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The perfect deconstruction and reconstruction of essence and materials!

A Realm that even Grandmaster Forgers could not achieve, but the being before their eyes was doing it smoothly as if it was nothing major!

As they gazed towards such a scene in shock, Noah himself was utterly absorbed into what he was doing as he saw the cluster of materials and light that used to be RUINATION pulse with power and awe, the light shaking unstably even as the last portion of the two Golden Circlets were turned into particles of golden light that fused into it.


The golden Furnace released bursts of gold light as they showed a stupendous treasure was about to be born, but it still needed one more thing.

The inclusion of the body of a Celestial and a Royal Blight Serpent Dragon as materials on top of two Quasi-Primordial Relics actually wasn’t enough to saturate RUINATION into its next state, and Noah’s eyes shone brightly as he knew what was missing to complete everything!

‘Stop playing around with the Ender of Reality…’ His thoughts were synchronized with his True Sanguine Clones as far from the Prime Reality that was the Isles of the Gilded Forge, there was a battle wrapping up in the Boundary Between Realities.

The distraught figure of a certain powerful Tyrant Beast Pyxis could be seen with his body ragged and torn, his eyes still seeking answers to understand just what had gone wrong- but he received none.


At this time, the laid back figure of Noah’s True Sanguine Clone in Telos form released an incandescent light of an illusory crimson halo- this Halo going to wrap over the body of the bloodied Winged Tiger as with snap…it constricted down with the authority of many Flames of Edicts as the body of Pyxis was instantly cut in half!

The eyes of the Ender of Reality still betrayed their disbelief as they perished with many questions, this existence not ever being able to understand how scheming against a single Hyperion could have caused all of this.


Since this existence fell in a Domain of Apocalypse, his two Ascendancy Halos were ripped out from his body as they went on to undulate atop the Tower of Ragnarok- being refined into something that would further elevate Noah’s own Halo as the prompts of Loot also cascaded down for Noah!

[+310 Cosmic Filament Cores obtained…] DING! The effects of Loot Multiplier are applied…[+31 Shards of a Seed of Reality are obtained.]

[+290 True Blood Pearls obtained…] DING! The effects of Loot Multiplier are applied…[+29 Existential Pearls are obtained.]

[+580 Runic Dao Line Enhancers obtained…] DING! The effects of Loot Multiplier are applied…[+58 Evolutionary Runic Lines of Ascendancy are obtained. ]

[+4 Trillion Skill Points obtained…] DING! The effects of Loot Multiplier are applied…[+4,000 Cosmic Resource Points obtained.]

<The effects of Absolute Looter are applied.>

<The ownership of the Quasi-Insuperable Nomological Edict and the Flames of the Tyrant Beast has been granted.>

<The ownership of the Quasi-Insuperable Nomological Edict and Flames of the Winged Tiger has been granted….>

<The Bloodlines of the Ender of Reality, Winged Tiger, Primordial Beast…have been granted>

<The Quasi-Primordial Relic Beastial Armor has fallen into your hands.>

<The Shards of Reality that contain the Essence of Reality have been granted.>

The glow of Loot that Noah could never get tired of rained down over his eyes as among them, there was also another Quasi-Primordial Relic that Pyxis was carrying!

As Noah looked over the Loot, Hyperion gazed at the split body of Pyxis with extreme somberness as unknown thoughts crossed his mind.

The once prideful being that had expanded his horizons as an Ender of Reality had now perished, yet Hyperion couldn’t find any special feeling while gazing at Pyxis as he silently spoke out towards Noah at such a juncture.

“Do we now have enough Essence of Reality to carry out the forging of our Systems?”

The two beings were still bound to forge their Systems, and Hyperion asked Noah who let out a calm smile while pulling out a few <Shards of Reality> which stored the essence of Reality from his defeated enemies!

He had received multiple of such crystals from Pyxis as well as another 9 Quasi-Insuperable Nomological Edicts under his belt, Noah very soon gaining the chance to only have Quasi-Insuperable and Insuperable Edicts as the only Edicts that occupied his Ascendancy Halo once he removed all of the Greater ones!

Along with this, there was also the Loot of Existential Pearls and Shards of a Seed of Reality that Noah could use to refine his bloodline further and forge more Cosmos- his power bound to skyrocket upwards as at this moment, he focused on what was at hand as the body of Pyxis disappeared from the Boundary Between Realities.

His True Sanguine Clone nodded towards Hyperion while gazing towards the extremely far away Isles of the Gilded Forge.

“Soon. The System I seek to build will have even more strict requirements as I have to prepare some more!”


Many plans were in the picture as after Pyxis was wiped out, his cut up corpse wondrously appeared within the Isle of Gold which was just one of the many Isles within the Isles of the Gilded Forge, Noah using this as the last material to complete the elevation of Ruination as the moment the corpse came out…he hammered down and deconstructed it into glimmers of golden light!


His golden Furnace reached a crescendo of power and awe as it trembled from all the ingredients seamlessly fused together, the product within it becoming completed after the sacrifice of Quasi-Primordial Relics and the bodies of three uniquely powerful Higher Existences at the First Firmament of Ascendancy.

Blinding crimson golden light flashed.


The gazes of weaker Higher Existences could not hold as only the Grandmasters above witnessed the birth of a wondrous new treasure without missing a single detail, their eyes looking at Noah with a myriad of emotions as shock and disbelief pervaded most of their thoughts!

They watched as from the gold Furnace, the blinding gold light died down to reveal a treasure that released a radiant crimson gold light.

It was in the shape of a golden cube the size of half a Cosmos, mysterious inscriptions and Runic lines that shone with a crimson color being etched throughout this cube as it gave off an ancient feel of power and solitude!

The aura it released was boundless as the sharp eyes of the Grandmasters quickly evaluated and spoke out the result.

“A Peak Quasi-Primordial Relic!”


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