Hello, Heir - Chapter 411

Chapter 411

Whilst Zhuang Nainai was still contemplating what to do, she suddenly heard a sound outside the guest room . She rushed over to the door and opened it a crack . She heard the sound of footsteps descending the stairs, then heard the sound of the door to the entrance of the villa opening . Finally, she heard the sound of the butler sending someone out .


Si Zhengting had left?

Zhuang Nainai hurriedly poked her head out of the door and glanced outside . She saw the butler returning . She asked, “Where did Si Zhengting go?”

The butler respectfully replied, “Sir said that something’s going on with the company and he has to leave for a bit . Please sleep first, Madam . Don’t worry, Sir probably won’t return tonight . ”

He wouldn’t return tonight?

Zhuang Nainai’s eyes suddenly lit up!

She nodded happily in response to the butler’s words, then turned around . She didn’t return to the guest room but crept toward the master bedroom . She gently pushed the door and found that it wasn’t closed . She slipped into the room .

The light in the room was still on . It seemed that Si Zhengting had left in a hurry .

She leisurely looked around the familiar room . She had initially planned to gather a few pieces of clothes before leaving, but after seeing the jacuzzi tub in the bathroom, she decided to reconsider her decision .

There was no such tub in the guest room!

She had worn heels for the entire day and was utterly exhausted!

As she contemplated this, she recalled that Si Zhengting wouldn’t return for the night . Zhuang Nainai grinned from ear to ear as she stripped naked and then ran to the jacuzzi tub, happily soaking her body in the water .

After she was done soaking herself in the water, she felt all her lethargy dissipating .

After she was done with her bath, she drained the water, still naked . Then she returned the bathroom to its original state . Once she was satisfied that it looked as though no one had used it, she wrapped herself in a bath towel and walked out of the bathroom .

She patted herself dry and the towel grew wet . It clung uncomfortably to her skin .

Since there wasn’t anyone in the room, Zhuang Nainai threw the bath towel onto the couch, then ran naked toward the closet .

She opened the closet and found that her clothes were still there, untouched, still hanging in the place where she had last seen them .

In accordance with her usual habit of hanging her clothes in the closet, she counted the number of clothes left hanging on the rack from the left to the right . After she saw a pair of cotton pajamas, her eyes lit up . She wanted to take it out and to put it on . But once her hands came into contact with the hanger, she heard the sound of the door to the master bedroom unlocking .

Zhuang Nainai’s hand faltered in mid-air and her heart started to thump wildly!

Who was there?

Si Zhengting didn’t allow the housekeeper to enter his master bedroom as she pleased, and the butler was downstairs, so the only person who could be entering was…

Then… he was back?

Zhuang Nainai looked down and gazed at her own nakedness . She had flung the bath towel onto the couch and was now stark naked . But even if she were to try to retrieve the bath towel or to put on some clothes, she wouldn’t be able to do so before the person entered the room!

In this crucial moment, Zhuang Nainai jumped into the closet without any hesitation, then shut the door to the closet!

Just as she shut the door, she heard the door to the master bedroom creaking open . Si Zhengting walked in with his head lowered .

He seemed to be conversing on his cell phone . As he walked into the room, he unbuttoned his shirt, then calmly hummed an agreement . He continued, “Since that’s the situation, I won’t be going over, then . ”

Zhuang Nainai almost fell over after hearing this!

Why wasn’t he going over? If he didn’t leave, would she have to hide in the closet ’til the next day?!

What was she going to do now!?

Si Zhengting gave some orders before he hung up and threw his cell phone onto the couch . Then, he took off his overcoat and started to slowly remove his shirt and pants…

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