Chapter 704: Tie Yi’s Secret Past

After hearing the ant, Li Qiye scanned him from top to bottom and slowly said: “So you have been to the Alchemy Kingdom before? I am quite interested to hear about how you became enemies with its imperial family.”

The Alchemy Kingdom was a behemoth, but its imperial family was even more mysterious and unreachable. Fewer than few could meet its members, let alone creating a feud. Ordinary characters were not qualified to do so.

“This is absolutely a misunderstanding.” Tie Yi jumped and quickly explained: “Young Noble, you can just imagine it. I am just a little nobody. Even if I was ten times more courageous, no, one hundred times more courageous, I still wouldn’t dare to become enemies with the Alchemy Kingdom!”

“Is that so? Then are you saying that the Alchemy Kingdom’s imperial family is a group that would act antagonistically towards a little demon for no good reason at all?” Li Qiye chuckled and said: “Also, what should I say regarding this little demon who caused trouble for the imperial family yet is still alive and well till this day? Is this indicative of the imperial family’s incompetence or you being incredible?”

He paused for a moment before continuing: “The more I think about it, the more I want to take you to the Alchemy Kingdom. Think about it, a behemoth like the kingdom couldn’t do anything to a little demon. How weak and incompetent does this make them? I am someone who loves to slap others in the face, so I’ll take you to its imperial family and we’ll teach them a good lesson so that everyone will know about their incompetence. They can’t even deal with a little demon, so what is this about one sect having three Immortal Emperors and four Alchemy Emperors? This is obviously only a fake reputation. Yep, that’s a good idea, we’ll do that then.” He cheerfully smiled while staring at Tie Yi after finishing his blurb.

Tie Yi’s expression paled while he listened as his legs turned weak, nearly falling to the ground. He quickly responded: “My little ancestor, my boss, my master, please spare this little demon. If you drag me to the imperial family, isn’t this the same as taking my little life? Even if I have nine lives, it still wouldn’t be enough, yah!”

Li Qiye beamingly smiled and said: “Mmm, all right, so how about we talk for real now? A conversation between people this time, you know?” 1

Tie Yi was now out of options, so he lowered his head and weakly said: “What does Young Noble want to know? This lowly one will tell you everything.”

Li Qiye cheerfully said: “Mmm, I do hope that you will spill everything you know. However, this isn’t that important, you already know that I am a very patient, gentle, and peace-loving person, right?”

The way Li Qiye said this left Tie Yi horrified. Of course, he knew what would happen when Li Qiye told others about how peace-loving he was.

“Young Noble, you have to believe me. I will definitely tell you everything I know without hiding anything. As long as it is something you want to know, I will not utter a single false word. I swear upon my ancestor’s honor.” Tie Yi hurriedly vowed.

“Stop there, I don’t know who your ancestor is.” Li Qiye smilingly said: “Plus, if you actually came from an iron ant, then your ancestor is probably another ant or something. Using his honor to swear really makes me question the authenticity of your statement.”

“Fine, Young Noble, this lowly one gives up. What does Young Noble want to know?” Tie Yi helplessly accepted his fate.

Li Qiye looked at Tie Yi and smirked before speaking: “Nothing big, really. I’m only curious about what you stole from the Alchemy Kingdom’s imperial family.”

“Hahaha, Young Noble.” Tie Yi coughed and quickly rubbed his palms together, saying: “Young Noble misunderstood again. I, I only happened to be passing by, just passing by, and saw a few items left on the floor, so I conveniently picked them up. I definitely did not steal them! I didn’t do it on purpose since I thought they didn’t belong to anyone.”

Li Qiye glanced at him dismissively and said: “Mmm, makes sense, you only picked it up. I know you didn’t mean to. How could this count as stealing if you only picked it up from the ground, right?”

“Hahaha, Young Noble is so wise and full of wisdom, this lowly one knew right away that Young Noble would have a different view on this. So supreme and unparalleled, the contemporary number one, ordinary people can’t compare to your unique take on the world.” Tie Yi quickly tried to curry favor with Li Qiye.

Li Qiye said with a grin: “However, if my memories do not fail me, then the Alchemy Kingdom’s Immortal Pond… hmm, it should be growing something, what was it? What was that thing called, eh? I can’t seem to remember right now.”

“How do you know that!” After hearing this, Tie Yi’s expression greatly changed as he staggered two steps backward and stared at Li Qiye as if he was a ghost. 2

Li Qiye slowly gazed over at him and asked: “So, the thing the imperial family was growing inside that pond was really that important?”

Tie Yi involuntarily swallowed and couldn’t help but nod his head while saying: “Extremely important, completely priceless, at least, to this lowly one that is.”

“You see, it is not that difficult to admit, right? Stealing a few things, no, picking up a few things from the Alchemy Kingdom’s imperial family — this really is just an ordinary matter.” Li Qiye stated with a smile.

“My little ancestor…” Tie Yi was actually scared this time. He jumped up before waving his hands in denial and said: “Young Noble, you, you really got it wrong this time. This lowly one is saying that, for an existence like the Alchemy Kingdom, any of their treasures would be priceless. This lowly one swears that I didn’t steal that item because if I did, the Alchemy Kingdom would definitely flip over the entire Stone Medicine World to find it.”

Li Qiye looked at Tie Yi for a while before chuckling and said: “I’m also sure that you didn’t steal that thing, but don’t tell me that you didn’t think about it. You tried to but was unsuccessful, so you stole other items instead since you were already there.”

With a bitter expression, Tie Yi wryly laughed and responded: “This… I’m not entirely to blame, right? Me? I am only a little ant that likes to burrow underground. One day, I accidentally burrowed all the way to the Alchemy Vein next to that pond. I didn’t think that I would actually reach that place, I only wanted to see if there were any gems down there or not.”

“Mmm, right, I believe you. You didn’t do it on purpose, it was just a careless accident, that’s all. Everyone here understands this.” Li Qiye smilingly agreed.

Tie Yi coughed and replied: “So Young Noble can understand this too. Anyone, no matter who they might be, will have their souls drawn in at the sight of that thing. Their legs would be nailed and they themselves would lose all desire to leave. My soul also left my body at that time from temptation. I just wanted to take a look and nothing else. Suddenly, someone rushed in and mistook me for a thief.”

“So afterward, you conveniently stole a few items from them. No, we have to say that it was casually picking up a few items that the imperial family threw away carelessly.” Li Qiye responded.

Tie Yi could only stand there in embarrassment and didn’t say anything else.

“However, I do agree with you on one point.” Li Qiye laughed and said: “The thing that the Alchemy Kingdom is growing in that pond is absolutely unfathomable. Anyone would lose their mind after seeing it; very few would be able to stay calm.”

“Great minds think alike.” Tie Yi hurriedly added and put on an appearance as if he had just met a true friend: “Young Noble is completely right. That thing, it is really amazing. There is a reason why the Alchemy Kingdom is able to own the Alchemy Vein of the Stone Medicine World; even an Immortal Emperor would covet such a thing.

“Ah, hehe, Young Noble, when we go to the Alchemy Kingdom, does Young Noble want to go take a look at that thing?” Tie Yi laughed after speaking. He was trying to urge Li Qiye, so he added: “You know, that thing is really beautiful. You will definitely love it after seeing it.”

Li Qiye glanced at him and asked: “Are you trying to get me to steal that thing from the imperial family?”

“No, no, no.” The ant hurriedly said: “How can we use the word ‘steal’ when it comes to such an amazing existence? It sounds too vulgar. We have to say borrow, no, it’s more like it is meant for those who are destined. Young Noble is a matchless supreme deity; you are someone who will appear only once across the eons. Only a talent like Young Noble is qualified to have such a thing, not anyone else.”

“When you praise me like that, I actually feel pretty good and want to nod my head.” He then paused and coldly glared at Tie Yi while continuing: “However, if you want to persuade me to steal it, then forget it. I am someone who is always just and honorable. If I wanted to take that thing from the imperial family, why would I need to steal? I would just talk to them directly about it.”

“What if the imperial family refuses to give it up?” Tie Yi couldn’t help but ask.

“Refuse to give it up?” Li Qiye arched his lips and revealed a smirk to say: “No problem. They would have to excuse me then since I would have to openly rob them.”

Tie Yi had to lower his head after hearing these words; he was at a complete loss. Only this person ahead would dare to say such a line.

For countless ages, no one had ever dared to rob the Alchemy Kingdom, but this man ahead revealed his intention of doing so in such a light manner as if it was only a trivial matter, something not enough to reach the apex.


  1. Same note as the last chapter. 
  2. This is an informal “you now”, not even a respectful you. No more Young Noble.