schemers inside — too untrustworthy.”

“Interesting.” Li Qiye smilingly asked: “Why should I cooperate with you? To be frank, the Ice Feather Palace is great, and you are also a formidable girl with extraordinary strength. However, it is not so easy to cooperate with me. To put it in words, I do not lack people! If I need people, then I can call for an old monster much stronger than you.”

Bing Yuxia smiled and replied: “I know you are arrogant, you have done many arrogant things in the Grand Middle Territory.” She ordered people to learn about Li Qiye in the Grand Middle Territory and expended a lot of money regarding this matter.

She cheerfully smiled and said: “However, there is an item other people can’t give you! My Ice Feather Palace’s defining treasure! If you truly want to enter the Void Gate, then maybe this item will be of assistance!”

“It seems like the old men and women at the Ice Feather Palace really value you; they even allowed you to bring along this item.” Li Qiye narrowed his eyes and said: “A little interesting. Fine, I will give you a piece, you may follow me.”

She then looked at him and asked: “After entering the Void Gate, what will you split with me?”

Li Qiye slightly flicked his sleeve and interrupted her to say: “Little Girl, don’t try to negotiate with me! The truth is that, regarding whether the Void Gate is real or not, I am more certain than you. Even though the defining treasure of your Ice Feather Palace might be amazing, the items that I can use are no weaker! I am giving you a piece because I feel that you are not a bad little girl. Otherwise, with just your palace’s item and you still want to share the Void Gate with me? Not possible, understand?”

Li Qiye’s words were quite domineering. The Ice Feather Palace was an Immortal Emperor lineage so one could already imagine how terrifying its defining treasure must be.

Bing Yuxia was not angry. She stared at Li Qiye for a long time before nodding her head and saying: “Good, it is a deal!”

“Ba!” The moment Bing Yuxia stood up, Li Qiye — once again — slapped her sweet buttocks.

“Little Demon, what are you doing!” Bing Yuxia immediately jumped up and glared at Li Qiye in anger.

“Little Girl, don’t copy Immortal Emperor Bing Yu. What’s the point in dressing up as a man?” The sweet fragrance still lingered on Li Qiye’s hand as he spoke.

Bing Yuxia was quite livid as her face turned red and her chest was shaking up and down. She eventually glared at him and said: “Little Demon, don’t pretend to be a wise old man, I am older than you!” Having said that, she turned away to leave with quite a bit of grievance.

Li Qiye didn’t know whether to laugh or cry; this girl was really becoming more and more like Immortal Emperor Bing Yu.

After she left, Li Qiye was about to train, but Chi Xiaodie’s sisters suddenly rushed into the yard with panicked expressions.

They saw Li Qiye and acted as if they had seen a savior and quickly said: “Not good, not good, a big incident occurred!”