Chapter 92: A Snail (2)

At this time, Li Qi Ye placed his hand on top of the snail’s gigantic body, and a bright light flew out from the snail, disappearing into the middle of Li Qi Ye’s eyebrows.

After this bright light came out of his body, the giant snail’s entire body shook; he could finally stand up slowly.

“A pot of extremely nutritious medicine is cooked.”

Li Qi Ye said:

“Since you are following me now, I will allow you to drink it.”

Hearing this, the giant snail didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. This one pot, was made from his own Longevity Blood, ah!

“So? Don’t want to drink? If you don’t want to drink, the two of them will drink it all!”

Li Qi Ye pointed at Nan Huai Ren and his master, and he said.

“Drink, drink, why would I not drink?”

The giant snail was actually afraid that the master and disciple would compete with him, and he rushed into the giant pot to drink gulp by gulp. The medicinal pot was made from his own Longevity Blood; if he didn’t drink it, then his loss would be even higher. His wounds would require a longer time to recover, too.

Finally ,the giant snail finished the whole medicinal pot, and he took a deep breath. He just took a trip from hell and back.

Here, Li Qi Ye commanded the giant snail, saying.

“Withdraw your body.”

The giant snail crushed his incantations, and he quickly transformed. A thin old man with dried flesh appeared in front of them. There were two tiny pair of flesh on his forehead, and, at the same time, there was also a small shell behind him like a shield.

“Yikes, this is, this is your true body?”

Nan Huai Ren was a little dazed. The old man in front versus his initial form was too contrasting. The snail was like a small mountain, but this thin and dried old man in front of them looked like a breeze could fell him in one pass.

“No, this is the second body.”

The old man shook his head, and he smiled:

“Earlier was the real body.”

“This old man is Niu Fen; earlier I was blinded by greed, and my eyes were obscured by a single leaf, offending this young noble.”
(TN1: Young noble here is gong zi – think of it as a young master/young sir but commands more respects and imply the person to have some talents/skills. In the wuxia world, anyone called gong zi, you know they will be a bad ass/handsome)

“Hic… Niu(Bull) Fen(Shit)…”

Hearing his words, Nan Huai Ren rolled his eyes wide opened, and he asked:

“There, there is such a name like this?”

The old man gazed at Nan Huai Ren, and he somewhat embarrassingly said:

“It is Niu Fen(effort), Fen as in to put in effort!”

(TN2: A Chinese snail is Gua + Niu = Snail. Niu alone = Bull(ox). His name is Niu(Bull) + Fen(effort) but Nan Huai Ren thought it was Niu(Bull) Fen(Shit). Both Fen might be identical in sound)

“My misunderstanding, my misunderstanding!”

Nan Huai Ren was embarrassed; he forced a smile while he busily apologized.

Even Li Shuang Yan, standing to the side, wanted to laugh, but she couldn’t under the circumstances; she decided to hide her amusement in her heart.

Without the giant body, from earlier, the current Niu Fen, who was thin and wizened, gave Nan Huai Ren a warm feeling, causing him to be much more friendly.

To Niu Fen, he was asked:

“Grandpa Niu, you are digging a hole at the Ancient Land of our Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect; what are you trying to find? Don’t tell me you want to find the treasures of our sect.”

“I am just digging casually. Also this place has been visited by countless people. If there was really a treasure, it wouldn’t be my turn.”

Niu Fen angrily glared at Nan Huai Ren.

“If grandpa Niu isn’t here to dig treasure, then why did you dig such a deep hole?”

Nan Huai Ren didn’t give up, coninuing to question him.

Li Qi Ye glanced at Niu Fen, and said:

“He is looking for the God of Calamity.”

“God of Calamity? What is the God of Calamity?”

Nan Huai Ren was at a loss; he stared at Li Qi Ye, and then he looked at Niu Fen.

Protector Mo’s expression was shaken; he stared at Niu Fen, and he said with surprise:

“He is trying to find the Heavenly Protector of our Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect!”

Hearing these two words “Heavenly Protector”, Nan Huai Ren was also surprised, exclaiming:

“In the legend, it is the strongest existence in our Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect! With the exception of the Patriarch, no one was able to win a match against the Heavenly Protector!”

Nin Fen had to admit the the truth:

“I was simply looking; I heard your Heavenly Protector had left way earlier. I only wanted to go through this land to see if the great elder had left words behind; perhaps I could have stumbled upon something profound.”

“If the Heavenly Protector was still here, then our Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect wouldn’t be like it is today.”

Nan Huai Ren had heard about the Heavenly Protector before, and he couldn’t help but murmur.

There were many legends about the Heavenly Protector of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect.

Heavenly Protector, not all sects have them. Only the extremely powerful sects or fateful sects were able to have Heavenly Protectors.

As for the origin of the Heavenly Protectors, there was essentially no limitation. It could be a Heavenly Beast, a Longevity Spirit, or maybe even other existences! Under many circumstances, the Heavenly Protectors exist alongside their sects; after the sect was destroyed, the Heavenly Protectors could leave.

The Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect had a Heavenly Protector once; this protector was called the God of Calamity! This Heavenly Protector was extremely strong. So strong that future generations believed that even during the era of Min Ren, outside of Min Ren, no one could oppose this Heavenly Protector! Later on, when the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect was able to stand strong, to an extent, it was due to this existence.

Regarding the origin of the protector, there were many different legends. One stated that the protector came from Burial Ground. Another believed that the protector was born in the Ancient Earth. Some believed that it was subdued by Immortal Emperor Min Ren from an external space.
(TN3: Ancient Earth and Burial Ground are some forbidden locations in this world. We might see them in the future – these are the places that the Dark Crow went to)

The Heavenly Protector guarded the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect eras after eras, but, one day, it suddenly left for reasons unknown. Afterwards, it completely disappeared without a trace, and no one had ever seen it again.

Many people assumed that it disappeared fifty thousand years ago. Even more people thought that it left much earlier,; however, they could only guess since the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect simply withheld the information from others.

As for why it suddenly left, after protecting the sect for so long, no one knew why, including the disciples of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect during that period! It became a mystery without an answer.

“Young master, where are we going now? Are we returning back?”

At this moment, Protector Mo asked Li Qi Ye.

“No, you guys will bury me under ground now.”

“Bury? Bury under??”

Hearing Li Qi Ye’s words, Nan Huai Ren was stupefied. After recovering, he said:

“Oldest brother, this, this is an ominous sign, ah.”

“Bury me now.”

Li Qi Ye didn’t want to waste words, and he commanded Protector Mo.

Finally, Li Qi Ye chose the location, and he was buried under the highest peak of the Ancient Land, very deep underneath, on top of this. Niu Fen had to personally dig a hole for Li Qi Ye before being able to place him down.

“Is Oldest Brother okay?”

Li Qi Ye suddenly wanted to bury himself; this greatly shocked Nan Huai Ren. If his Oldest Brother was not completely normal at the moment, he would have thought that Li Qi Ye might have become crazy.

“It is all right.”

Li Shuang Yan shook her head, and she didn’t say anything else. Even though she didn’t know why Li Qi Ye wanted to bury himself, she knew there must be reasons for his actions.

“It is only a kind of ritual.”

Niu Fen carefully observed Li Qi Ye’s chosen location, the method of the burial, and he finally said:

“This is an extremely rare ritual that can be considered a method of communication.”

“Communication? With what? What kind of existence is he trying to communicate with by burying himself so deep?”

Nan Huai Ren couldn’t help his curiosity, so he asked.

Regarding Nan Huai Ren’s inquisition, Niu Ren didn’t give an answer. He didn’t know what Li Qi Ye was trying to communicate with, but he felt that this matter was extremely important!

Li Qi Ye was buried underneath the earth for five days and five nights. Finally, he personally crawled up from the ground.

“We shall go back.”

In the end, crawling up from the mud, he only said this sentence and nothing else.

Nan Huai Ren’s heart was simmering with curiosity, and he really wanted to ask; however, seeing the disappointment on Li Qi Ye’s face, he didn’t dare to. If Li Qi Ye didn’t want to say it, it would be of no avail no matter who asked.

Eventually, Niu Fen used his true body to carry the group of Li Qi Ye back. When he shifted back to his true body, his crawling speed made Nan Huai Ren’s jaw drop to the floor. It could be compared with lightning! He was incredibly fast, and many flying treasures wouldn’t be able to keep up with this speed.

What was more amazing was that he could crawl in complete silence or extremely thunderous; it was completely under his control, and no matter the style he chose, the speed remained the same.

Sitting on the snail’s back, Nan Huai Ren was completely stunned. In fact, even his master was astonished as well. This was their first time riding a snail, and it was also the fastest snail.

“Grandpa Niu, what is a Heavenly Ancestral Snail?”

Thinking about Li Qi Ye, Nan Huai Ren curiously asked. This name, he had never heard of it before. Heavenly Ancestral Snail was name very foreign to him.

“A very rare and ancient existence that, after they became their own tribe, people in this world would rarely see.”

Niu Fen didn’t get a chance to answer before Li Qi Ye started speaking.

Seeing Li Qi Ye’s mood improving, Nan Huai Ren became emboldened, and he smiled:

“Oldest Brother, the Eighteen Solutions you spoke of, what is it?”

Li Qi Ye only glanced at him, and he didn’t say anything.

“It is the True Fate Solution of our Heavenly Ancestral Calamity.”
(TN4: Snail is half replaced by the word Calamity here)

Niu Fen answered. He yearned for Li Qi Ye to speak of the Eighteen Solutions because it was very important to him.

“True Fate Solution? This is a technique? Or is it an Emperor Merit Law?”

Nan Huai Ren continued.

Niu Fen quickly shook his head, and said:

“No, it is not a technique, and not a profound truth. In some sense, it was the true solution to break the cursed shackles of our Heavenly Ancestral Calamity.”

“Shackles? Eighteen chains of shackles? Once freed from the eighteen shackles, what would happen?”

Nan Huai Ren continuously asked many questions.

Niu Fen contemplated for a moment, and finally said:

“I don’t know myself because I have never heard of another kin member being able to learn the Eighteen Solutions. I only heard of some legends that once obtained the Eighteen Solutions; if there are Gods in the heavens, then we would be able to slay Gods!”

Hearing this, not only Nan Huai Ren, but Li Shuang Yan was also shocked; slaying Gods?! What kind of shocking words were these? Finally, they understood why Niu Fen was willing to be a servant.

As for Li Qi Ye, he simply smiled. The Eighteen Solutions was a distant memory for him. It was not a technique or a secret method; this is why this part of his memories has not been erased!