Chapter 705: Scheme

“Right, if I remember correctly.” At this time, Li Qiye seemed to recall something and looked at Tie Yi to say: “There is also an item, an amazing item in the Serene Garden. Don’t tell me you didn’t simply go there to ask Caihe for medicines. You also wanted to steal that thing, right?”

“No, no, absolutely not.” Tie Yi immediately denied this accusation: “Young Noble, Fairy Yuan is my savior. I engraved her kindness in the depths of my heart for all of eternity, so how could I steal from the Serene Garden?”

“Really now?” Li Qiye remarked in a flat tone while still staring straight at Tie Yi as if he had nowhere to hide.

With Li Qiye’s eyes fixed on him like this, Tie Yi shuddered and lowered his head, forcing out a smile to say: “Haha, I can’t hide it from Young Noble, I really had that thought back then. However, Fairy Yuan is a kind person, a real goddess. She saw my grave injuries and immediately treated me without any question; she even gave me some incredible medicines. I will always keep this life debt in my heart and will definitely not commit any immoral acts at the Serene Garden.”

“I see.” Li Qiye slightly nodded and said: “I hope you are telling the truth, but it really doesn’t matter. I just want to let you know that whether it is the Serene Garden or Caihe, you better be smart and don’t try anything foolish. Otherwise, let alone someone of your strength, even if you were an Immortal Emperor, I would still look for opportunities to end you!”

This remark was presented in a calm manner, but even someone like Tie Yi was frightened. He didn’t doubt Li Qiye’s words since he knew, very well, that Li Qiye was someone who could back them up!

After a moment of contemplation, Tie Yi calmed down and looked at Li Qiye before laughing: “Young Noble must like Fairy Yuan? In my opinion, she likes Young Noble as well.”

“Like?” Li Qiye smiled and looked towards the far distance. Eventually, he gently sighed and said: “I like many things in this world, too many to count in fact, so in the end, I don’t know what I truly like.”

“It’s no problem as long as Young Noble likes it. Does Young Noble want this lowly one to be a helper? Creating a romantic atmosphere or something like that… This lowly one will definitely do a good job so that Young Noble can meet Fairy Yuan whenever you wish.” Tie Yi quickly tried to match Li Qiye together with Yuan Caihe.

Li Qiye only laughed at Tie Yi’s attempt to pull strings and said: “You really look down on me too much. If I want to court a woman, do I really need help from someone else? I would just directly win them over. Is there a woman in this world whom I, Li Qiye, cannot conquer?”

“Yes, that is only a matter of course.” Tie Yi quickly sucked up to Li Qiye and said: “Young Noble is outstanding and able to tread proudly through the era. With Young Noble’s dragon-among-men features, people would adore you and flowers would bloom wherever you look…”

Li Qiye looked at him with one eye and motioned with his hand to say: “Okay, stop sucking up here, go and prepare the medicinal ingredients!”

Tie Yi acknowledged this command and laughed before turning away to leave. He dug down into the ground and instantly disappeared without a trace. Who knows if it was because he was an iron ant or not. In short, he especially liked to dig holes and travel underground. It would be more accurate if he was a rat instead of an iron ant. Only a rat would love to dig holes and move around underground like this.

After Tie Yi was gone, Li Qiye opened his box and noticed that inside was a group of sealed lights. Upon a closer look, it was not light but a group of lightning bolts.

They were in constant motion but were far from being simple lightning bolts. When he looked again, he found that inside this group of bolts hid a great amount of runes as if the mysteries of the world were inside.

“Not bad, a group of lightning bolts appearing in a place like this… It is truly not easy to find.” Li Qiye looked at the lightning bolts and was immediately drawn in by them. Time and time again, he pondered over the runes inside.

After a meticulous contemplation, he finally derived some clues from within the runes successfully.

“Allpine Treefather, you actually managed to obtain such a great fortune that year…” He murmured after understanding some clues.

He gazed towards the far distance and suddenly fell silent while thinking about someone, a person who he didn’t want to think about too much.

“One will always need to make a choice regarding a few things in this world.” Li Qiye couldn’t help but sigh and say: “No matter what, you are still the one I’m most proud of out of all the Immortal Emperors I have groomed.”

His expression sank after saying this. The emotions of the past were overwhelming. There was too much frustration; even though he had impeccable means, there were still things that made him feel helpless and forced him to make a choice.

Li Qiye shook his head, composing himself as he didn’t want to think about the past any longer. He focused his mind on this group of lightning bolts instead. He was not satisfied with just deriving the runes inside the bolts since he needed much more.

This small group of lightning bolts actually had an unbelievable origin, and with it a frightening catastrophe. Very few people in the world had actually managed to see this type of lightning.

However, Li Qiye had seen it before since it belonged to an extremely powerful tribulation. Although opening it was not an easy matter, he still had absolute confidence in himself.

In order to solve the mysteries, Li Qiye spent two days thinking. Meanwhile, Madam Zi Yan didn’t want to disturb him, so she stayed by the door for his protection. It wasn’t until the evening that she left for a moment.

A bit after her departure, Li Qiye finally managed to solve the riddles behind these bolts and revealed a faint smile.

At this time, Tie Yi quickly rushed in and stammered: “Not good, not good.”

“What happened for you to be so alarmed? Is someone chasing you?” Li Qiye slowly asked after seeing the panicking Tie Yi.

The ant quickly responded: “I’m not being chased, but something happened to Madam Zi Yan.”

“What about Zi Yan?” After hearing this, Li Qiye immediately stood up while revealing a fierce glare. She was still outside just a moment ago and it hadn’t been long since she departed.

“She is being surrounded by experts from several great lineages like the Heavenhoof Ravine, the Huangfu Clan, and the Radiant-Sea Sect at a mountain not far from here.” Tie Yi hastily answered.

A terrifying murderous intent appeared in Li Qiye’s fierce glare, causing Tie Yi to shiver next to him. He felt as if Li Qiye resembled a terrifying god of death with a momentum capable of killing devils and immortals.

“Some people are really tired of living.” Li Qiye slowly said: “Daring to touch my people… It seems that if I am not dyed with blood, some people won’t come to realize what death is.”

Having said that, he immediately left the room. Tie Yi, who was still quivering, suddenly saw a scene where a sea of blood towered into the sky, creating a horrifying spectacle. After calming down, he immediately followed Li Qiye.

On a mountain not far from the valley, Madam Zi Yan was being surrounded by a group of people whose majority consisted of the previous generation experts with gray hair. Their divine rings were brought out and emitted a bright radiance. All of them had a frightening aura.

The Radiant-Sea Alchemy Saint, Heavenhoof Elders, and high elders from the Huangfu Clan… All of them were famous Heavenly Kings from the previous generation. As for the young people present, there were those who stood out, such as the Dragon Princess.

At this time, there were two corpses down by Madam Zi Yan’s feet. They were both young; no one could recognize one of the corpses, but from his clothing, it had to be a disciple from the ravine. The other dead youth was also quite renowned as a young alchemist; he was the person who became enemies with Li Qiye two days ago, the Vinepill King.

However, those two were not killed by the madam. Originally, the madam that was protecting Li Qiye inside the valley suddenly found something was amiss and immediately left to give chase at the valley’s entrance. She noticed that a Heavenhoof disciple was sneaking around with a companion, the Vinepill King.

However, the king was already dead at that time. It only seemed as if they were entering the valley together. This disciple seemed to want to bring the dead king into Li Qiye’s valley, but he didn’t expect to be caught by the madam the moment he made it to the entrance.

He was scared out of his wits the moment he saw the madam and immediately carried the king’s body and ran. They made it to this mountain not far from the valley.

The madam sensed something was amiss and immediately followed them. However, the moment she made it to the mountain, she found that the disciple was killed as well.

She realized that things were going south. It was an obvious trap so she tried to escape right away, but famous Heavenly Kings like the Alchemy Saint emerged all of a sudden.

She wanted to break through the blockade, but the powerful Heavenly Kings among this group immediately halted her retreat with their collective effort.

There were guests everywhere at Allpine Mountain, so their conflict drew in many people. The moment they saw the group trapping the madam, many of them quivered inside and knew that a big event had occurred.