Chapter 400: Finding The Fiancee

Li Qiye brought Lu Baiqiu next to the lake and could see the blue surging waves smashing into the bank. Looking around further, one could see many islands in the lake, creating a beautiful green scenery that had many magnificent buildings and mighty bridges…

Many pavilions stood close to each other on these islands with ancient temples floating above the sky. There were even pagodas down below the surface of the lake, emanating formation array beams. Then, there were ships as big as islands entering the sky above the river. Amazing bridges connected these islands along with ancient tree trunks…

The center of the lake was even more auspicious with a faint shrouding energy as if it was covered by a veil. It was extremely mysterious and caused others to want to go inside to see everything.

However, the even more eye-opening aspect was not the landscape, but the demons entering and leaving this area. Many great demons were on patrol across the lake. Some had a human’s head with a snake’s body, then there were fish-men and turtle demons carrying thick shells.

There were many demons living in the Thousand Carp River. It was the sect made of humans and demons, the most powerful symbol of these two races in the Sacred Nether World!

Inside the river and amidst the deep grooves, sometimes there were dragon-like hymns as a Flood Dragon would appear in the lake, creating terrifying tidal waves.

“Is that a True Dragon?” The sound of the splashing water as a Flood Dragon jumped up then immediately dove back down to the lake incited Lu Baiqiu’s question.

“It is only a Flood Dragon. Its bloodline is not even close to that of a True Dragon.” Li Qiye answered with a smile.

Further in the horizon, one could see a type of phoenix-fish swimming in schools together. The moment they jumped out from the lake’s surface, they were like a group of phoenixes flying in the sky with immortal lights covering the atmosphere, illuminating the lake.

On each of the boulders beneath the lake, there were turtles sleeping and absorbing worldly energy with an origin core in their mouth. Although these turtles had not reached the dao, they had already obtained an amazing creation from this world.

There were also monstrous crabs who were blowing out bubbles. Once these bubbles fell to the ground, they turned into jewels that some disciples immediately collected.

Divine birds were nesting on the cliffs of these islands. They used precious grasses to build their nests, so despite lying in their nests, they still lit up the whole island with a five-colored radiance.

Lu Baiqiu was astonished as she took in all of these rich scenes from the Thousand Carp Lake. She was just like an older wet nurse, visiting the house of a great official for the first time. Despite regularly seeing the ocean at the Thousand Islands, it was not as beautiful as the Thousand Carp Lake since it didn’t have so many miraculous scenes!

There were also demons in the Thousand Islands, but they were far from being as amazing as those found here.

In fact, this was not strange at all. Many powerful experts of the river sect all came from the lake. This lake was a treasure ground, so many existences that grew here could eventually reach attainment and become a demon.

After these creatures obtained their own sentience, they had the chance to join the Thousand Carp River and become a disciple. Moreover, these demons had a great advantage because they grew up inside the lake and accepted the grooming from this treasure ground, so their future path was very optimistic. One could say that more than half of the upper echelon of the Thousand Carp River were creatures from the lake that had turned into demons.

Because of this, many people in the Sacred Nether World believed that the Thousand Carp Lake was an unfathomable treasure ground. There were even amazing characters who believed that there was a supreme treasure hidden beneath the lake.

Standing above the lake caused Li Qiye to have many feelings. Such a familiar feeling… This boundless spirit energy from the river caused him to drown in memories.

Before such a wondrous scene, who would know that in the past, this lake did not have such an appearance? Who would know that before the river sect was established here, no one would have thought that this place was a treasure ground!

While the two of them spectated the area by the lake, a small patrol boat came by. Standing on the small boat was a shrimp demon with a human head and a shrimp body, wielding a pitchfork. He came closer and asked Li Qiye and Lu Baiqiu: “Do Fellow Daoists only wish to sightsee, or do you want to enter the sect?”

To the sect, the lake produced many wondrous treasures and this would lead to countless cultivators’ greed. Thus, once outsiders came close to the lake, it would immediately lead to questioning from the patrolling disciples.

“Go tell your elders that your sect’s son-in-law is here to visit his maternal family.” Li Qiye said with a wide smile.

His words caused this shrimp demon’s expression to greatly change as it spoke with a grave tone: “Fellow Daoist, one can eat many things carelessly, but one cannot say careless words or else they might cause trouble for themselves.”

Lu Baiqiu was very kind, so she told the demon in a low voice: “This person is the fiance of Fairy Zhu. He came here to see the elders of the sect.” She indeed had good intentions and didn’t want to see this shrimp demon offend Li Qiye; that would lead to a disaster!

This shrimp demon was distraught as he stared at Li Qiye in disbelief. There was only one person referred as Fairy Zhu in their sect, and it was their young lord, Lan Yunzhu!

It gazed at this ordinary-looking fella before it. Their princess was the prettiest in the southern Distant Cloud, someone who was adored and courted by countless descendants from the great powers. Even just within their sect, many geniuses had a crush on her, but no matter how amazing these geniuses were, none of them had earned their princess’ favor.

Now, a fiance suddenly appeared. Moreover, no matter from which angle one looked at it, this person looked ordinary! Ordinary appearance, ordinary temperament, and ordinary cultivation!

The shrimp demon didn’t dare to make a decision on its own regarding such a matter. It took a big breath and immediately said: “Wait here, I will immediately go and report this!” Having said that, it galloped away and quickly disappeared in the mist.

After it left, Li Qiye looked at Lu Baiqiu and revealed a gentle smile: “It seems that you really have a kind heart ah!”

Lu Baiqiu wryly smiled and said in a low voice: “We don’t necessarily have to mess with the river sect till the point of an irreconcilable feud, right? If everyone just takes a step back, then we can all enjoy the boundless open vistas.”

Of course, Lu Baiqiu was different from Li Qiye. She ultimately had a humble background, plus the Static Stream Country was only a second-rate sect. She didn’t have the power to oppose a huge monster like the Thousand Carp River.

“Take a step back?” Li Qiye softly smiled and shook his head to say: “That is not up to me, but up to them. If they wish to oppose me, then there is no need to take a step back!”

Lu Baiqiu could only secretly sigh. Although she hadn’t followed Li Qiye for a long time, she had a little understanding of Li Qiye’s personality. He only liked soft and not-hard attitudes.

The shrimp demon didn’t dare to hide the matter and immediately reported Li Qiye’s arrival. This very quickly came to the elders’ attention.

In fact, through the course of the report, many hall masters and protectors were also surprised at this news. Lan Yunzhu’s fiance? Their first impression was that this was impossible!

Lan Yunzhu was their Thousand Carp River’s proud daughter — their princess. Even descendants from emperor’s lineages were not worthy of her, so how could there be a fiance out of nowhere?

Nevertheless, this was a serious matter. Although some hall masters didn’t believe this news, they still reported it to their superiors.

“A bit courageous ah, actually coming to our door in person.” After hearing this news, an elder immediately convened a meeting, resulting in another elder’s resentment.

An optimistic elder who wanted to resolve this marriage in a friendly manner said: “Maybe this Li Qiye came to break off the engagement. If he is a cultivator of the southern Distant Cloud, then he should know better and know the immensity of the heaven and earth.”

“Nothing would be better than him willingly canceling this marriage. I hope he knows what’s best for him. Hmph, if he came here to bargain, then all of his plans would be for naught.” Another elder stated.

An even more emotional elder declared: “Why must our Thousand Carp River negotiate with a nobody like this little brat? No matter if he is willing or not, we have to cancel this marriage! Give him something good and chase him away. Hmph, if he doesn’t know any better, then just capture him!”

“We shouldn’t break the friendly discourse so quickly.” The Thousand Carp River’s sect master, Daoist Bao Gui, shook his head and slowly said while sitting in his chair: “We have to discuss this with Yunzhu first, to see what she thinks about this.” 1

“Sect Master, Yunzhu is our Thousand Carp River’s seed and descendant, we cannot marry her off to an outsider!” An elder immediately expressed.

Another elder added: “Yes, Senior Brother, Yunzhu is our sect’s hope of reaching the Heaven’s Will in this generation. She has a big chance of becoming our sect’s second Immortal Emperor ah! Plus, even if Yunzhu has to start a family, it cannot be with a nobody. At the very least, it has to be a descendant of an emperor’s lineage!”

Daoist Bao Gui gently shook his head with a smile and said: “No matter what, we have to hear Yunzhu’s opinion first. It is not like you guys don’t know this girl’s personality. Moreover, maybe the fella came with good intentions so there is no need to start with force from the outset.”

“Hmph, to a nobody like this, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, a carp crossing the dragon gate, how could he give up such an opportunity!” An elder who was already antagonistic towards Li Qiye exclaimed! In the end, Lan Yunzhu was their sect’s biggest chance of grooming an Immortal Emperor in this generation!

“First, we must accommodate our guest and ask Lan Yunzhu before making any decisions.” Daoist Bao Gui smiled: “Our sect is an honorable sect, not one that would go back on its words. He is a guest, so let the disciples treat him like an honored guest without any delay!”

Although some elders disagreed with this, since the sect master had decided, the other members didn’t say anything else.


  1. Bao Gui = Treasure/Jewel Turtle. I suppose Jewel Turtle Daoist or Daoist Jewel Turtle could work, but that sounds so silly like many titles when translated into English.