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The birth of a Peak Quasi-Primordial Relic in a competition to test Fledgling Forgers!

It was entirely overkill as it was something that only powerful Master Forgers and Grandmaster Forgers could do, and yet the being on the platform had done it easily as he beckoned towards the crimson gold cube at this moment.


The clear voice of RUINATION echoed out in Noah’s mind as he smiled lightly, sending his thoughts towards it as the crimson gold cube landed on his hands.

‘From a circle into a cube, should I call you the Cube of Ruination? Cube of the Ruined Emperor?’

<…RUINATION still works great, Master.>

The Treasure quickly replied as it sank into Noah’s chest once more, the Loot light around it changing greatly as at this moment- it was a Quasi-Primordial Relic!

<Master, there are ridiculous features that I’ve obtained with these advancements. DUPLICATE has turned into TRIPLICATE as I can now do this to the Shards of a Seed of Reality and Existential Pearls…a new space with an enhanced time ratio, and then there are new features of…>

‘I know. We’ll look over them slowly….but first, it seems I’ve done something too grand this time around though, so let’s see what the results will be!’

Noah was calm as after RUINATION sank back into his chest, bundles of information were fed to him as his eyes gazed at his starkly quiet surroundings!

The 8 Fledgling Forgers were looking at him with quiet shock. The Primal Titans acting as the audience also had no words.

Everyone was speechless as it was the Grandmasters who reacted the fastest once more, the figure of Elder Agonia being the first to shoot down and appear before Noah as this old Primal Titan with his flaming hair had a fervent look on his face when staring at him currently!

“How did you do it?! How did you manage seamless deconstruction and reconstruction of materials and essence?!”

The eyes of the Grandmasters Forger shone with great longing as he momentarily forgot his stature, his power at the Third Firmament of Ascendancy bursting out as it nearly crushed weaker beings!

“Elder Agonia!”

The voice of Monos shook everyone from their stupor along with Grandmaster Agonia, this voice continuing to echo out as it descended along with the other 5 Grandmasters in the air.

“Please do not lose yourself, Elder Agonia. The one before us holds too special an identity….”


His words reminded everyone of the process of forging they had seen as they gazed at the figure of the mysterious Primal Titan with fervent eyes, Noah’s mind delving into the many memories he had now obtained from three existences at the First Firmament of Ascendancy around the topic of forging and those who excelled in this profession!

The ones capable of taking any materials and bypassing the issue of purity through perfect deconstruction and reconstruction…these were existences sought after in the vast Realities as if such beings were given sufficient high quality materials, they could forge multiple Primordial Relics with ease!

The identity of such beings was profound as they were known by the title of…

“Peerless Forger!”


Monos uttered the words grimly as the moment they came out, the knees of the 8 Fledgling Forgers that were competing on the platform sunk into the ground with respectful expressions!


The other Primal Titans watching in the surroundings also kneeled down with respect, the idea of a Peerless Forger entrenched in their hearts and origins as legends of the beings of their race- existences that had to be shown respect!

Monos and the other Grandmasters also had sharp and respectful expressions as they bowed towards Noah, giving him the recognition that Grandmasters had to give to those who exceeded them.

Monos walked up towards Noah as he stood beside the disheveled Elder Agonia that still gazed towards Noah with longing, his eyes turning to the other Grandmasters as he spoke lightly.

“We must take him to the Overseer.”


His words caused them to wake from their stupor as they nodded, some of the Grandmasters turning into streaks of light as they left the Auric Forge and flew into unknown locations, Monos and Agonia were the ones to remain behind as the former nodded towards Noah and spoke with a smile.

“My intuition told me there was something to come, but I didn’t think it would be this big!”

The tone of the expert at the Third Firmament of Ascendancy had changed as gazed at Noah, seeing his calm expression as he realized something before he continued.

“You might not know too much on this issue, but your capabilities to perfectly deconstruct and reconstruct materials is something rare across the vast Realities, where even the Overseer of this Prime Reality…is only half a step there!”


“Within the other Prime Realities that we Primal Titans occupy, existences such as you are legends as you must understand that comes with many things…especially the gazes of other races falling on your shoulder because of how important you are. Forget the Royal Blight Serpent Dragons…even Primordials would be interested in getting their hands on a Peerless Forger!”

“It is why you need to come with us to the Overseer residing within the Isle of the Queen- we have to consult with her and see how we move from here…”

The gaze of the Third Firmament expert was talking to Noah freely as he actually didn’t speak with pride or arrogance, Noah nodding towards him thoughtfully as he smiled and spoke calmly.

“Then let us make haste!”


The eyes of the powerful Primal Titans shone as they nodded, Monos flying out first as he communicated with Elder Agonia to finish things off within the Auric Forge, Noah following this being along to actually see the Overseer of a Prime Reality within a mere hour after he arrived in it!

At the same time, he communicated with RUINATION on the new features as the voice of this treasure actually came out with excitement.

<Master, there are many new things but I think the biggest one is the paramount feature I gained as a Quasi-Primordial Relic…is Essence Conversion! Through an extremely high cost, specific types of essence can be converted to others…with even a daily conversion of the Essence of Reality being possible!>

Essence Conversion.

Noah couldn’t help but have a smile appear on his face as boundless information about such a concept filled his mind while he followed Monos away from the Isle of Gold and deeper into the Isles of the Gilded Forge, this time going towards the Isle of the Queen as the winds of destiny weaved silently around them!

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