Chapter 758: Xian Clan Of The Alchemy Kingdom

Many people gasped at the stardust changing masters. Of course, the one who was most frightened was Cao Guoyao since he had far greater knowledge of how terrifying they were.

Even those in Alchemy City who watched using a heavenly mirror felt a cold chill running down their spines. Everyone held their breaths at this moment.

“You can’t even control Myriad Stardust yet you still dare claim to have mastery over insects… You truly think too highly of yourself.” Li Qiye smiled dismissively and said: “Today, I will open your eyes and show you what is truly considered insect mastery!”

Having said that, Li Qiye ordered the transforming stardust above his head with a shout: “Go!”

Suddenly, all of the stardust rushed towards Cao Guoyao like a tsunami.

Cao Guoyao was scared out of his wits due to this horrifying spectacle and cried out: “No—”

“Boom!” In this hour before death, a dark shadow emerged and carried Cao Guoyao towards Alchemy City at an incredible speed. They disappeared in the horizon in just the blink of an eye.

This shadow appeared too quickly. However, there were still a few who managed to see that it was an old man. Unfortunately, due to his swift speed, no one could see his face clearly.

“Whooosh!” When the stardust came down and swept through Cao Guoyao’s mansion, the whole place turned into ashes and dispersed with the wind in a matter of seconds.

Anyone would be shocked at such a brutal scene. In the present times, only Virtuous Paragons would be able to confront these fierce little things. However, even ordinary paragons would have a hard time against them.

Li Qiye recalled the stardust after Cao Guoyao was saved by the shadow and stored them away. He didn’t let them continue to chase the enemy.

Looking at the location where Cao Guoyao ran off to, Li Qiye smiled and said: “This is one of the four alchemy prodigies? In my eyes, he is just a beaten dog.” 1

People would definitely ridicule such words if spoken prior to these events, but now, anyone who saw this understood that Li Qiye definitely had the capabilities to challenge the four prodigies. Even Cao Guoyao ran away like a dog with its tail tucked between its legs. The others might not be able to defeat Li Qiye either.

Silence abruptly ensued. Many people began to wonder after seeing these scenes. A few were in awe of Li Qiye’s powerful dao of alchemy. There were also those who coveted his method while others tried to contain their grievances toward him.

After Li Qiye returned to his abode, Tie Yi immediately came and said: “The palace of the World-Pillar Monarch from the Xian Clan! The shadow brought Cao Guoyao to this place.”

“The Alchemy Kingdom’s Xian Clan…” Li Qiye narrowed his eyes and cheerfully smirked.

Madam Zi Yan softly said: “Cao Guoyao’s actions might not have been due to his will alone. It seems that the Xian Clan had a hand in it as well. The World-Pillar Monarch married a Huangfu daughter, and now Cao Guoyao was rescued by the Xian Clan. I’m afraid this means that the Huangfu Clan, the Xian Clan, and perhaps even the State of Cao are on the same side. Maybe the Alchemy Kingdom is involved as well.”

“The forefather of the Xian Clan is also an ancestor of the Alchemy Kingdom.” Yuan Caihe reminded Li Qiye: “It will be problematic if the Alchemy Kingdom is involved.”

“No problem at all.” Li Qiye said with a smile: “Hand over Cao Guoyao and everything will be negotiable. If not, I will trample the Xian Clan. Protecting my enemy is akin to opposing me!”

“If you try to destroy the Xian Clan, it would be the same as declaring war on the Alchemy Kingdom.” Even Tie Yi kindly reminded Li Qiye at this time.

In today’s Stone Medicine World, everyone knew that the Alchemy Kingdom was unshakable. From the ancient ages till now, it had gone through numerous trials and tribulations. Who would dare to oppose them?

Li Qiye only smiled regarding this matter and didn’t say anything else. Tie Yi quietly sighed and understood that a storm was swiftly approaching.

There were no windproof walls or paper capable of wrapping up fire in this world. When Cao Guoyao was rescued, someone saw the shadow of the figure who brought him into the Xian Clan.

This news spread very quickly, causing the spectators to look at each other after hearing this. However, no one recklessly stated their opinion.

Many big shots knew that the Xian Clan had great ties with the imperial family. It could even be said that in a sense, the Xian Clan was a branch of the imperial family!

The World-Pillar Monarch, Xian Miao, had a much weaker status among the royals in comparison to the Observant Monarch. With his great prestige, the Observant Monarch could be considered the leader of this rank.

Of course, as part of the younger generation, Xian Miao was also famous since he made many meritable contributions to the Alchemy Kingdom. Due to his young age, his future looked very promising. However, there was an aspect that the Observant Monarch couldn’t compare to Xian Miao — their clan. The Observant Monarch’s clan was far weaker than the Xian Clan.

The Xian Ancestor was still alive. Moreover, he was buried within the ancestral ground of the Alchemy Kingdom. Just this alone was enough to show the extraordinary position of the Xian Clan in the kingdom.

Right now, this rescue meant that the Xian Clan was going to be involved in this matter, and to a certain extent, this also suggested a connection to the Alchemy Kingdom.

Once the kingdom became involved, no lineage or sect, Demon Monarch or Stone King would dare to utter a word. Those with keen eyes were able to see that no one would oppose the kingdom, so a big feud would turn into a minor one, and a minor one would turn into nothing at all.

When everyone thought that peace would come, Li Qiye issued his declaration on top of his mountain: “Xian Clan, hand Cao Guoyao over. If not, then don’t blame me for my lack of consideration.”

These words made many experts from the great powers and imperial lineages that were staying as guests at Alchemy City amazed. They all felt that this was way too arrogant. Everyone assumed that Li Qiye would let things drop after Cao Guoyao was rescued by the Xian Clan. No one wanted to provoke the beehive that was the Xian Clan and the Alchemy Kingdom.

In their opinion, Li Qiye had achieved his purpose by defeating Cao Guoyao. This would win him great fame, and maybe he could even replace Cao Guoyao as one of the four prodigies.

Such an accomplishment to any alchemist, especially a young one, was amazing. A smart person should know when enough is enough so that everyone could be happy!

However, Li Qiye came out of nowhere and was forcing the Xian Clan to hand over Cao Guoyao. How could people not be taken aback?

“Challenging the Xian Clan at Alchemy City… Not to mention the younger generation, very few from the older generation would dare to do this.” A ruler was startled after hearing Li Qiye’s demand.

A Demon Monarch murmured: “This kid is truly ruthless. First, he killed the Huangfu Ancestor and now, he is challenging the Xian Clan. The Xian Ancestor is still alive, yet he still dares to provoke him.”

In addition to surprise, many thought that this was an extremely unwise decision. Li Qiye was on a victorious streak, but challenging the Xian Clan could only be described as suicidal.

“Brother Li, dying is but one’s head falling to the ground.” After Li Qiye revealed his intention, the current master of the Xian Clan, the World-Pillar Monarch, had to show himself and communicated with Li Qiye out in the open: “Brother Cao had acknowledged his defeat, so why the need to be so aggressive?”

“Calling me brother now?” Li Qiye spared the monarch no cordiality and said: “You can call me brother after you hand over Cao Guoyao. And what is this about heads falling to the ground? What nonsense. He had lost, so according to our agreement, he has to hand over his life. If not, then don’t blame me for being merciless!”

The monarch’s expression sank after Li Qiye refused to give him any face. Not to mention the entire Stone Medicine World, at the very least, very few people in Alchemy City would not show his Xian Clan some respect.

But now, a human junior like Li Qiye was being so audacious. He could no longer bear this affront.

“Brother Li, I am sincerely trying to mediate things between you two.” Xian Miao lowered his tone and said: “If Brother Li is willing, then our door is always open for negotiation regarding Brother Cao’s matters…”

Although this was a conversation out in the open, Li Qiye still interrupted him and said: “There is nothing to discuss. One has to face the consequences of defeat. Let Cao Guoyao hand his life over, and I will pretend as if nothing had happened!”

“Li Qiye, don’t push it!” Eventually, Xian Miao lost his cool and uttered: “Alchemy City is not a lawless place for you to do as you wish!”

Li Qiye raised his brow and said: “So what if this is Alchemy City? Even if this was the Immortal World, I would still do as I pleased.”

“If your Xian Clan wants some respect, then I’ll give you some. Hand Cao Guoyao over, and I will not go to your Xian Clan to cause trouble!” Li Qiye stated indifferently.

Xian Miao coldly responded: “And if we don’t?”

Li Qiye smiled cheerfully and said: “If not, then I will annihilate your Xian Clan. Of course, I am a merciful person. I will give your Xian Clan three days to reconsider. Within three days, feel free to send away your young and old or dismiss your disciples. All in all, three days later, I will personally come to your Xian Clan!”

Although this conversation echoed across the sky so no one could interrupt them, many shuddered after hearing Li Qiye’s declaration of annihilating the Xian Clan!


  1. Raw is a homeless dog, or a dog whose house is hosting a funeral. It sounds better in chinese, but beaten dog makes more sense in English for this situation.