Chapter 660: Playing With The Enemies

The Huangfu Ancestor was a person who knew his stuff. His eyes narrowed after seeing how Li Qiye was unperturbed by his aura. In his opinion, for a young man like this to not be intimidated by his aura, he had to either be a Virtuous Paragon or have an unshakable dao heart.

At this time, the Huangfu Ancestor asked with an austere voice: “Did your ancestor come into being or not?” Although it was not too sonorous, it was thunderous like a drum next to everyone’s ears, creating quite a deterrence and caused them to shiver.

The ancestor hadn’t taken action yet, but his aura alone was enough to scare the people present. This was the frightening part about a Virtuous Paragon; those who were present could sense the gap between them and a paragon.

“There is no need to alarm our ancestor about this matter.” At this time, Madam Zi Yan answered slowly.

“Good… The descendants of the Giant Bamboo Country are really confident.” The Huangfu Ancestor coldly said: “Very well, if that is the case, then are you in charge here?”

“No, Young Noble Li is in charge and can represent our entire country.” Madam Zi Yan calmly replied with a solemn expression.

This answer left many people startled as they stared at Li Qiye. They wanted to guess just what kind of background he had to be able to represent the entire country. This was quite unbelievable to them.

However, no one would question it since Madam Zi Yan was the one who said it. They just couldn’t guess what Li Qiye did that earned him the trust of the country like this.

“Are you the one who sneak-attacked Hao’er?” At this time, the Huangfu Ancestor glared at Li Qiye as his eyes spewed out terrifying glints as sharp as swords; they were capable of easily piercing through Li Qiye.

However, Li Qiye was too lazy to look at him and smilingly said: “You can put it that way. Alas, he is quite lucky to still be alive. This is me pulling my punches.”

The ancestor’s glare became cold as he emitted a frightening murderous aura. When waves of this murderous aura shot to the sky, all the spectators felt a chill down their spines. It was as if they had fallen into an icy basement. Many of them couldn’t withstand it and had to stagger backward.

Li Qiye didn’t care about the sudden expulsion of the ancestor’s murderous aura. Instead, he gently waved his sleeve while uttering: “I know you want to kill me, but there is no need to rush. Today, I am here to speak about this matter. I am representing the Giant Bamboo Country. It is not just the Huangfu Clan that has problems with me, and I am willing to hear the complaints. Right now, I have heard about the Huangfu Clan’s grievances, so the Qing Clan is next.”

Li Qiye’s attitude caused many to be dumbfounded. Even the eighteen monarchs were shocked. Very few people here could imagine that a no-name junior would have the courage to talk to a Virtuous Paragon like this.

The Huangfu Ancestor became serious, but he was not angry. After gazing at Li Qiye for a while, he slowly replied: “Fine, I will let you live a bit longer. A monk might be able to run, but the temple can’t escape!”

He himself wanted to see what this junior could do to justify such confidence. In fact, he was not in a rush at all since even if Li Qiye could escape, the Giant Bamboo Country couldn’t.

Li Qiye smiled and eventually took a look at the Qing Clan to the side and asked: “I heard that your Qing Clan has issues with me as well and cries for justice, so now, I am ready to listen to your complaints. State your grievances and perhaps I can carry out justice for you.”

The crowd was rendered dumbfounded by these words, especially the spectating cultivators who were quite puzzled. At this moment, the country was facing a disaster and could meet its end at any moment, but Li Qiye was acting as if it was nothing, as if it was merely a trivial matter.

This caused many people to wonder what the madam and the monarchs wanted to accomplish by picking such an untrustworthy person like this. This was simply picking the wrong person for the task.

“Li! You already know full well, yet you still have the nerve to ask. You set my son up, you shameless wretch…” The Qing Clan Master bitterly said. His eyes were burning with furious flames as he glared at his son’s killer in front of him. He couldn’t wait to rush forward to kill this brat.

“Oh, so you are talking about this matter.” Li Qiye gently waved his sleeve again and interrupted the clan master. He nodded his head and said: “I already know about this, that means I have heard your grievances.”

With that, he ignored the clan master and turned his head towards the sects who were supporting the Qing Clan.

The Qing Clan Master was shaking with anger due to Li Qiye’s attitude and almost vomited blood. Both the Qing Clan and the Huangfu Clan were extremely outraged by the demeanor of this junior — Li Qiye. Only the Huangfu Ancestor remained indifferent; he wanted to see what ploy Li Qiye would carry out.

In fact, his only concern was the Giant Bamboo Ancestor, so he stood there, waiting to see if the ancestor would come into being or not.

“What are your grievances? Did your sect master die at the capital? Or perhaps your sons were killed at the imperial palace?” Li Qiye slowly asked the lineages who were supporting the Qing Clan.

At this moment, these sects couldn’t help but look at each other. They were not afraid of a nobody like Li Qiye, but they were still quite apprehensive of the imperial court. In the end, an expert of one of the lineages came out and spoke: “You murdered the Qing Clan’s Young Noble, you slew innocent and loyal subjects, you will be a disaster for the Giant Bamboo Country with your treacherous words that confuse people…”

“Got it.” Li Qiye interrupted this expert and said: “Okay, so all of you want to be the harbingers of justice and defenders of the weak. When you see unfairness, you will unsheathe your blades to lend a hand.”

This expert who was suddenly interrupted by Li Qiye was quivering from anger as well while glaring at him.

“I have now understood all of your complaints.” At this time, Li Qiye still sat leisurely on his chair. He glanced at everyone in front and calmly declared: “Now, I represent the Giant Bamboo Country and will give a satisfactory answer to all those who have complained.”

Here, Li Qiye paused for a bit and cleared his throat before continuing: “Regarding the matter of the Qing Clan’s Young Noble, my answer is very simple — this was because of his lack of skill. As for Huangfu Hao who is bed-stricken, it is even clearer; it was his fault for provoking me, and I already showed mercy by not killing him. And as for all you heroes of justice, I will also give you an answer. If you scram right now, you will be able to hold onto your life!”

This type of answer from Li Qiye astounded everyone. The Huangfu Clan, the Qing Clan, and all the other sects who came to help glared at Li Qiye as their anger rose to new heights.

“You feel that this kind of answer will be able to solve everything?” At this time, the Huangfu Ancestor was still not angry. However, his aura was still oppressive, and a murderous glimmer could be found in his eyes. He was determined to kill Li Qiye at this time.

To existences like this Virtuous Paragon, even if they were angry at Li Qiye, there was no need to shout and scream to release their dissatisfaction, they would rather just directly kill him instead.

“Oh? So you have an idea?” Li Qiye looked at the ancestor whose murderous intent was provoked and said: “If you have one, then I am willing to listen. I have always been a humble person who accepts good advice and will not act so arbitrarily. I am happy to listen when others have complaints about me.”

Madam Zi Yan, who was standing beside Li Qiye, was out of words. If he was a humble person who listened to advice, then she would be a wise sage, a real ruler from the legends. She couldn’t help but smile helplessly at Li Qiye’s self-boasting.

“Your Giant Bamboo Country hurting my Hao’er is a great crime! This is challenging my clan’s prestige, looking down on us with disdain, and also a declaration of war!” At this time, the Huangfu Ancestor coldly spoke: “Our clan gives you two choices. The first will be a war until one of us falls.”

Li Qiye cheerfully chuckled after hearing this and asked: “Oh, then the other choice is not war?”

Seeing them talking like this, especially Li Qiye’s relaxed attitude, those who didn’t know the current circumstances would think that they were only friends chattering. Li Qiye’s attitude caused many people to be speechless; in fact, it nearly drove them insane. This nonchalant rhetoric as well as his whatever-goes attitude had no place in national matters! This was more like little children playing around.

The Huangfu Ancestor glared at Li Qiye. At this time, as a Virtuous Paragon, he was one hundred percent certain that the Giant Bamboo Ancestor absolutely didn’t come into being.

So without this ancestor, how could this brat ahead be so confident as if everything was under his control? This caused the Huangfu Ancestor to be quite vigilant.

In his view, Li Qiye had no place to compete with him. This brat before him, at best, would only be a Heavenly Sovereign who had yet to reach the Heavenly King realm.

There was no difference between this brat and an ant in his eyes, yet said ant still dared to act so contemptuously in such a relaxed manner. This made the ancestor feel very strange.

During this staredown, everyone else watched with bated breaths as they all looked on in silence. In the eyes of all, the Huangfu Ancestor was a beast watching his prey, and Li Qiye was only a little lamb. They believed that a lamb like Li Qiye would be swallowed in one gulp by the ancestor; Li Qiye wouldn’t even be enough to be considered a good meal!