Chapter 316: Only Using One’s Hand Versus Two Experts

Translator: Bao
Editor: Nahct


At this moment, the Lion’s Roar Royal Lord was sent into a daze. Even Chi Xiaodao, who was mentally prepared, became shocked. Only Chi Xiaodie remained calm and took a deep breath. On the other hand, Sikong Toutian felt that this was the natural flow of events; he was very fearful of Li Qiye and thought that Ba Xia and Hu Yue were suicidal maniacs.

The royal lord stood there, speechless. He heard his daughter telling him that Li Qiye was extremely powerful, but he felt that no matter how powerful he was, the Enlightened Being realm was his limit. However, after seeing Li Qiye blow away the two geniuses today, he wouldn’t believe it if he didn’t see it with his own eyes.

“Rumble!” Two explosions roared from beneath the flat ground. Hu Yue and Ba Xia were like two falling stars as they were knocked away by Li Qiye from the Lion’s Roar Gate, eventually creating two huge pits.

“What happened!” This sudden event caused many cultivators from the nearby camps to rush out of their dwellings and look around to find out what was going on.

Many people were left aghast after seeing Hu Yue and Ba Xia getting pounded away. Especially, the younger generation; they were rendered in disbelief.

Someone lost their calm and shouted as they noticed Li Qiye exit from the collapsing Lion’s Roar Gate camp: “Li Qiye!”

Suddenly, everyone turned their gazes towards him. The younger ones couldn’t sit still inside; all of them ran out to watch, including the students from the academy.

Ba Xia and Hu Yue were the most excellent geniuses in the Eastern Hundred Cities of today. Ba Xia had the natural Tyrannical Physique — one of the twenty-four King Physiques, and he cultivated the Saint Country’s defining Lower Tyrannical Immortal Physique Law. Rumor has it that he made some progress with his physique, so others were very wary of his skills.

With Ba Xia’s cultivation, if his physique was at minor completion, then he could massacre Ancient Saints as easily as flipping one’s palm. If this wasn’t the case, then people wouldn’t praise a grand completion Immortal Physique as something that could stop even Immortal Emperors.

Hu Yue was no weaker than Ba Xia; rumor has it that he became a Five Celestials Enlightened Being a long time ago. The extremely mysterious blood of the tiger god also flowed within his body.

At this point, their setback — caused by Li Qiye — created a huge commotion and no one could bear to miss this spectacle.

All the devilish geniuses from the Sacred Era Hall also poured out, including the Sleeping Dragon Cliff’s descendant and the Saint Child of the Heaven Sweeping Mountain.

Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan also came to observe Li Qiye from afar with an emotionless pair of eyes while being shrouded in an azure mist. Last time, at the Evil Infested Ridge, he lost and almost died to Li Qiye. After several years, he became a lot stronger than before, but the humiliation still haunted him.


Hu Yue and Ba Xia soared into the sky. In an instant, one went to block Li Qiye from the front while the other went to his back.

Although they were sent flying away, it was only a minor injury — far from being fatal.

A thunderous noise boomed. Ba Xia and Hu Yue’s blood energy crazily surged as their Life Wheels appeared, emitting a monstrous source of power.

Chi Xiaodao became slightly worried and asked: “They are about to unleash their killing moves, will Brother Li be fine fighting the both of them alone?”

“Don’t worry.” Sikong Toutian shook his head and said: “You do not know of his past conquests. If you found out about his battles inside the Heavenly Ancient Corpse Burial Ground, then you would not be able to sleep for three days, and you surely wouldn’t have the guts to call him a brother. Haha, Ba Xia and Hu Yue — they are nothing. Even if the Saint Country’s ancestor personally came, he himself wouldn’t know the reasons for his inevitable demise.”

Chi Xiaodao was quite astonished to hear these words. Even the Lion’s Roar Royal Lord felt that Sikong Toutian’s words were underestimating the two contemporary geniuses, Hu Yue and Ba Xia, too much. Only Chi Xiaodie remained silent for she knew Li Qiye’s terrifyingness more than her father and brother! Even an ancestral character like Old Daoist Peng was apprehensive of him, so one could only imagine his true might.

Sikong Toutian then continued to murmur to himself: “Heh, no matter where or when, I wouldn’t be afraid of fighting against that little brat, Jikong Wudi. Only Young Noble Li, the first person to instill fear inside me, the first person that I could not fathom, would be someone I would never cross. Even the son of a god would die if they provoked him.”

“What did you say?” Chi Xiaodao couldn’t hear him clearly so he had to ask.

Sikong Toutian shook his head and looked up, then he smilingly answered: “Nothing, just wait and see. Someone will die a very, very miserable death, but the fault lies with them for provoking someone they couldn’t afford to.”

The atmosphere became tense as Ba Xia and Hu Yue summoned their Life Wheels. The Longevity Blood poured into the wheel, creating a torrential storm. Clouds of worldly essence as dense as fog focused on their bodies; at this moment, they were quite mighty.

Ba Xia aggressively declared: “Li, you shouldn’t have messed with me today. Even if you are an Ancient Saint, only death will await you!”

At this time, after mustering his power, Ba Xia’s body emitted a bright brilliance as a divine flame surrounded his body. His blood energy, that was as vast as an ocean, floated above his head and enshrouded the sky itself.


His blood energy rose one level as a magnificent ring appeared around his body, giving him quite a transcendent appearance.

Seeing this divine ring developing around his body, someone shouted in horror: “Heavenly Sovereign — could it be that he has reached this realm!?”

Although Heavenly Sovereign was only one realm above Ancient Saint, one couldn’t fathom just how much more frightening a sovereign was compared to an Ancient Saint. Reaching this level meant that one reached the grand dao, and one would be able to recreate its profoundness. If a Heavenly King was a ruler of this world that reigned over millions of existences, then a Heavenly Sovereign was the grand dao leading to the golden throne.

To most cultivators, Ancient Saint was the end of the path and Heavenly Sovereign was the sublime pinnacle — the starting point to reach the grand dao to become enlightened. They would no longer be confined to the limits of their previous path and would begin to develop their own dao.

The Heavenly Sovereign realm was where the foundation for becoming an invincible Virtuous Paragon gets laid, and it was the first step towards the Heaven’s Will.

If all the realms before Heavenly Sovereign were part of the heaven and earth’s path, then being a Heavenly Sovereign meant that one had finally entered the great palace of the heaven and earth.

One Heavenly Sovereign could easily subdue an Ancient Saint, since they have already escaped the boundary of an ordinary grand dao and touched upon the heaven and earth’s grand dao.

Without their presence, Ancient Saints and Royal Nobles would be in charge of worldly affairs. However, upon the arrival of but a single Heavenly Sovereign, said two realms couldn’t reach the apex.

“No, it is the Furious Immortal Tyrannical Physique.” A devilish genius from Sacred Era Hall said with gravity while wearing a serious expression.

After hearing this name, many people took a cold breath. One person murmured: “Furious Immortal Tyrannical Physique — could this physique be at minor completion?”

A predecessor cultivator said with a shocked expression: “This physique increases one’s battle prowess as their cultivation temporarily goes up by one level. If Ba Xia is an Ancient Saint, then he will have the power to challenge a Heavenly Sovereign!”

Many people lost their colors after seeing the divine ring floating around Ba Xia, including the devilish geniuses from the Sacred Era Hall. If it was indeed a minor completion Immortal Physique, then it was truly terrifying. Even though no one knew Ba Xia’s exact cultivation, but if he was an Ancient Saint, then he could slay a Heavenly Sovereign with a minor completion Immortal Physique!

The coveted Furious Immortal Tyrannical Physique could crazily increase a cultivator’s blood energy and temporarily unleash an endless potential, giving them ten times more battle power. Those with even more untapped potential could have their strength increase by a hundredfold without any side effects!

Ba Xia was a natural Tyrannical King Physique and cultivated the defining physique law of the Saint Country, so one could only imagine his great potential.

“Little Demon, today, I will show you what people call a fate worse than death!” After Ba Xia unleashed his physique, Hu Yue did not falter behind. Suddenly, his blood energy roared like a divine tiger as Hu Yue’s Fate Palace opened. A pagoda made of gold appeared with flames surrounding it. It was Hu Yue’s True Fate weapon, and it was created by a powerful Heaven’s Will True Stone.

At this time, seven stars emerged to carry the pagoda. Then, this tower suddenly lit up and a loud “boom” resounded. The pagoda opened up as if it was the entrance to the realm of the deities; dragon cries and phoenix hymns, accompanied with a Black Tortoise’s roar, spewed forth.

Then, an Azure Dragon flew out of the pagoda, followed by a Vermillion Bird while a Black Tortoise shouldered the ocean. Hu Yue’s blood energy turned into a White Tiger with a divine presence that filled the sky. At this second, the Azure Dragon, Vermillion Bird, and Black Tortoise gathered around to protect the White Tiger.

Seeing the seven stars supporting the pagoda, the Eastern Hundred Cities’ inhabitants were quite shocked: “Seven Celestials Enlightened Being! He is already a seven celestials! I only heard that he was a five celestials before… So he was hiding his strength!”

“This is not the most scary matter.” An old cultivator who knew about the Tiger’s Howl School emotionally said: “His Heaven’s Will True Treasure is the most terrifying part. This four divine beasts pagoda was created from a Heaven’s Will True Stone with four daos!”

A younger cultivator asked in confusion: “Even though a four daos Heaven’s Will True Stone is precious, but with Hu Yue’s gifts, he should have a better stone. I feel, at the very least, that it should be seven daos.”

“No.” His royal lord then corrected him: “The value of a Heaven’s Will True Stone does not lie in its dao quantity; the more is not necessarily better. The truth is that it is difficult to discern the power and advantages of these stones. We refer to them by the daos inside them only for the sake of classification.”