Chapter 912: The Person At The Base Of The Precipice

“Old geezer, you are wrong about that.” Li Qiye chuckled and shook his head: “It is not that I couldn’t reclaim my body. It is only that I didn’t want those around me to pay the heavy price. This is the difference between you and me. I won’t do the things you are willing to.”

“Hahaahahah! You are killing me. Damned crow, even though I haven’t walked on this earth for a long time and know very little of its tales, don’t forget I am the person who read your sea of memories before. How can I not know what type of person you are? After so many years, I’m afraid one wouldn’t be able to count the number of people killed by your hands from the massacres you committed in the nine worlds!” A sneer came from the precipice.

“Old geezer, you are wrong again. To be exact, you and I have shared our memories. Heh, but I know even more of your secrets! At best, you only know a few early secrets of mine back during that distant era.” Li Qiye smiled in response.

The old man snorted. He was clearly unhappy with Li Qiye’s answer.

Li Qiye continued on: “Plus, old geezer, you’re mistaken about something else as well. Yes, I am a mass murderer. I can massacre billions of existences for the nine worlds. I can extinguish a race for the sake of the human race. I can sacrifice many things for the human race, but I would never sacrifice them for my personal sake. Otherwise, I would have obtained my physical body long ago, there wouldn’t have been the need to wait until now.”

The voice below the cliff sneered and retorted: “Hmph, who knows what you are thinking? Who knows what schemes you’re concocting in your mind? Who knows of your ultimate goal? Perhaps one day, you will commence a blood sacrifice that involves the entire world…”

Li Qiye chuckled: “Old geezer, let the feud from back then drop. You still can’t get over when I tricked you back then during that ancient era. Don’t forget, you started it first and destroyed my body! I’m already very magnanimous for letting it go.”

“Hahahaha…” The person in the abyss laughed gleefully after this past event was brought up: “Damned crow, even if you were immortal, you still had to drink the water I washed my feet with!”

“People will always mature. Back then, I hadn’t been the Dark Crow for too long and was too inexperienced — this was the only reason why I was caught by you. However, even though those years were like hell, they were worth it for my training.” Li Qiye smiled: “Your sea of memories connected with mine as well, allowing me to learn many, many secrets. I received more for less, so in reality, I was the winner.”

“Hmph, there’s no need to gloat. If it wasn’t for that existence back in the Immortal Demon Grotto messing with your sea of memories, I would have taken them all away instead of having to resort to the other method!” The person was outraged. Nevertheless, amidst his wild state, he was still quite content with himself: “But you damned crow, even though you stole so many secrets of mine back then, there is still one memory that you will never get!”

“I know.” Li Qiye replied: “Soul Connection is not the end all be all. Because of its shortcomings, it not only allowed me to trick you to steal your secrets, it also let me escape from your place. Old geezer, even though you destroyed my body back then, that disaster taught me how to strategize. Even if you rise again, I will still out-scheme you and take everything away from you. But to tell you the truth, outside of that eternal secret, you don’t have anything else to lose anyway!”

The person under the cliff coldly spoke: “Damned crow, you can keep on being complacent! One day, I will destroy you even if the nine worlds no longer exist. It doesn’t matter that you are indestructible, I will still grant you an eternal death!”

“I know you can do it, old geezer. You have already destroyed everything once, there is nothing else that you can’t do.” Li Qiye smirked: “But don’t forget, after so many years, what do you actually have? Nothing but your empty hands!”

He continued on while stressing each word: “No matter how high you stood back then, no matter how many followers prostrated before you, what do you have now? Nothing, you’re only a lone soul remnant. Those closest to you and those most loyal to you… I’m afraid at the very last second, they were stricken with regrets! Blood ties and undying loyalty… you didn’t deserve any of these things!”

“Crow, what about you? What do you have after these tens of millions of years? You are just like me! I don’t care what you have done, and that includes protecting the human race and the nine worlds. What do you have now? You are just like me, you’re just a lost soul!” The person sneered.

“Yes, I don’t have much left. Throughout these millions of years, people left me one by one. Those who loved me, those who were always loyal and willing to give up everything for me… They have all left and returned to the earth. Meanwhile, my deeds are also disappearing in the river of time!”

Li Qiye gently sighed after saying this: “But old geezer, I have never let my people down. I have never let them taste regret as they followed me and fought to the very end! They didn’t disappoint me, so I didn’t disappoint them! Old man, this is the difference between you and me. You can sacrifice everything for your own sake! You do not have a bottom line!”

Li Qiye continued on: “I do not deny that I have messed up and lost many things and that I’ve made some mistakes, but no matter what happens in the future, no matter what my own desires are, I will never cross my bottom line! Not even a single step!”

The person said in a carefree manner: “So what? Myriad ages turning into nothing, yet I am without regrets.”

Li Qiye chuckled: “I am also without regrets since it differentiates me from you. Even though you were unbelievably heaven-defying back then, in my eyes, you are nothing more than a bastard!”

Both of them were without regrets. However, the regrets they were talking about were different.

“Haha, that’s right, I am a bastard, but in my eyes, you are one as well!” The person responded: “That year, you killed your way to the very end of that location. You could have done an even more incredible job, but if I’m not mistaken, you gave up an incredibly good opportunity because you wanted to stay true to that so-called bottom line.”

“I know, but I have no regrets.” Li Qiye chuckled.

“Hmph, one day you will regret it. When that day comes and you are truly facing the consequences, you will regret the fact that you were not cruel enough!” The person at the base of the cliff sneered.

“Old geezer, you are mistaken. I have faced the consequences before, and I am still alive today! Even though the process was very arduous, almost unbearable, I am still without regrets. One day, I will rise again. On that day, no matter what happens, I still won’t cross my bottom line! It is that simple.” Li Qiye spoke with a faint smile.

This was met with a long period of silence. It seemed that the person didn’t want to say what was on his mind. After a while, he changed the topic: “Your trip here this time was not to see me, right? Heh, or maybe you still haven’t given up and want to obtain that secret!”

Li Qiye smilingly said: “You know me, I am someone who is sentimental about friends. No matter what happened back then, at least we still got to know each other, yes? It wasn’t easy for me to come here, so I just had to see an old buddy at least.”

“Don’t give me this nonsense. Just spew your shit.” The person sneered.

Li Qiye leisurely responded: “Old geezer, what’s the rush? You still haven’t died after so many eras, and you won’t come out either. We still have a lot of time left, so why don’t we take our time to chat? Plus, how many generations does it take for someone to actually come to this place?”

“Chat? About what? About that secret?” The person chuckled.

Li Qiye replied: “You should be thanking me for coming to chat with you. For millions of years, you can’t even find ghosts here. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have someone to talk to.” He smiled and went on: “Of course, if you want to talk about that secret, I would be happy to listen.”

The person down below couldn’t help but laugh: “Haha, damned crow, you still haven’t given up hoping for that thing. Okay, I can tell you, but you have to drag me out of this accursed place first!”

“Drag you out?” Li Qiye started to laugh as well: “Old geezer, you are just daydreaming. You know better than anyone else that that is impossible. As long as the high heavens remain strong, you will never see the sun again! You went too far back then, so there is no chance in hell that you will ever be able to escape from the suppression down there!”

“Hahahahaha.” The person down below crazily laughed: “Crow, correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t you say there was nothing in this world that you couldn’t do? What about now? Are you afraid of failure so you are giving up already?”

“Old geezer, your words are meaningless. In fact, I have failed many times in the past millions of years, too many times to count.” Li Qiye slowly said: “However, I actually do have a way to solve your problem. The issue is that you should already know there is no way I would actually do it. I would rather not know that secret than let you out. Hah, releasing you? The price is too high for me to pay!”