Chapter 522: Wood Realm

“But are you guys prepared? When the Diamond Carp goes back to its nest, you guys have to seal it. If not, then that carp will disappear after entering, and it will be very hard to find it again.” Li Qiye smilingly asked.

“Young Noble can rest assured.” The Daoist instantly replied: “We have brought along a treasure of the patriarch. As long as we find its nest, we will seal it right away. Even if it tries to port away, we will still be able to find it immediately.”

Li Qiye only smiled in response while looking at the Diamond Carp that swam in front of them. The high waves set off by the jumping fish combined with the reflected sunlight from its curves created quite a pretty spectacle.

The elders were determined to not give up until they found its nest.

After looking for a while, Li Qiye told Lan Yunzhu: “We’ll go now.”

Lan Yunzhu asked in surprise: “Go? Where? Are we not chasing the fish to its nest?”

Li Qiye shook his head and said: “The fish will not return to its nest until it is tired, and there is still a very long time before it fatigues. We’ll go take a look somewhere else.”

“Go.” Daoist Bao Gui nodded and said: “Leave this place to us. You guys can go test your fortune somewhere else.”

Lan Yunzhu felt that they couldn’t really help even if they stayed here, so she said goodbye to the daoist’s group and followed Li Qiye.

“Where are we going now?” She asked: “To the Earth Realm? I’ve heard that something really incredible has been dug out over there.”

“No.” Li Qiye shook his head and replied: “You can indeed dig out amazing things at the Earth Realm, but you need to stay alive to use it later on.”

“Oh? Our egotistic Uncle is suddenly so timid? Isn’t Uncle unafraid of the heaven and earth?” Lan Yunzhu gave him a look then blinked her eyes before revealing a charming smile: “If I remember correctly, Uncle is always full of confidence, so why are you so afraid of death now?”

Li Qiye flicked her forehead and said: “Don’t tease me, Girl. The Earth Realm is not enough to take my life. However, in order to take out the good stuff from there, one would need to go into the graves — this is a very time-consuming and complicated process. Moreover, I don’t need those items. The things that I need are at many different places; for example, we are about to go to a very nice location.”

“Where?” Lan Yunzhu quickly asked.

Li Qiye gazed at the distance and answered: “The Wood Realm.” He then smiled and continued: “Don’t you want to find a King Medicine root or some kind of treasure tree?”

Lan Yunzhu’s eyes lit up as she asked: “Is there a chance to stumble upon a divine tree like the Golden Divine Willow?”

“You can really dream.” Li Qiye chuckled and replied: “A divine tree like the Golden Divine Willow is unique. Obtaining such a tree is easier said than done. Your river sect’s divine willow required countless amounts of effort and time to move it from its original location back to the sect.

“In addition to requiring a lot of effort to relocate such a tree, more often than not, something like the Golden Divine Willow can only be met by chance. If you are lucky, you might be able to meet a similar divine tree.” Li Qiye smiled while shaking his head after getting to this point.

Lan Yunzhu looked at him and curiously asked: “Uncle, why do you know the matters of our river sect so well?”

Even though she was its descendant, she didn’t know about this stuff. In fact, her master didn’t know about this either, yet Li Qiye could recall these things as if he saw them with his own eyes.

He then teasingly responded: “Don’t forget that I am your Guardian. Your patriarch has appointed me as the Guardian so I’m naturally different from others. I have read a lot of books and there is nothing I don’t know or can’t do.”

Lan Yunzhu glared at him in response: “Bah, Uncle, please stop. Who doesn’t know that you were lucky, super lucky to become our Guardian.” Although she said this, she clearly knew in her mind that the patriarch chose him to be their Guardian for a reason, even though she didn’t know the exact details.

The Wood Realm was one of the five Grave Realms of the Prime Ominous Grave. Inside were old sky-towering trees that were full of vitality. It could be said that among the five, the Wood Realm was the one with the most abundant life essence.

There were also rolling mountains surrounded by rivers and loud waterfalls everywhere; life was in abundance here. Once one stepped inside, one would actually think that they were in a dense, old forest back in the Sacred Nether World.

Beasts and birds were running around among these tall trees. There was nothing that couldn’t be found here, including trees and grasses that knew how to run. To be more exact, they were King Medicines and treasure trees that knew how to move around.

This was the best location for those who wanted to find some pills and immortal grasses. Anyone who came here would become very excited because this realm resembled a large garden full of herbs both good and bad. There were even King Medicines!

Each time the grave opened, many alchemists and cultivators loved to come to the Wood Realm.

The dangers here were also more moderate compared to the other realms, but this was not to say that this place isn’t a paradise for finding treasures. It was more suited for weaker cultivators, especially the vagabonds and those who hailed from minor sects.

In the Metal Realm, one wouldn’t know what they would dig out from under the sand. It could be a treasure, or it could be a nest of Metal-eating Insects, or it might be a different kind of dangerous sinister existence.

In the Water Realm, one wouldn’t know what was under the water and what kinds of danger was below. Maybe as they were treading on the water, a water demon would come out and taste their flesh.

The Wood Realm was different. If one had no ambition and only wanted to make a little money by lingering in the outer boundary to pick some grasses, then it was absolutely safe.

Since this place specialized in producing medicines and grasses, even the entrance had a lot of them. Although they were ordinary, their freshness made up for this.

Low risk and decent rewards meant that this was the haven for many weaker cultivators. Said cultivators often chose this place as their stopping point.

Lan Yunzhu followed Li Qiye to this place where the medicinal fragrance blew into her face, causing her to take a deep breath.

She then whispered: “Silver Maple Grass, Pure Dan Fruit, Hundred Coiled Grass… This place is indeed nice for growing medicine.”

Li Qiye then stared at her in surprise. Feeling his gaze, Lan Yunzhu gave him a look and said: “What? Is it that strange? Although I am not an alchemist, it is normal for me to know a few spirit medicines. Our river sect is an emperor’s lineage, so we have a huge alchemy garden.”

Li Qiye only smiled and didn’t say anything else.

Lan Yunzhu couldn’t contain her excitement and said: “This place has so many medicines, we should pick some and bring them back.”

Li Qiye slightly lifted his chin and said: “I’m sorry, but there is no Silver Maple Grass or Pure Dan Fruit left for you.”

Lan Yunzhu then shifted her gaze up ahead and noticed the barren hills. Outside of ordinary vegetation, the rest had already been plucked clean by people; there was no sign of spirit medicines.

“Hmm… This place is indeed a medicine garden, though.” Lan Yunzhu emotionally said after seeing a scene like this. Although the mountains had been harvested completely, by looking at the holes, one could see the signs of spirit medicines everywhere.

The two of them went deeper into the Wood Realm. They went past two mountains to see a group of cultivators happily harvesting some grasses.

A cultivator who climbed to the peak and then dug one thousand feet down managed to find a medicine root. Another hung by the cliff with a bated breath, waiting for a spirit flower to bloom. A different person went deep into a cave and then baited out the snakes to dig out Golden-String Grass. However, the majority of them were just picking spirit grasses normally on the mountain.

The cultivation of these cultivators was quite shallow, and a few of them were only beginners. The spirit medicines harvested by them could be found in stores. However, despite these medicines being common, this was still a great harvest to these cultivators.

“How did they manage to come in?” Lan Yunzhu puzzlingly asked after seeing these weak cultivators inside the grave.

“You have never been in a minor sect, right?” Li Qiye shook his head and said: “You have been in an emperor’s lineage since a young age so you don’t know that it is not easy to live as a vagabond or a cultivator from a minor sect. These spirit medicines are already very good for them. They risked their lives to enter the Prime Ominous Grave, and although they couldn’t make it alone, a group of them going together makes it possible.

“Among them, there will be one or two people who are quite formidable, so a group of them working together can ride the Corpseblood Clouds. Of course, many probably died during the process, but nevertheless, to these weak cultivators, entering the Prime Ominous Grave is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. If they are lucky, maybe they will be able to change their sect’s fate. Thus, despite knowing how arduous it would be and how only one out of ten would survive, they still risked it all and came!”