Chapter 300: Huangfu Feng’s Provocation

“Ladies, calmly speak about the matter. Even if the sky falls down, there will be great people to shoulder it.”

“We are out of time, we will tell you on the way.” A few girls didn’t care whether Li Qiye agreed or not and immediately dragged him outside with hasty appearances.

“What actually happened?” Li Qiye was helpless and couldn’t do anything else but to run along as he was dragged out by the girls.

They were running as the girls answered: “Her Highness Chi and Huangfu Feng went on the Dragon Arbiter Stage.”

“Dragon Arbiter Stage?” Li Qiye narrowed his eyes a little and said: “Quite bold to consider my words as wind passing through one’s ears. Did she really think that I was just boasting?”

The several girls quickly said: “After you left, Huangfu Feng returned with some help; she got a big backing this time so she came prepared.”

“Ah? Gods from which direction?” Li Qiye asked. 1

One girl answered: “The Brilliance Ancient Kingdom’s Gui Fushu, the junior of Great Child Zu Huangwu, a formidable genius from the Zenith Era Hall.”

The other girls became serious once Gui Fushu was brought up. He was much more frightening than Huangfu Feng, and the most terrifying part was that he came from the Brilliance Ancient Kingdom, a one sect two emperors lineage. It was way more intimidating than the Tiger’s Howl School.

A girl indignantly explained: “After having a firm backer, Huangfu Feng came back and spoke unflattering words. In the end, Her Highness Chi became enraged and agreed to a life or death match against her on the Dragon Arbiter Stage!”

The other girls were also outraged from the unfairness and said: “The Tiger’s Howl School went too far and bullied our Lion’s Roar Country because we have no one behind us.”

The Dragon Arbiter Stage was the location where students fought to the death. Normally, disciples would stop at the right time during a spar to not damage the friendly competitive atmosphere.

However, if both sides wanted to risk their lives, then they must climb onto the Dragon Arbiter Stage. Once the battle started, someone must die!

Huangfu Feng was humiliated by Li Qiye and lost all face in front of the Grand Era Hall’s girls whom she deemed as inferior and wretched. Huangfu Feng felt ashamed and became livid the more she thought about it and couldn’t let it go, thus wanting to seek retribution. However, she knew that her cultivation alone was not sufficient to mess with that little demon, Li Qiye, so she thought about seeking someone.

Gui Fushu came from the Ghost Race, but he joined the Brilliance Ancient Kingdom and became a disciple. His talent was very high; although he was not part of the royal family, he was valued highly by the kingdom and was bestowed the title of Royal Noble.

He is now a One Celestial Enlightened Being, but this was not his most terrorizing characteristic. The scary part was that he had five Fate Palaces.

When he was a Royal Noble, he opened three palaces to have a total of five. A five palaces Royal Noble was a Grand Dao Noble, so one could imagine how great his talent was.

Afterward, he stepped into the Enlightened Being realm as a Grand Dao Noble. Even a Five Celestials Enlightened Being would lose their colors when they met him.

He was from a foreign race yet was still bestowed a title by the Brilliance Ancient Kingdom — this was indicative of his might.

He adored Huangfu Feng very much. This time, after suffering a great humiliation, she came to him for help and he immediately agreed. Gui Fushu promised to personally erase this little demon Li Qiye and wash away her disgrace.

He agreed not just because of his hubris, but because he indeed had the strength.

At this time, Chi Xiaodie and Huangfu Feng were standing above the Dragon Arbiter Stage; their battle attracted many spectating students. Not only did the Grand Era Hall and Zenith Era Hall students arrive, but there were also many Idle Era Hall students. A few geniuses and devilish prodigies from the Sacred Era Hall also came to watch.

Although Chi Xiaodie had just joined the Grand Era Hall, she was a Royal Noble at the second level of the Mysterious Fate realm, or a King Noble as colloquially referred to by others.

However, born from the Lion’s Roar Country, she used her own strength to climb to a King Noble. This was a great matter so her reputation was renowned throughout the Eastern Hundred Cities.

Huangfu Feng was also not simple. She was a disciple of the Tiger’s Howl School, and her ancestor was a great demonic Golden Bird so she was also famous in the cities.

Today, when these two heaven’s proud daughters decided to fight to the death out of nowhere, many students came to watch. Especially the Grand Era Hall, they all came to cheer; the disciples from the Lion’s Roar Country all came to support Chi Xiaodie.

Of course, seeing Gui Fushu standing by Huangfu Feng’s banner left many of them with the shivers. A strong person like Gui Fushu exerted quite a psychological pressure even if he was just watching.

“Both of you are talents from the Eastern Hundred Cities, why the need to fight to the death over such a minor matter?” One descendant from a great power quickly tried to appease them.

A prince noticed that Gui Fushu was supporting Huangfu Feng, so he understood that the situation was grim for Chi Xiaodie, so he immediately convinced her: “Miss Chi, take a step back to observe the broad sky and wide ocean. Miss Chi should bow your head and apologize to Huangfu Feng and accept your mistake, then everyone can let this go.”

Huangfu Feng sneered and said: “Bow her head? All is forgiven after she accepts her mistake?” She then added a tart remark: “It will not be so easy. If she kneels down and bows her head to admit her mistake, then I can let this go.”

Huangfu Feng’s words caused the prince who was trying to mediate to gently sigh. Her attitude was too much, but seeing Gui Fushu behind her, this prince couldn’t say anything else.

At this time, if any of the younger generation came out to speak on Chi Xiaodie’s behalf, it would already be very loyal and heroic of them. In the end, not too many people could mess with the Brilliance Ancient Kingdom for this was a foolish decision.

A few geniuses from the Sacred Era Hall simply watched from afar. To them, the talents from the Zenith Era Hall were not worthy of consideration.

“It seems like someone considered my words as the fleeting wind.” At this time, a lazy voice rang about as Li Qiye was dragged onto the Dragon Arbiter Stage by the girls.

The moment she saw Li Qiye arrive, Chi Xiaodie felt relieved. Gui Fushu backing up Huangfu Feng gave her a lot of pressure. She was not a genius like Li Shuangyan because she lacked the same murderous determination — meets gods, slay gods; meet devils, slay devils!

With Li Qiye here, Gui Fushu was no longer a threat to her. Before she knew it, she became quite dependent on Li Qiye.

Huangfu Feng’s face became hard to look at after seeing Li Qiye’s arrival, so she shouted: “It was him!”

Gui Fushu glanced at Li Qiye with a cold glare and bluntly inquired: “You are that Li Qiye?” Gui Fushu was quite handsome, but his dark aura was too dense.

He came from the Four Ghosts Tribe, a branch of the Ghost Immortal Race. There were not too many Ghost Immortals in the Mortal Emperor World, so the Four Ghost Tribe was considered a powerful branch.

His involvement induced shivers in the hearts of the Grand Era Hall students who came to support Chi Xiaodie. Even the other students from the Zenith Era Hall also became serious.

Gui Fushu’s ranking was quite high in the Zenith Era Hall as a former Grand Dao Noble. His current One Celestial Enlightened Being cultivation could be a direct threat to a Five Celestials Enlightened Being like Hu Yue of the Sacred Era Hall.

Li Qiye was too lazy to catch a glimpse of him as he slowly said: “Yes, what about it?”

Gui Fushu’s eyes turned cold. Suddenly, the dark aura became thicker around his body. He truly looked a bit like a ghost! There were many different ghost branches and all of them were different. A few tribes looked exactly like humans, but their blood was purple. Their blood was also a lot colder than that of humans, so the ghost race gave others a cold sensation, and some people referred to this as the ghost aura.

“You came at the right time.” With a penetratingly cold glare, he awe-inspiringly said: “You can choose how you want to die.”

At this time, Gui Fushu indeed possessed the ghost aura that caused others to feel creeped out. Moreover, he was a powerful genius of the Zenith Era Hall, so his bare murderous aura caused many to shiver inside.

Once a Grand Dao Noble, a five palaces Enlightened Being — this was indeed a frightening foe. A few geniuses from the Zenith Era Hall compared themselves to Gui Fushu and only got an unfavorable result.

As for the disciples from the Grand Era Hall, after seeing Gui Fushu’s suppressive and cold aura that was akin to the aura of an evil ghost coming out from the darkness, they were already quivering in fear.

Li Qiye didn’t care for Gui Fushu as he commanded Chi Xiaodie: “If you already came onto the Dragon Arbiter Stage, then there is no letting go until death. Kill her, do not shame me. I trust that you can exert your great techniques.”

Chi Xiaodie took a deep breath, then she stepped forward and coldly glared at Huangfu Feng: “Since you wanted an answer, I’ll give you one!”

Huangfu Feng shouted in a severe manner and immediately took out a treasure cauldron. A phoenix hymn came about as the cauldron was like a divine phoenix and soared towards Chi Xiaodie.

Chi Xiaodie also cried out; a divine blade appeared in her hand. She raised it towards the sky and slashed downward with a saber intent as violent as torrents.

At this time, Li Qiye also boarded a different Dragon Arbiter Stage. He then pointed at Gui Fushu and slowly declared: “Come accept your death!”


  1. Just an expression, usually sarcastic.