Chapter 592: Invincible Headless Man

An eternal existence with a true treasure was virtually unbeatable, yet one was being handled like a chicken by the headless man. The eternal existence’s true treasure couldn’t harm his captor at all!

The stupefied crowd couldn’t believe their own eyes. They watched this powerful ancestor face off against the headless man.

One ancestor whispered: “Is this an Immortal Emperor?”

Only an Immortal Emperor had the power to make an eternal existence seem so helpless.

However, this headless person didn’t look like an Immortal Emperor at all since he lacked the divine and imperial aura. The stranger part was that he didn’t have a head.

“Run, we’re seeing a ghost!” A ghost ancestor shook his body to wake up from his daze. His intuition told him that the worst was yet to come. With that said, he turned around and fled.

The hundreds of thousands of ghost experts were stunned. Ghost? They are the ghosts and were known as such by others.

Now, to say that the ghost race was meeting a ghost was a ridiculous joke. However, no one dared to laugh at this moment.

“Run!” The other ancestors also calmed down and shouted at their tribe members and disciples.

Everyone turned around to flee.

However, at this time, the headless man swung his sleeve and caused a raging wind to appear. Countless experts were sucked into his sleeve.

The ancestors cried out: “No!” They used their strongest merit laws and even emperor’s weapons to try to escape the engulfing force, but it was all in vain.

In a short period of time, countless ghost experts were sucked inside, including the masters from the Ancestral City.

The Ancestral City Lord wanted to run, but he couldn’t elude the headless man’s spread sleeve. He roared and took out his best weapon in an attempt to seal the source of the vacuum, but it was in vain. Ultimately, the lord was sucked up as well despite his unwillingness.

“No!” Screams continuously resounded as several hundreds of thousands of ghosts, including Heavenly Kings and ancestors, all suffered the same fate.

This spectacular scene didn’t care for any of the struggles and unwilling screams of the victims as all of them became prisoners to the headless man’s sleeve.

As for cultivators below the Ancient Saint realm from the ghost race… Although the headless man didn’t suck all of them up, they didn’t have the strength to get up and escape with their legs feeble due to fear.

In a short amount of time, one-third of all the ghost cultivators were inhaled, including all the experts at Ancient Saint and above.

At this point, the headless man swung his sleeve and all of the trapped ghost cultivators were thrown into the lost island’s mist.

“Ahhh!” Miserable screams appeared from all the cultivators being thrown towards the island.

“Bam! Bam! Bam!” All of them were turned into a rain of blood. This fascinating carnage scared everyone out of their wits.

The flowers of blood slowly dissipated along with the mist, revealing the true face of the lost mythical island.

The remaining ghosts all squatted down on the ground as their hearts sank from fear. They no longer had the courage to withstand or face their impending doom. Even the ancestors were mere ants to the headless man, so what’s there to say about themselves?

The headless man was without a head, but his divine intent resonated as loud as thunder: “Those who help the enemy, scram back to your lairs!”

This supreme and ancient voice encompassed the whole sky. All the gods and immortals would tremble in fear from such a sound.

The headless man swung his sleeve once more before the hapless ghost experts paralyzed on the ground.

“Whoosh!” Hundreds of thousands of ghosts were swept out of the Prime Ominous Grave and were back at their own sects before they knew what was going on.

Those who found themselves back at home were completely aghast. Their clansmen and fellow disciples saw them murmuring like insane people.

“Ghost! A ghost! That was a ghost!” They murmured like fools for three days straight before finally calming down.

Meanwhile, after all the ghosts were swept away, only Li Qiye’s group and the experts from the other races remained.

Members of the other races were shocked and fearful as well. Ancestor level characters were stricken with shivers and didn’t dare to look at the headless man.

Only Li Qiye was calm from beginning to end. He knew exactly what would happen the moment the headless man appeared.

The headless man seemed to be looking over at the lost island despite not having a pair of eyes. After a while, he shifted his gaze over towards Li Qiye for a bit without saying anything before disappearing.

“Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop!” Right when he disappeared, the four prison altars all disappeared; surely, it was his doing.

After the prisons shattered, both cultivators and mortals from inside were scared silly and couldn’t calm down in a short amount of time.

The experts from the other races began to regain their composure a bit after the headless man disappeared. They shivered at the thought of what had transpired just now. It was beyond their imagination and something they would never forget.

After a while, Xian Fan stood up and took a deep breath before asking: “How come the headless man helped us earlier?” She didn’t say anyone’s name, but it was clear that she was asking Li Qiye with her stare.

“Helped us?” Li Qiye smiled and shook his head to say: “He was helping the ghost race, not us.”

“Helping the ghost race?” The surviving experts from the other races were skeptical. The golem ancestor exclaimed: “He blood sacrificed more than one hundred thousand ghost experts!”

“I would have done it if he didn’t.” Li Qiye said nonchalantly: “I wouldn’t only use their blood as an offering to the mist, I would also kill all of them. Hmph, the ghost race wants to stretch their claws towards mortals? I don’t mind going to all the lineages for a massacre!”

This sounded arrogant, and uninformed people would think that Li Qiye was blustering. Opposing the entire ghost race was quite suicidal.

However, the experts and ancestors here were all silent. Even the confident Xian Fan had no comments regarding Li Qiye’s domineering statement.

Anyone would be frightened by Li Qiye’s thirteenth palace. Having twelve palaces alone was amazing enough, but having a thirteenth instilled an endless sense of awe and fear like a never-ending river!

When it came to the thirteenth palace, no praise would ever be deemed an exaggeration. The first and only throughout all the eons! Li Qiye deserved any and all praise thrown at him.

He continued to say: “Since he took action to end this feud, then I won’t hold them accountable anymore.” He stared at the mortals next to the four pillars with a serious expression.

“I can forgive the ghost race, but I will destroy the Ancestral Realm! They can have a taste of destruction if they dare to sacrifice millions of mortals!”

The surviving experts couldn’t help but look at each other. They didn’t question his determination and didn’t think that these were empty words. However, declaring war against the Ancestral Realm? It was said that the Heavenly God was invincible. What means and secrets did Li Qiye have?

“Send them to the Distant Cloud and prepare a place for them. I trust that you all have the ability for that.” Li Qiye told the other experts after looking at the mortals.

At this time, the millions of mortals next to the altars were still lost. Although they didn’t die from this disaster, they didn’t have time to celebrate. They required more time in order to digest this monumental experience.