God Emperor - Chapter 2049

Chapter 2049: Sword Fight

Mosheng still looked calm despite losing four Demonstone Engravings in a row, as if he did not care at all. He took out two more Demonstone Engravings, wanting to continue the wager with Zhang Ruochen.

He did this because he had absolute confidence in his own strength.

What he thought of in this battle was not to defeat Zhang Ruochen, but to kill him, eliminating this threat for good.

After Zhang Ruochen died, all the Demonstone Engravings would be his, and the Sect of the Blood God would also be destroyed.

In Mosheng’s eyes, the previous four wager battles were just a farce. Losing them was just a matter of making Zhang Ruochen happy.

Now that he was throwing his hat in the ring, he would let Zhang Ruochen experience what it was like to fall to hell from heaven. Zhang Ruochen was still too young to fight him.

In fact, he would have no hesitation in taking out three Demonstone Engravings as bargaining chips as long as Zhang Ruochen agreed to fight him. After all, Zhang Ruochen could not possibly snatch any Demonstone Engravings from him.

Zhang Ruochen appeared calm at this moment, flipping his hand to take out a Demonstone Engraving. “You want this Demonstone Engraving badly, don’t you, Mosheng?”

The Demonstone Engraving caught Mosheng’s eyes in an instant. There was an engraving of an ever-changing, unmarked demon that looked like a nightmare engulfing a vast world.

“I knew it; the Demonic Unmarked Portrait is really in the Sect of the Blood God.” As calm as Mosheng was, his heart pounded uncontrollably in excitement when he saw the portrait.

Mo Sheng was practicing the demonic technique contained in the three Demonstone Engravings, one of which was the Demonic Unmarked Portrait. He was leading the charge in the assault campaign only because he learned that this Demonic Unmarked Portrait might be in the Sect of the Blood God.

The 36 original Demonstone Engravings had been scattered a long time ago. Most of the Demonstone Engravings circulating out there were replicas. It was difficult to tell which of the Demonstone Engravings possessed by the major forces were originals.

The Demonstone Engravings that the demonic cultivators in Kunlun Realm comprehended during the initial stage of self-cultivation were usually of replica. Only when their cultivation base reached a certain stage could they get a chance to see the originals to perfect their demonic techniques.

Of course, those demonic cultivators who had little background still had no chance to see the real thing, no matter how high their cultivation base was.

Ruochen could not help but snicker when he saw Mosheng’s changing facial expression. “It seems that you really want this Demonstone Engraving badly. So I will give you a chance by using it as a bet. Just that I am not sure if you can take it.”

There was a light in Mosheng’s eyes upon hearing that. He was determined to get this Demonstone Engraving.

He would be hopeful to attain First-Tier below Supreme Sainthood and be on par with Yan Wushen and the Four Heavenly Kings of the Celestial Palace if he could get hold of three Demonstone Engravings and perfect his demonic technique.


Zhang Ruochen shifted ten feet away sideways all of a sudden with a startled look on his face.

A snatching demonic hand suddenly emerged out of nowhere. The hand belonged to none other than Mosheng.

Had Zhang Ruochen been a second slower, perhaps the demonic hand would have snatched the original Demonic Unmarked Portrait away from his hand.

He held the Demonic Unmarked Portrait in his hands and quickly backed away to pull a distance away from Mosheng, who came in front of him all of a sudden.

Mosheng, who was standing in another position, dissolved and transformed into plumes of demonic qi before vanishing.

“Unmarked Demonic Technique. Mo Sheng, you are really desperate, eh?” Zhang Ruochen hissed.

The so-called Unmarked Demonic Technique was a mysterious demonic technique comprehended out of the Demonic Unmarked Portrait. It was strange, elusive, difficult to defend against, most suitable for assassination.

Mosheng had apparently a high level of mastery of this demonic technique. He nearly got Zhang Ruochen, as there was not the slightest telltale sign of him striking.

But he failed and could not help but frown. He really wanted the original Demonic Unmarked Portrait, so he had tried to seize it at the first instance to avoid any uncertainty later.

His brow eased up quickly. Since the surprise attack did not work, he might as well take it by force. He did not believe that Zhang Ruochen could withstand his offensive.

He performed his demonic technique with just a thought. An extremely aggressive energy radiated from his body. As evil and the murderous energies met, they formed into the phantom of a hideous, voracious wolf. The wolf looked up to the sky and howled.

“Here we go, Zhang Ruochen.”

An aggressive look flashed in Mosheng’s eyes as he picked up the Blade of the Voracious Wolf and charged at Zhang Ruochen.

Triggered by the Demonic Blood Qi, nearly 300,000 king-level inscriptions appeared on the Blade of the Voracious Wolf. The blade slashed through the air in a flash of blood-red blade light, leaving behind a dimensional slit in the air.

Mosheng’s Blade of the Voracious Wolf was undoubtedly a notch higher than Zhuo Gu’s Purple Gold Demonic Spear in terms of order. It also had higher killing capability as it existed entirely for killing.

Zhang Ruochen was fully prepared for Mosheng’s attack. He summoned the Ancient Abyssal Blade with just a thought out of his Divine Light Sea of Qi and grasped it in his hand.

Saint qi circulating in his body started to pour into the Ancient Abyssal Blade. The blade formed a highly condensed Sword Way Xuangang to greet the blood-red sword light.


The Sword Way Xuangang and the blood-red sword light shattered at once, releasing a violent energy, causing ripples to form in the dimension.

Mosheng’s eyes lacked emotion as he moved in a flash with the Blade of the Voracious Wolf in his hand. There were hundreds of afterimages in the air as he came in front of Zhang Ruochen and casually struck down with his blade.

Zhang Ruochen was fully focused and raised the Ancient Abyssal Blade to parry the strike of the Blade of the Voracious Wolf.


Zhang Ruochen’s body sank at the moment the blades collided. A powerful force traveled up his blade into his body, almost sending him plunging from the air.

The flesh between his thumbnail and forefinger cracked open, with blood oozing out of the wound.

Ruochen quickly reached out his other hand and lightly tapped towards Mo Sheng when he sensed an even more powerful energy rushing up his blade.

He mobilized 100,000 Precepts of Dimensions in his body to release a powerful force of the Dimensions. The force penetrated the dimension in front of him, causing a tremendous change in the dimension’s form in an instant.


Mosheng’s face changed slightly. He quickly backed up, giving up attacking Zhang Ruochen.


The dimension where Mosheng was earlier collapsed and a destructive force rushed out in an instant.

Mosheng looked grave as he stared at the collapsed dimension. “A Dimensional technique? It’s nasty indeed.” He muttered to himself.

He would have been caught in the collapsed dimension and seriously injured, if not dead, had he not backed out quick enough.

It was apparent now that if he could not defeat Zhang Ruochen’s Time and Dimensional techniques, the subsequent battle would not be easy for him.

The thing now was, Zhang Ruochen had got a high attainment in Time and Dimensional techniques and could perform them to near perfection. He would be done for, if he was not careful.

After pushing Mosheng back, Zhang Ruochen moved his numb arm, and then summoned the Armor of the Fire God to protect his body.

As strong as his physique was, he did not want to clash head-on with the Blade of the Voracious Wolf. He could sense extreme evilness in the Blade of the Voracious Wolf, which contained the strange power that could erode flesh and blood. The consequences could be serious if it came into contact with his body.

A bloodthirsty sword technique, combined with the brilliant physical technique of Path of Flowing Light, and Unmarked Demonic Technique, Mosheng makes a perfect killer. Zhang Ruochen thought to himself.

Just as with the information he had gotten beforehand, Mosheng specialized in Path of the Blade and Path of Flowing Light, both of which were rare and belonged to Path of Supreme Saint.

In particular, Path of the Blade and Path of Flowing Light could perform even better in combination.

Mosheng was not the first person who Zhang Ruochen had encountered practicing two Paths of Supreme Saint. Before Mosheng, there was Wang Xu.

Wang Xu was Youshen’s son, who had a powerful bloodline and talent. If he were still alive today, he could have been a supreme being.

Mosheng pondered for a while and then injected his powerful demonic qi into one of the Demonstone Engravings.

It revived the Demonstone Engravings in an instant, with two streams of air current—one white and one black—flowing out and turning into two giant dragons. As the dragons shot up into the sky, they circled each other to form a huge Yin and Yang Tai Chi pattern, covering everything within a radius of 3,000 miles.

Covered by the yin and yang Tai Chi pattern, the dimension in this area changed and became heavier. Being in it felt like sinking into a quagmire. Movement became restricted.

This was the power of the Demonic Yin-Yang Portrait. It divided the yin and yang and suppressed the universe.

If the cultivator’s strength was sufficient, and could thoroughly comprehend the secret of the Demonic Yin-Yang Portrait, spurring this Demonstone Engraving could freeze the dimension and even affect the time flow of a macroworld.

Mosheng of course did not have that ability. It was good enough for him if he could restrict Zhang Ruochen’s Dimensional technique.

When Mosheng spurred the original Demonic Voracious Wolf Portrait, a voracious wolf emerged to combine with his own vision, as if it was an actual wolf coming as.

As he performed a Path of Flowing Light, his movement was so quick that it was difficult for anyone to catch a glimpse of his figure.


Zhang Ruochen turned his body sideways and struck out with a punch.


The Fire God’s Gauntlet collided with the Blade of the Voracious Wolf with sparks flying all over. Zhang Ruochen had to back off when a powerful force hit him, and his arm felt numb.

Mosheng did not stop there. He pursued like a shadow, and the voracious wolf behind him struck at Zhang Ruochen’s chest with its sharp claw. It seemed that it would puncture the Armor of the Fire God and gouge out his heart.

“Dragon in Nine Heavens!”

While moving backwards, Zhang Ruochen mobilized the Precepts of the Palm and struck out a palm strike at the fastest possible speed.

A substantial azure dragon flew out with a high-pitched roar. It shook the sky with a powerful aura like that of a beast emperor.

The azure dragon showed its might by smashing the voracious wolf claws before attacking Mosheng.

Mosheng struck with his blade, cutting the azure dragon in half without even looking at it.

“Awesome swordsmanship! It is my turn now!”

Zhang Ruochen shouted in a low voice. He now attacked instead of remaining defensive.

The Ancient Abyssal Blade moved along a peculiar path as it formed several beams of Sword Way Xuangang to attack Mosheng.

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