Chapter 556: Another Meeting With The Diamond Carp

Li Qiye and Lan Yunzhu stepped into this vast emptiness. Their current cultivation allowed for them to easily cross this space. Moreover, this was not the space above the regular nine heavens.

They traveled for an unknown amount of distance before seeing a brilliant and silver light that was blinding yet alluring.

Lan Yunzhu was shocked at the scene unraveling before her eyes. Different galaxies were pouring down like waterfalls. They then came together to form an endless cosmos with no end in sight.

These celestial rivers had rippling silver waves that created an ethereal yet tangible image of a silver sea. The boundless starlight congregated together and created a dream-like sensation.

“What is this place?” Lan Yunzhu looked at the silver sea of stars ahead and asked in astonishment. It was hard to believe that there was such a location in this world.

“I don’t know either.” Li Qiye replied. His eyes had a profound glimmer as he looked at the rippling waves in the sea of stars ahead.

This endless star sea was either created by nature or by some individual; of course, one wouldn’t know which it was.

“Where do we go now?” She didn’t know where to go since this galaxy was so vast that it seemed as if it was an entire universe without an end.

“Splash!” Right after her question, they suddenly heard a splashing sound as a huge carp jumped up. It caused waves to ripple throughout the galaxy as stars started to fall. One could hear their crisp sounds.

“The Diamond Carp!” Lan Yunzhu shockingly exclaimed after seeing this jumping carp. She didn’t expect to see it here.

It disappeared back in the Water Realm after the river sect’s elders chased it back to its nest. The elders couldn’t find a trace of it. So it was actually inside the secret among secrets’ realm.

“Splashh!” The Diamond Carp happily swam in the sea of stars. It jumped up then dived back down into the water at an extreme speed and moved far away.

“Chase after it!” Li Qiye summoned the Tetra-War Bronze Chariot as he and Lan Yunzhu rode it to give chase.

The Diamond Carp swam swiftly among the stars, but Li Qiye’s chariot did not fall behind, catching up to it in an instant. Li Qiye then issued a command: “Keep on tailing it!”

The four bronze stallions continued to follow right behind the fish. No matter whether it dived far below or jumped up high, it couldn’t elude the chariot.

“Is the Diamond Carp able to take us to our desired destination?” Lan Yunzhu looked at the fish and asked.

Li Qiye nodded in response: “Definitely. It is not just a simple carp. Although it rarely attacks others first, don’t underestimate it.”

In this sea of stars, the stomping of the hooves continued on as the bronze chariot gave the carp no chance to break free. Although the fish had an amazing speed and painted a beautiful and spectacular scene as it traversed into the depths of the stars or jumped up high, it couldn’t escape the chariot.

While the two were following the carp, countless people were enraged outside by the pond.

A scream emanated from inside the pond: “Little animal, unless you never come out, I’ll never let you go!” The Titanic Crescent Ancestor gave up. Even with an emperor’s weapon, he couldn’t reach the center of the pond.

However, he was not the only one. The other experts also had to give up after failing to make it to the center. Very few were able to reach the one hundred step boundary; the number of people who could reach this boundary could be counted on one’s fingers.

Even the ancestors who let go of all caution couldn’t make it to this boundary. Being able to take fifty or sixty steps was already amazing enough.

This not only showed Li Qiye’s devilishness, but also Tian Lunhui’s unparalleled talents. A genius was indeed a genius, especially such fiendish ones. The ancestors had no choice but to be convinced.

A person gently sighed while looking at the whirlpool in the pond: “No one has a chance unless they are a legendary master.”

However, these characters did not take action so easily. Even the ancestors didn’t want to come into being, let alone those legendary masters that had reigned over an era.

People began to shift their attention to the fish made out of water that surrounded the turtle with the tablet: “This group of fish and the water turtle surely have a big secret as well!”

Although they couldn’t reach the center of the pond, the water turtle with the water tablet was going everywhere. Because of this, once it came closer, a person used a great art to suck it up in an attempt to capture it.

However, since it was made from water, anyone who tried to catch it would be left with a splashing sound as it became liquid and fell back into the pond. A bit later, the water turtle would appear once more in a different direction and would then continue on with its business as if it was not perturbed at all.

A clan master from a reclusive family looked at this turtle and remembered a tale written back in his clan: “This is not a living existence at all. They are part of the pond itself.”

“Perhaps they are the key to opening the pond, but one requires the Prime Ominous Key to catch them.” Although these were only speculations, many great powers agreed with this theory. The even more knowledgeable emperor’s lineages felt that this theory was very plausible.

However, even if they were right, it would be useless since the key was in Li Qiye’s hands. After being reminded of this, the people gritted their teeth in anger, especially the Titanic Crescent Sacred Ground and the Insect King Lineage. Their teeth were about to break from the exasperated grinding as they declared: “Li, it is not over between us!”

The sacred ground lost more than they bargained for. They struggled to train a descendant that had now died at the hands of Li Qiye. However, what made them bleed even more was the matter with the Declivity-Mountain Bell. This shouldn’t have happened in the first place because even a Virtuous Paragon wouldn’t be able to sever the connection between the treasure and the mountain. And yet, Li Qiye was able to do so, which made the sacred ground’s crazed anger quite reasonable.

Everyone knew that there was a treasure inside the pond, but it was not obtainable unless one could go deeper inside. This was something even ancestors couldn’t do, let alone other people.

One person could come close, and it was Tian Lunhui who competed against Li Qiye before. Everyone had seen his performance, so despite his loss, they all knew that he could go deeper than anyone else here.

Coincidentally, he was still here and was watching from afar. A few great characters from the ghost race wanted to encourage him.

“My virtuous nephew, you are unparalleled so why not try to go into the pond to see if you can open it?” A great character from the previous generation spoke.

Tian Lunhui, who was shrouded in his mysterious aura, only smiled after hearing this great character and said: “Brother Li and I had made a deal so I have nothing to do with this pond.”

“Virtuous Nephew is mistaken about this.” The great character quickly persuaded: “This agreement had been voided because of the maiden. Li Qiye has evil intentions and wants to destroy the entire ghost race. Virtuous Nephew is a hero of the ghost race, a leader of the younger generation; with your abilities…”

“My apologies.” Tian Lunhui interrupted him and said: “Whether the agreement is voided or not has nothing to do with me. My words, once said, will not be able to be dragged back, not even by a team of horses; I will not renege!”

He spoke in an emphatic and precise manner, so the great character no longer tried to persuade him.

However, while these great characters were disappointed, Tian Lunhui revealed a mysterious smile and added: “But Di Zuo has left the Heavenly Cemetery, so maybe the ancestral mountain of the throne of bones will come here very shortly.”

Upon hearing this, the great characters regained their spirits, especially the ghost cultivators who carried a bone-deep hatred of Li Qiye.

Li Qiye had shamed them to an unbearable level. If Di Zuo and the Myriad Bones Throne came, then they believed that Li Qiye’s death would be assured no matter how strong he was.

The great characters then left as Tian Lunhui continued to stare at the pond from far away with a mysterious smile. He didn’t want to oppose Li Qiye at this moment, but he very much enjoyed watching others deal with him. Moreover, Di Zuo and Li Qiye had a feud irreconcilable until death.

“The tallest tree in a forest will be ravaged by the most wind.” Tian Lunhui murmured. However, his expression darkened after remembering Li Qiye’s grand dao back at the pond. He could no longer smile or have peace of mind because of that dao despite his confidence in his own grand dao. If the future Heaven’s Will only accepts one grand dao, then Tian Lunhui was absolutely sure that it would not be his, it would be Li Qiye’s.

Waves of cultivators began to leave since even ancestors had no chance, let alone them. However, some still stayed behind, waiting for someone to open the pond. Maybe they could then also ride on the person’s coattails.

Many cultivators rushed into the pond and once they returned, the rest found that many of them had disappeared. The result was just like before; many died without leaving behind a corpse.