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The surroundings of the Prime Reality that was the Isles of the Gilded Forge were uniquely not surrounded by seas of Ruination, Noah following Elder Monos from one Isle to another as they traveled faster than the speed of light.

He was able to understand the layout of the surroundings more as he found when they left the Isle of Gold, the region gradually changed to become Tainted by the essence of Ruination once more as when one looked back- it seemed as of the Isle of Gold was surrounded by its own bubble filled with pristine gold essence across its voids of space!

“Interesting, isn’t it? It is the work of the Overseer who had achieved a level of power that allows her to forge separate domains filled with her own essence. All of the Isles within this Prime Reality were carved out by her as she is one of the many beings within our race that we saw to have the next best chance to become a Peerless Forger! And yet here you are….”

The voice of Monos echoed out as this humongous giant saw Noah’s gaze of interest, the two of them continuing forward as Monos kept the conversation flowing.

“The Overseer is an existence of great power as she manages the Golden Titans within this Reality, being one of the Commanders of our Primal Titan Bloodline as such is a qualification to be allowed to oversee a Prime Reality….”

The expert in the Third Firmament of Ascendancy actually treated Noah with respect solely because of his ability, speaking out freely and sharing secrets and knowledge as they went to see the one Overseeing the current Prime Reality!

At the same time, the other Elders that had left the Auric Forge had begun to send word to relevant existences- the knowledge that a young Peerless Forger had risen within the Isles of the Gilded Forge beginning to spread silently within the ranks of Primal Titans!

While this occurred, Noah felt his ridiculously vast Seas of destiny and fortune churn within his Origin as many thoughts came to him on what he should be doing.


Silently, his Origin released the authority of the Sanguine Emperor as he called upon one of his True Sanguine Clones- using the unique connection of Blood obtained from the Flames of the Sanguine Emperor as he did something stupendous. Seamlessly and without even the figure of Monos in front of his noticing, he shifted his True Body’s Origin and soul through the connection of blood as instantaneously- his True Body and True Sanguine Clone switched places!

Monos continued to speak freely as Noah’s True Sanguine Clone followed, switching the true body and Clone as he had to do a few things that would flow much more smoothly with the True Body making the moves.

In the Boundary Between Realities.

Noah’s true body opened his eyes to meet the figure of Hyperion, the two of them still in a Domain of Apocalypse as they were hidden across the folds of space from any peering gazes of beings who only had Quasi-Insuperable and Insuperable level Edicts!

“You say it is possible now?” Hyperion spoke towards Noah with an optimistic gaze as Noah nodded, tapping on his chest as he spoke out freely.

“RUINATION, show me this Essence Conversion feature first.”


<Yes, Master.>

With a blinding crimson gold light, RUINATION came out of Noah’s chest as it released waves of austere power, the cube-shaped Treasure pulsing with light as it spoke out.

<The feature of Essence Conversion can transform pure Mana into any known essence, with the different types of essence having varying requirements due to their rank. I assume Master wants to see a Conversion into the Essence of Reality…and the requirements for this are the infusion of Ruination, Primordial, and the Essence of Pandemonium. And because of its rank, there is a cap limit on how much Essence of Reality can be produced daily.>


To convert into the Essence of Reality, one needed the essence of Pandemonium along with Ruination and Primordial Essence!

<Master can easily produce Ruination and Primordial Essence due to your assimilation of these concepts…but you will have to sacrifice droves of pure mana to obtain Pandemonium that then needs to be produced in large amounts to mix with Ruination and Primordial Essence so that the conversion into the Essence of Reality can take place. It is a procedure that will require immense reserves of mana as for you…>

<…it will just be a walk in the park, Master. This feature from a Quasi-Primordial Relic like me is something others would barely be able to utilize due to its high cost but you…you were made for it.>


Noah smiled freely as his Origin thrummed with power, surging out waves of pristine blue mana that looked like endless rivers surging into RUINATION! With such a tool in hand, he had met the qualifications and resources to forge his System…so he would first go on to understand it!

“Then let us see the daily quota of the Essence of Reality, and just how much of it I can handle with my limited storage…”

All experts who could utilize and store the unique essence of Reality had a space in the depths of their Origin and Soul to store it, this space being expanded as they gained more power!

One could go from being capable of storing and using the Essence of Reality that barely filled up a grain of sand, to being capable of calling upon the storage of essence that could fill up an entire football field.

It all depended on one’s power!

‘At the same time, I can also increase my power…’

Noah’s thoughts danced vibrantly as he needed to do many things for the sake of increasing his power. One was for him to first use the new Triplicate feature of RUINATION to triple the numbers of Shards of a Seed of Reality and Existential Pearls, and the other was the optimize his Ascendancy Halo!


The moment this thought appeared, he summoned out his glorious crimson halo with ancient bands of gold as a fantastical scene played out within the Domain of Apocalypse.

An Ender of Reality watched on with interest as a being with a stellar body shining with millions of Cosmos released endless rivers of mana into a spinning crimson gold cube, and then a fantastical crimson Ascendancy Halo surrounded them as this Hali seemed to be pulsing with the profound echoes of power!

It was something of utter fantasy as the being involved didn’t get to see it for its wonder, his focus on the Greater Nomological Edicts that occupied his Ascendancy Halo at this moment as he voiced out domineeringly while calling upon the Flames of the Sanguine Emperor.

“Remove all Bloodlines of Greater Nomological Edicts and begin to replace them with only Quasi-Insuperable Nomological Edicts…and add the newly gained Insuperable Nomological Edict of the Virulent Poison Emperor….”


His words echoed across his Origin as the crimson gold flames of the Sanguine Emperor moved to act!

His attention was spread to many things, but his Origin and soul were robust as he could do many things at once- so his thoughts also sought out something else. They went to gaze towards his Status Sheet as he watched the change of his Ascendancy Value…and the Quasi-Primordial Relic that was RUINATION and exactly what features this treasure held!

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