Chapter 503: Prime Ominous Grave’s Opening

Some cultivators shuddered once they saw Li Qiye walking towards the huge monolith. They quickly told the seniors of their sects: “He is about to open the Prime Ominous Grave!”

Everyone knew that the key was in his hands, so seeing Li Qiye approach the grave caused many people to become excited. Was it time for the grave to be opened?

“Quickly pack up and get ready to enter the Prime Ominous Grave!” Suddenly, chaos spread like wildfire. Within the radius of ten thousand miles right outside of the grave, the atmosphere was boiling with commotion as all the armies began to pack up.

Countless great powers quickly followed Li Qiye to the Prime Ominous Grave, creating an extremely spectacular scene. Right behind him was a sea of people rushing forth like waves. Many were extremely eager; they rubbed their hands together wishing that they could soar forward into the grave instantly.

“It’s almost time. Finally, the Prime Ominous Grave! Oh how many generations had passed since it was last opened.” The great powers such as the Myriad Bones Throne and the All-Eras Ancient Kingdom followed as well. Everyone came for the grave, so now that it was nearing the time of the opening, no one wanted to give up this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

“Amitabha.” A buddhist chant resounded. Monk Dazhi suddenly appeared and chased right after Li Qiye. He then cheerfully smiled and said: “Benefactor Li, ah wait, Brother Li, you are about to open the grave so do you have anything nice for me? Maybe you have a huge creation to give to me?”

“Something nice for you?” However, before Li Qiye could answer, right next to him, Lan Yunzhu fiercely glared at the monk and stated: “Jian Xuan, I heard that you were playing around back at the Soaring Remembrance Village and tricking the villagers to get free meals! After bullying our Thousand Carp River like this, you still want us to treat you?”

“No… No, no… Fairy Lan misunderstood…” Monk Dazhi was startled and quickly explained: “Fairy Lan, this little monk is one who slays evil with a merciful heart. I definitely wouldn’t take a single coin from the good men and women back at the village. My heart only wishes to enlighten others and save the world. I only went to the secular world for cultivation…”

“Does enlightening others include being a monk who eats meat and drinks?” Lan Yunzhu stared at him and exclaimed: “Don’t tell me you didn’t eat bowl after bowl while gorging yourself with wine at my house!”

“Umm…” Monk Dazhi quickly replied: “Amitabha… Fairy Lan, there is a proverb: an empty sack cannot stand upright. When this monk slays evil, there are times where I will get hungry, right? Hehe, plus, this monk didn’t eat that much, you are surely mistaken. The one who ate a lot was Brother Li. When he was a guest at your house, he was treated very well. Uncle and Aunt gave him good food and wine, and as for the reason… I’m sure Fairy Lan already knows.” The monk then winked at Li Qiye and Lan Yunzhu.

With this accusation, Li Qiye glared at him and said: “Fake Monk, don’t make up stuff or else I’ll tell your fiancee where you are. Then we’ll see where you will run.”

Before this many people, Monk Dazhi couldn’t show that he was afraid of his wife, so he arched his chest and patted it before declaring: “Brother Li underestimates me too much. Since when was I afraid of a woman?”

At this time, a red-clothed lady suddenly appeared behind the monk and coldly said: “Since when did you become so brave like this?” This was Monk Dazhi’s senior sister as well as his fiancee.

Seeing the lady in red, Jian Xuan’s expression immediately changed as he turned around to run. However, Li Qiye instantly made a move. Since Monk Dazhi was not ready, he was trapped by Li Qiye.

“Hey, hey, hey, Brother… What are you… doing?!” Monk Dazhi exclaimed in fear. He couldn’t run even if he wanted to since Li Qiye had made him immobile.

“Nothing much, it’s just that running all day long is not the right thing to do, so you have to properly face her.” Li Qiye smiled and said before throwing the monk towards the lady in red.

“Brother Li, you can’t treat me like this! We are brothers, how can you sell out a brother like this…!” The monk started to scream.

However, Li Qiye ignored him and led the group across several mountains. The unwilling screams of the monk still echoed from afar, causing Lan Yunzhu to shake her head in amusement and say: “He deserves it. Not wanting to be the Nether Crossing descendant and instead escaped to be a monk… He’ll receive a good lesson now that he has been caught.”

Monk Dazhi was an interesting person. The Nether Crossing Swamp was an emperor’s lineage. To eventually become the sect master of such a lineage was something countless people desired. Unfortunately, he didn’t give a damn and secretly escaped from the swamp, creating turmoil within the sect.


The huge monument stood proudly on top of a mountain range and pierced straight into the clouds as if it was a door that guarded the hills behind it.

Only by opening this monument would one be able to enter the grave, and this required the key from Necropolis.

After the grave closes, no one would be able to keep the key since it would disappear. Even a heaven-defying Immortal Emperor would not be able to change this fact. And so, in order to open the grave once more, one had to go to Necropolis to find the key.

Standing before this monument, everyone would sense a majestic atmosphere without exception. It was as if this place buried a supreme existence across the eons. However, no one knew whether such an existence was buried here or not.

There was no name on this monument since it was carved out from a giant boulder. With a more careful observation, it didn’t look like it was carved by men. Instead, it was more like this was the original appearance given by the heavens.

When Li Qiye stood before it, the crowd behind him also stopped. Everyone held their breaths, waiting for him to open the Prime Ominous Grave.

No one dared to steal the key from Li Qiye’s hands since the elders of the river sect were all here. Making a move at this time was akin to opposing the river sect. Not to mention average great powers, even emperor’s lineages didn’t want to do so. Moreover, everyone could go in, so why the need to break the friendly facade with the Thousand Carp River just for a key?

While the rest were waiting, Li Qiye took out the key. Although it was called a key, it was more like an edict scroll.

Li Qiye then opened this scroll and it emanated a bright brilliance. Dao runes appeared and lights jumped up and down like ripples of waves; these runes and lights eventually encompassed the entire monument.

People became quite tense and excited to see this light cover the monument. It had been a very long time since the previous grave’s opening. Just being here alone was considered to be the luckiest moment in their lives.

“Clang clang clank!” At this time, huge characters began to fly out of the edict scroll, then they flew towards the monument and imprinted themselves onto it, creating powerful and divine clanking sounds. The words carved onto this monument were very archaic and were in shapes that resembled branches or tadpoles. Even the great characters from the throne of bones that were sealed underground didn’t know what these words were. They were ancient to the point of being untraceable; even the longest living person would not be able to understand the contents.

After the monument was completely carved with words, the entire thing lit up. With a series of rumbles, the huge monument slowly sank into the ground.

Everyone nervously stared at the spot where the huge stone was sinking. No one wanted to miss a single detail.

“Rumble!” After a series of sounds, the boulder finally went all the way down to the ground, and the mountain range right behind it opened. The entrance was like a great pass, like a prehistoric beast waiting with its mouth wide open to devour trespassers.

“It has been opened!” Seeing this great pass, someone excitedly screamed.

“We’ll go in now.” Li Qiye looked at the great pass with narrowed eyes and told the group of Lan Yunzhu. He then led them into this mountain pass.

“We’ll also go in!” The cultivators right behind him also excitedly exclaimed. Wave after wave of people rushed towards the mountain pass.

The place suddenly became lively as many cultivators squeezed into this mountain pass. No one wanted to be left behind because they feared that they might miss a great opportunity or a legendary creation.

However, when they all rushed inside, they came to an abrupt halt as they found themselves standing at the top of a precipice where a chasm was placed before them. Taking a second look at the surroundings made them realize that this was nothing but an endless space without an end.

Below them was an endless abyss. One more step would end with them falling to the unknown beyond.

This was completely different from the Prime Ominous Grave in their imaginations. Most of them thought that the Prime Ominous Grave was a cemetery. After entering, they assumed that there would be a gigantic cave or an underground tomb of some sort.