Chapter 516: The Stone At The Peak

Lan Yunzhu’s cheeks reddened from anger as she glared at Li Qiye and said: “Uncle, you look down on me too much! In the past, back at the sacred lake, I was accepted by three destiny stones at the same time, and all of them had eight accumulations! I am still very confident even if it is a nine accumulations destiny stone.”

Li Qiye laughed and said: “Like I said before, having more accumulations doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s better. Although a few stones might not have eight or nine accumulations, they are still very arrogant. A few special stones would not accept anyone no matter how great their talents are.”

“Hmph! How about we make a bet then?” Lan Yunzhu snappily gave him a stern look and continued: “Now, tell me where that stone is so I can take a look at just how amazing it is.”

“Of course.” Li Qiye smirked and said: “But what do you want to bet? Don’t cry when you lose!”

Lan Yunzhu suddenly withdrew her angry glare as a playful glimmer appeared in her round eyes. She was all smiles as she said: “Uncle, how about we make it a big one? When we go up the mountain later, how about we bet on who will be accepted by more destiny stones? The person who is accepted by more stones will be the winner. What do you think, Uncle?”

Li Qiye looked at her and grinned as he replied: “Do you really want to bet?” He then thought of something very interesting and asked: “Do you think you will win?”

While puffing her cheeks, Lan Yunzhu smiled and said: “Of course. Don’t tell me Uncle is too scared? Even a little girl like me dares to bet. If you lose, then just give me one drop of Myriad Star Water.”

Li Qiye chuckled in response and replied: “Ah, so this little girl wants my Myriad Star Water. However, if you lose, what will you hand over to me?”

Lan Yunzhu arched out her plump breasts and said: “Uncle, I can handle losing. Treasures, immortal items, pills… Just say the words. If I have it, then I absolutely won’t cheat you!”

Li Qiye rubbed his chin then stared at her from top to bottom and smirked in an obscene manner as he said: “Treasures do not appeal to me. How about this? If you lose, then will you undress tonight for my viewing pleasure.”

“Undress my ass, you perverted scoundrel!” The flushed Lan Yunzhu screamed then tried to kick Li Qiye.

Li Qiye couldn’t keep himself from laughing. Then, he leisurely asked with a smirk: “So do you dare or not?”

Lan Yunzhu’s angry and blushing maiden face, combined with her gentle eyes full of watery sparkles, were movingly beautiful.

However, before the two of them could decide, one person descended to the Divine Dragon Mountain from the sky.

New arrivals and cultivators that were already here all became shocked when they saw this person: “The Simple Mountain Immortal Kingdom’s descendant!”

“Xian Fan!” Lan Yunzhu also exclaimed.

It was Xian Fan who flew down from the sky. He was still shrouded by his Five Elements Immortal Armor so no one could see his face or figure. From beginning to end, no one knew whether the person inside was male or female. The only thing that they could tell was that it was indeed a human named Xian Fan, the descendant of the Immortal Kingdom.

Even the most arrogant ghosts couldn’t help but become anxious when they saw his arrival: “An existence that can fight against Sir Di Zuo…” Both geniuses and older characters didn’t dare to view him with disdain.

A person gazed at the immortal armor and stated with fear: “It is a shame that the grave opened so early; Di Zuo and Xian Fan couldn’t decide the victor since both of them had to run here.”

In the past, the younger generation didn’t dare to challenge the prestige of the three heroes. Later on, Li Qiye swept through the ghost race and massacred thousands to announce his presence in the Sacred Nether World. People then knew that a ferocious monster had come from the human race, one that could challenge the authority of the ghosts.

Now, there was also Xian Fan, someone who had been completely unknown. Xian Fan was different from Li Qiye; others speculated that Li Qiye could challenge Di Zuo, but Xian Fan actually fought against Di Zuo. It was an extremely flashy battle and the victor couldn’t be decided before both of them quickly headed for the Prime Ominous Grave.

“Our human race’s saint duo is no weaker than the ghost race’s three heroes. Haha, we will not be weaker than the ghosts this generation. The future Immortal Emperor has yet to be decided!” An excited human cultivator exclaimed while looking at Xian Fan: “The ghosts have the three heroes while we have our saint duo!”

Recently, busybodies had nicknamed Li Qiye and Xian Fan as the human race’s saint duo!

This title sounded very unpleasant to the ghosts, but the ghosts had been keeping quiet recently.

Among the ghosts, Di Zuo’s prestige reached far and wide and never allowed for others to provoke him. Both the older and younger generations of the ghosts greatly valued Di Zuo. Who would have thought that Xian Fan could fight evenly with Di Zuo? Although this fight abruptly ended, people had to accept that Xian Fan had the ability to oppose Di Zuo.

Before this, the ghost race, especially the young ones, looked down on humans. But now, there appeared Fierce Li Qiye and then the mysterious Xian Fan. The young ghosts could no longer maintain their arrogance.

“Quite formidable.” Lan Yunzhu looked at Xian Fan’s state and whispered: “Even Di Zuo wouldn’t have any advantages against him.”

Lan Yunzhu didn’t watch the battle between the two, but she could deduce the result of the fight after seeing Xian Fan’s current appearance.

“It’s nothing surprising.” Li Qiye looked at the armor and said: “Obtaining this armor proved his extraordinary worth. This thing is very careful when it chooses its master because it is quite proud!”

This situation was completely within Li Qiye’s expectations. There was no need to see Xian Fan’s cultivation level or which emperor’s law he cultivated. Just the armor adorned on Xian Fan’s body told Li Qiye many things. The armor was a symbol of power; if one was not strong enough, they wouldn’t be able to own this armor.

Xian Fan reached the dragon mountain and immediately ran to the peak instead of stopping by the base. A cultivator murmured at this sight: “Could it be that he is also here for that stone?”

“Possibly.” The ghosts paused their business and gazed at Xian Fan.

Xian Fan arrived at the top in one breath.

“He really is here for that stone…” An aware old cultivator murmured while looking at the mountain: “Does he actually want to try it too?”

Another sect master added: “It makes sense. Lunhui and Di Zuo came along with the imperial descendants. Those who are qualified all want to give it a shot.”

“What is at the top of the mountain?” Lan Yunzhu didn’t know anything so she asked Li Qiye after seeing Xian Fan ascend to the top.

Li Qiye narrowed his eyes and looked at Xian Fan before replying: “A destiny stone. A unique stone of this world, a stone that no one has ever obtained since time immemorial.”

At this moment, all eyes were on the peak. A ghost cultivator asked: “Tian Lunhui failed and the same goes for Sir Di Zuo. Will Xian Fan be able to do it?”

“I don’t know, but it won’t be a surprise if he fails as well.” A tribe master from the northern Misty Field said: “According to the records of the Nether Crossing Swamp, after ascending the throne, Immortal Emperor Ming Du had also come here. Legend says that he wanted the stone to accept him as its master. Unfortunately, the emperor failed and that stone didn’t leave with him.”

“What?! Even an Immortal Emperor couldn’t get its acceptance? But he was an Immortal Emperor!” Many people were shocked after hearing this. It would be understandable if it was a young emperor before his ascendancy. In the end, no one knew who would actually become the next Immortal Emperor until they reached the end of the road.

But at that time, Immortal Emperor Ming Du was already an invincible emperor, an existence that roamed free in the nine heavens. However, that stone still didn’t pick him, and this news came as a surprise to many people.

“What kind of stone is this? It didn’t even accept an Immortal Emperor?” Lan Yunzhu was also shaken after hearing this.

There was nothing in this world that was stronger than an Immortal Emperor, yet this stone still didn’t pick him. This was simply astonishing!

“It is indeed a very proud stone.” Li Qiye murmured as he looked at the peak.

Whether one was a human or a ghost, all eyes were on Xian Fan. The ghosts didn’t want Xian Fan to succeed at all because Di Zuo and Tian Lunhui, the two with the highest talents among the ghosts, both failed. If Xian Fan could do it, then it would harm the pride of the ghost race.

In fact, since people knew that there was a stone that didn’t even accept an Immortal Emperor, many geniuses all came to test their luck to see if they could get chosen by this rock.

In the span of a few short days, countless people had come. Di Zuo, Tian Lunhui, the Titanic Crescent Saint Child, the Ghost Insect Evil Child, and other imperial descendants had all attempted to obtain this stone. Other prodigies and nameless juniors came as well.

However, no one was successful in gaining the stone’s acceptance.