Chapter 900: Solo Against Two Godkings

The Yin Yang Fish carried a withering destruction. Nothing could stop it, not even an imperial formation.

The five God-Monarchs used their imperial weapon to power this minor formation. However, they couldn’t unleash an Imperial Massacre, so they didn’t last long under the treefather’s Emperor Suppression Art!

In the past, the treefather was already strong enough to look down on the world. After obtaining the complete manual from Li Qiye, his battle prowess went up by two levels. Just his art alone was enough to fight against imperial weapons!

“Boom!” The Yin Yang Fish shattered the earth as well as the formation. The five monarchs wanted to protect themselves with their weapons, but it was too late.

“Ah!” With shrill screamings, their flesh splashed everywhere due to the treefather’s art.

This was too unbelievable. Five monarchs were still not a match for the treefather even though he was bare-handed.

The Hundred-Life Alchemy Emperor who was watching this through his mirror was astonished as well: “This is the legendary Emperor Suppression Art! Empress Hong Tian is indeed one of the greatest emperors of all time!”

The emperor became a bit sentimental after seeing this. In the past, he personally witnessed Empress Hong Tian’s Emperor Suppression Art. One art to suppress myriad emperors! After that battle, he knew he would never be able to compete with her for the Heaven’s Will. This art had left an indelible shadow in his heart.

The Allpine Treefather today couldn’t compare to the empress back then. However, he was still able to fight imperial weapons with his bare hands. This was indeed an unbeatable emperor art in his arsenal!

After the five monarchs were killed, the imperial weapons instantly flew back to the depths of the ancestral ground. The scene became silent again. A Godking was indeed capable of fighting against myriad realms — truly a frightening spectacle!

“Rumble!” The treefather trod on further into the ancestral ground. Each step created a new world in an oppressive manner. Although there were many seals in this place, the treefather easily destroyed them despite the fact that they had been set up by an Immortal Emperor long ago.

“Boom! Boom!” Eventually, two majestic auras erupted from the depths as two Godkings stepped out.

These two Godkings were extremely old with withered lifespans and blood energies. They were on the verge of death, and there was no way for them to re-emerge afterward. Death was assured for them.

One had a beast’s horn on his head while the other had a pair of wings made out of light. The two Godkings’ power caused the stars in the sky to quake as if they were about to fall! After emerging from their reclusion, their eyes swept by like four star-slaying swords. Such powerful Godkings could kill a Virtuous Paragon with a single glance!

“The Heavenhoof Ravine is finally using their aces!” A big shot commented after seeing these two Godkings.

For any lineage, Godkings like these two would not easily come into being because there was no way to reseal them in the earth. They could only die from old age after coming out!

Even a lineage with two emperors would only go to such extreme lengths when there were no other options and they were facing impending doom.

“Allpine, although you are very strong, you shouldn’t have come to my ravine. Even if you are a Godking, this place will still be your grave!” One of the Godkings spoke with a deep voice.

The treefather glanced at them. He was still very confident and smiled: “So it is the Longhorn Godking and the Actualization Godking. I heard of your fame back during my leisure time back at Allpine Mountain. This is excellent, you two are real Godkings, incomparable to the likes of the Scorpion God and the Unbreakable Emperor!”

“I have not fought against a real Godking in a very long time, this is the perfect time to get some exercise!” The treefather’s eyes lit up and shot out a terrifying light as if it could illuminate heaven and earth!

Prior to this, the Unbreakable Emperor, the Imperial Grandchild, and the Scorpion God all claimed to be Godkings. However, they were not truly worthy of this classification.

It was nothing but self-flattery for the Unbreakable Emperor and the Imperial Grandchild. As for the Scorpion God, he was flattered by others because he was a general under Immortal Emperor Jin She and managed to live till now. In a stricter sense, they were not bestowed the title by an Immortal Emperor.

Although the treefather’s title was not bestowed by an Immortal Emperor, he gained the recognition of the rest of the nine worlds. Thirty thousand years ago when the nine worlds were still connected, many wise sages of the nine worlds all acknowledged his title!

The two Godkings ahead were bestowed their titles from an Immortal Emperor. Their status was justified and real.

The battle between the treefather and the Unbreakable Emperor’s trio was not a real fight between Godkings. However, the next battle would be.

Many people held their breaths at this moment. A battle between Godkings was a very rare sight to behold.

The two Godkings from the ravine slowly appeared in the sky above. The treefather was not afraid at all and slammed his foot down to propel himself up to meet these two eye to eye.

“Die!” The treefather didn’t say much more. He immediately unleashed his Emperor Suppression Art. His right hand became a pagoda and his left a heavenly sword. The suppression of the pagoda and the slash of the sword met two Godkings head on.

The two Godkings shouted in unison: “Break!”

“Boom!” After a deafening blast, the sky shattered. An imperial aura shone down onto the nine worlds and destroyed all before them.

These two Godkings immediately used their Immortal Emperor True Treasures from the get go. These were Immortal Emperor Qilin’s and Immortal Emperor Jin She’s true fate weapons. Just imagine the power when this level of weapon was in the hand of Godkings.

“Boom!” The pagoda shattered and the sword cracked. The treefather was blown away and spat out a mouthful of blood.

The treefather was instantly at a great disadvantage fighting bare-handed against true treasures since both of his enemies were Godkings. Without a doubt, these two Godkings had grasped the essences of their weapons. For them, using the emperors’ signature moves with their weapons was not difficult. However, Heavenly Annihilations might be a different story!

“Godkings are invincible when they have their ancestral weapons with them!” Anyone would be shocked after seeing this. The presence of true treasures created too much of a gap; they rendered the two ravine Godkings virtually invincible!

“Die!” The two Godkings didn’t let the treefather have a chance to rest, they wanted to kill him right away. The two true weapons unleashed their powerful attacks.

“You two aren’t the only ones with Immortal Emperor True Treasures!” The treefather roared in the face of this oncoming onslaught. He leaped to the sky and a banner flew out to meet the attack.

A dragon roar echoed in the sky. The treefather had the Coiling Dragon Banner in his hand. He swung it around, making it resemble a golden dragon wagging its tail over an endless stretch of space. This banner met the attacks from the other two true treasures head on.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” The weapons fought each other while the Godkings exchanged blows. Under their destructive powers, black holes began to surface in the sky. All were blown back to their origin. Time broke and space moldered.

Such invincible attacks left the sects in this world horror-struck. If the same attack was unleashed onto the ground, then it would sink an entire continent.

“Die!” The treefather screamed. He held the banner while a golden dragon danced in the sky. The Emperor Suppression Art was activated at the same time to fight against the two Godkings.

His opponents held nothing back. They channeled their Heaven’s Will Secret Laws while empowering the true weapons to attempt to kill the treefather in the next three to five moves.

Despite using their most powerful and heaven-defying means, it was impossible for them to kill the treefather in such a short amount of time.

The treefather couldn’t reverse the tides in an instant against two Godkings, but he had a great advantage. These two Godkings had dried up blood energies and depleted lifespans. The more they used their true treasures, the shorter they would be able to hold on. Their exhaustion was just a matter of time.

On the contrary, the treefather had plentiful blood energy since his lifespan was enough to live for the rest of this generation. Thus, a battle of attrition would leave the treefather as the clear victor.

His biggest drawback was the lack of time in battling with the Coiling Dragon Banner. The two had yet to reach a level of understanding, so he couldn’t exert its real power!

These two Godkings were well aware of their fatal weakness, so they crazily unleashed their strongest attack to kill the treefather within the shortest time possible.

The battle between the three Godkings caused the entire Stone Medicine World to tremble beneath their auras. This mad skirmish revealed their true power.

“A battle between Godkings!” Some big shots were only watching this through their heavenly mirrors. However, the invincible auras still left them drenched in cold sweat and their hair standing on end.

They realized that a Godking with a true treasure would be able to sweep through this world without any opposition.

“Activate the formation.” The Godkings on the ravine’s side shouted. This battle was too drawn out and they couldn’t bear this much longer.

“We offer our ancestral blood to our great forefathers, use our lives to manifest into existence…” After the Godkings gave their commands, a huge group of old men with gray hair began to chant inside the ravine. All of them had a burning glow around their bodies.

“Elders from the Golden Crow Tribe, they’re going all out now!” A great expert murmured after seeing this group of old men.

After chanting their timeworn spell, a huge skeleton emerged in the deepest part of the ravine. This appeared to be a bird with an intact skeleton.