Invincible - Chapter 1056

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Chapter 1056: 1056

Generally, based on the group’s speed, it would take roughly ten days for Lu Zhuo, Huang Xiaolong, and the other Barbarian God Sect disciple to reach the Primordial Plains, but due to Ancestor Lu Zhuo’s enthusiasm in guiding Huang Xiaolong’s cultivation, their journey was slightly slower, thus arriving two days later than estimated .

When Lu Zhuo’s group arrived twelve days later, those from the Elephant Genesis Sect and Great Whale Sect had already arrived and were waiting .

The two sects’ groups were also led by their respective sect’s Ancestor . The Elephant Genesis Sect’s Ancestor was a tall and lean old man named Ren Changhai; his most obvious trait was the tinge of deep emerald green in his pupils . Whereas the Great Whale Sect’s Ancestor, he was named Zhu Huan was stout and short, with large eyes and a penetrating gaze that easily made one nervous .

When Lu Zhuo’s group arrived, both Ren Changhai and Zhu Huan’s gazes were fixed on Huang Xiaolong almost simultaneously . Even though the two old men disguised it well, Huang Xiaolong still detected the killing intent hidden in the depth of their hearts .

Ren Changhai and Zhu Huan exchanged perfunctory greetings with Lu Zhuo; all three of them were smiling graciously on the surface .

“Brother Lu, is this your sect’s Huang Xiaolong? I’ve heard that even an early Sixth Order Heavenly God Realm was defeated by him ah . He’s been in the Barbarian God Sect for only three years, right? Such a rare talent, not just in our Green Cloud Island, even in the whole Vientiane World there aren't many like him . ” Ren Changhai said to Lu Zhuo, but his eyes glanced in Huang Xiaolong’s direction .

Lu Zhuo chuckled as if he did not hear Ren Changhai’s underlying meaning, “It’s all rumors, moreover, it’s just a stroke of good luck that he managed to get the first place this time . ”

Zhu Huan laughed saying, “There’s no such thing as luck, taking the first place in the three sects’ inner disciples joint training relies on one strength . ”

Lu Zhuo smiled, changing the subject without missing a beat, “Since everyone is here, should we proceed with opening the Primordial Celestial Shrine?”

The two other Ancestors nodded in agreement .

With that, the three Ancestors led their group of disciples toward the Primordial Celestial Shrine square .

Half an hour later .

Descending on the square, Huang Xiaolong’s attention was attracted by the primordial shrine . Clusters of buildings were built on several hundred square li on the plains, with the highest roof exceeding the height of a hundred zhang . It was obvious these buildings were built to form a circular pattern .

Lu Zhuo, Ren Changhai, and Zhu Huan approached the Primordial Celestial Shrine’s entrance .

Just the steel gates were a whelming fifty zhang tall and twenty zhang wide . Their steel surface was densely packed with finely carved talisman symbols .

The three Ancestors stood in front of the steel gates and exchanged a silent glance before proceeding to form various seals that gathered together, forming a divine beast diagram that flew into the steel gates .

In an instant, the tightly shut steel gates lit up in dazzling light, becoming increasingly radiant as the seconds passed until a bright ball of light flew out . Then, the steel gates slowly opened .

Watching this, Lu Zhuo, Ren Changhai, and Zhu Huan breathed out in relief . Despite having three people, opening the Primordial Celestial Shrine Gate exhausted a large amount of their godforce .

“Xiaolong, Deng Wei, let’s go in . ” Lu Zhuo looked over his shoulder, calling Huang Xiaolong and Deng Wei, adding, “Remember, do your best within the limit when comprehending the heritage tablets . Don’t overexert yourselves . ”

Huang Xiaolong and Deng Wei respectfully acknowledged Lu Zhuo’s words .

Because Huang Xiaolong took the first place in the joint training, Lu Zhuo’s group was the first one to step through the steel gates .

Watching Huang Xiaolong’s group entering the shrine, Ren Changhai and Zhu Huan’s gazes were gloomy and cold .

A moment later, Ren Changhai led Zhao Wuya and the other Elephant Genesis Sect disciples into the shrine . Lastly, it was Zhu Huan’s Great Whale Sect group .

The Primordial Celestial Shrine’s steel gates closed on their own when the last disciple entered .

Following behind Lu Zhuo, Huang Xiaolong entered the Primordial Celestial Shrine, arriving at an enormous hall . At the front of the hall was a long tunnel about ten meters wide with five big rooms on both sides, adding up to ten rooms altogether .

Inside each big room were a hundred heritage technique tablets .

On the way in, Lu Zhuo explained to Huang Xiaolong that after comprehending each heritage tablet, the disciple would receive a strand of godforce left behind the three sects’ ancestors .

“Xiaolong, Deng Wei, go in . ” Lu Zhuo said .

Huang Xiaolong and Deng Wei entered the room that corresponded with their ranking during the joint training . As the current champion, Huang Xiaolong entered room number one while Deng Wei went inside room number ten .

The moment Huang Xiaolong stepped into the room, he saw a row of heritage tablets lined before him like a row of street lights . Huang Xiaolong had no idea what material these heritage tablets were made of, but they exuded the aura of vicissitude . It was a mysterious and forbidding feeling .

Every tablet was placed ten meters from each other, and at the end of the row was a large door, but Huang Xiaolong didn't know where it led to .

According to Lu Zhuo, only after a disciple finished comprehending the one hundredth heritage tablet would the door open . However, in the Primordial Celestial Shrine’s history spanning several million years, there had yet to be anyone that could comprehend all hundred tablets . Therefore, that door at the end of the room had never been opened .

No one knew what lies behind that steel door .

Huang Xiaolong took a deep breath to calm his mind and approached the first heritage tablet .

These hundred tablets varied in size; the first one was the smallest while the one-hundredth tablet was the largest .

The first tablet was approximately one meter tall, inscribed with a few rows of mysterious symbols that seemed to contain the heaven’s dao . With just one look, Huang Xiaolong felt his consciousness jarred, as if an invisible force was rushing at him from all direction .  

After being startled for less than a second, Huang Xiaolong pulled himself together . He quickly sat in a meditative pose as godforce circulated through his body before entering the heritage tablet in front of him .

Soon, Huang Xiaolong entered a selfless ethereal state .

Everything around him seemed to slow down . He could clearly feel the flow of spiritual energy in the deepest depths of space .

As time passed, the heritage tablet in front of him glimmered like a beating heart, sending out rings of light that flowed toward Huang Xiaolong, shrouding him .

Sitting there in the same meditative pose, his figure became blurred . At one point, his physical body vanished completely, becoming one with the first heritage tablet .

The rows of mysterious symbols on the first heritage tablet shined increasingly bright .

Half a day passed by when a hum sounded as the tablet cracked, akin to ten thousand birds singing, like waves hitting rocks on the beach, or the rumbling of thunder .

Whilst Huang Xiaolong was comprehending the first heritage tablet, Zhao Wuya and the others also entered their respective rooms according to their rankings . Lu Zhuo, Ren Changhai, and Zhu Huan sat in the hall, waiting patiently for these disciples in silence, yet their attention never strayed from these ten rooms .

At one point, the three of them saw a bright light shining from the steel door of room number one, causing them to be stupefied .

When the person inside the room fully comprehended the content of a tablet, the steel door would emit a bright light .

This meant that Huang Xiaolong had comprehended the first heritage tablet in less than ten hours!

Lu Zhuo gently tugged at his sparse beard, laughing loudly .

Ren Changhai and Zhu Huan kept a depressing silence .

Inside room number one, Huang Xiaolong woke up from his ethereal state, slowly opening his eyes .

Just like always, the first thing he did was to check his body’s condition . At a glance, Huang Xiaolong noticed that his three supreme godheads had gone through some change, but he couldn’t put his finger on it . Still, it was obvious that his godforce had increased tremendously .

A moment later, he moved to the second heritage tablet .

After a day, he went to the third tablet .

The fourth tablet, the fifth…

When twenty days had passed, Huang Xiaolong was standing in front of the thirtieth heritage tablet .