Invincible - Chapter 1257

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Chapter 1257: 1257

"His strength has improved significantly?" Huang Xiaolong asked Luo Yunjie .

Luo Yunjie nodded, "A few months ago, Wangu Ziyi broke through to Seventh Order Ancient God Realm!" Luo Yunjie struggled internally as he repeated, "Seventh Order Ancient God Realm ah, that's a high-level Ancient God Realm master!"

There were geniuses who were stuck at peak late-Sixth Order Ancient God Realm for several hundred years, yet they had been unable to breakthrough to Seventh Order Ancient God Realm . Not to mention, there were also numerous cultivators who were stuck for a thousand years, two thousand years, and even ten thousand years . Therefore, it was unimaginable to even think of breaking through to the Seventh Order Ancient God Realm at the rate with which Wangu Ziyi had accomplished .

Wangu Ziyi actually broke through to Seventh Order Ancient God Realm from the peak of early Sixth Order Ancient God Realm in just a short span of few years!

Huang Xiaolong couldn’t hold in his laughter after hearing Luo Yunjie's lament . "I didn't expect that would be a blessing in disguise for Wangu Ziyi, as he actually broke through to the Seventh Order Ancient God Realm . He should thank me for it . "

Huang Xiaolong didn’t take the news of Wangu Ziyi’s breakthrough to the Seventh Order Ancient God Realm to heart .

Luo Yunjie could tell his friend was nonchalant about what he had just said, hence he couldn’t help repeating his caution, “Brother, now that Wangu Ziyi has broken through to Seventh Order Ancient God Realm, his strength is several times stronger than before, on top of that, I have also heard that his black qilin flames have reached minor completion . ”

Luo Yunjie understood very well what it meant by the black qilin flames minor completion, and because he understood that, he felt it was necessary to caution Huang Xiaolong .  

Even among the current Wangu Clan’s Elders, there were only a handful of them who had successfully cultivated until the black qilin flames level .

Huang Xiaolong smiled at Luo Yunjie, “Luckily, his black qilin flames hasn’t yet reached the major completion . If that were to happen, then it would be somewhat troublesome to deal with that brat if I were to run into him in the future . ”

Luo Yunjie opened his mouth but closed it again in speechlessness .

. . .

In the blink of an eye, another year went by .

Huang Xiaolong had been cultivating by the side of Golden Brow Ancestor and Blood Knife Ancestor for three years now . During these three years, not only had he cultivated both the Blood Knife Technique and Metal Domain Canon, but his sword skill had also greatly improved .

During these three years, Huang Xiaolong had also developed a better understanding of the current Divine World as well as Vientiane World surface . And because of this knowledge, Huang Xiaolong’s future goal had become clearer in his mind . . .  

Huang Xiaolong arrived at Golden Brow Ancestor and Blood Knife Ancestor’s cultivation palace as usual, to learn the Metal Domain Canon and Blood Kife Technique .

After a while into a lecture, Blood Knife said, “Xiaolong, there’s something we want to discuss with you, it’s about the sea tribes’ God of the Sea Grand Ceremony . ” 

“God of the Sea Ceremony?” Huang Xiaolong repeated with confusion .

Golden Brow Ancestor explained, "Yes, the God of the Sea Grand Ceremony . This is the sea tribe’s biggest sacred event, a little similar to our Fortune Mainland's All-Islands Great War . In truth, it's all of the sea tribe’s talented disciples from the younger generation competing with each other . "

'So, it's like this . ' It dawned on Huang Xiaolong .

But Huang Xiaolong was still a little confused, ‘since the God of the Sea Grand Ceremony was the sea tribe’s celebration, seemingly, it has got nothing to do with him, right? Then why were his two Masters discussing this with him?’

One look at Huang Xiaolong's face and Blood Knife Ancestor could see his confusion . He said, “The sea tribe sent an invitation to our Fortune Gate, the Wangu Clan, and the Dark Elf Tribe . More importantly, they specifically requested us to bring you along with us . ” 

Blood Knife Ancestor’s words made Huang Xiaolong frown . ‘Specifically requested for Golden Brow Ancestor and Blood Knife Ancestor to bring him with them?’ 

Golden Brow Ancestor added solemnly, “The sea tribe’s action is a little strange . Moreover, the sea tribe has not invited only us, the Wangu Clan, and the Dark Elf Tribe, but has also invited the super forces from the Everlasting World, Vanquishing Tiger World, Disparate World, Origin Sea God Surface, and other neighboring world surfaces to spectate the ceremony!”

Huang Xiaolong was now genuinely surprised .

“Although we don’t know what the sea tribe’s intentions are,” Blood Knife Ancestor went on, “we suspect that after the God of the Sea Grand Ceremony ends, the sea tribe will send their young generation genius disciples to challenge you to a battle!”

Huang Xiaolong immediately understood what his two Masters were implying, ‘The sea tribe wants to use this chance to shake the human race forces’ foundation on Vientiane World?’

After all, he was the current term’s Four Mainlands’ New Disciples Battle champion, and many of the human race forces’ younger generations admired and worshiped him .

If a sea tribe genius disciple were to challenge and defeat him, the sea tribe could shatter the human race’s faith from this aspect, and elevate their own prestige .

“Even though this is only our guess, it is very likely that this is the sea tribe’s aim . ” Golden Brow Ancestor took over . “Your talent is very good, but your current strength is insufficient compared to some of the sea tribe’s top genius disciples . ” Golden Brow Ancestor said with obvious concern in his voice .  

Golden Brow Ancestor’s words were unexpected to Huang Xiaolong . Even though he had held back from displaying his full strength, didn’t he defeat Wangu Ziyi? Yet Golden Brow Ancestor and Blood Knife Ancestor didn’t have confidence in him?

Were those sea tribe’s geniuses so monstrous?

“I know you don’t believe me,” Golden Brow Ancestor explained, “but according to what we know, the sea tribe has two monstrous geniuses who are almost heaven-defying . One of them is called Feng Yingying . No one knows the rank of her godhead, and even less people know her real strength, yet she is hailed as the sea tribe’s most talented genius in ten billion years! There are rumors that claim Feng Yingying has inherited the ancient Sea God’s Sea God bloodline!” 

Huang Xiaolong couldn’t help but feel surprised and shocked .

Surprised that the sea tribe’s number one genius disciple was actually a girl? Shocked was because this Feng Yingying has the ancient Sea God’s Sea God bloodline!

In the ancient times, the sea tribe’s strongest person was titled as Sea God . This person was also the supreme leader of the sea tribe .  

But the sea tribe’s last Sea God had fallen five hundred million years ago . Since then, no one had inherited the Sea God bloodline, thus the Sea God position was left empty .

Now that it was said that Feng Yingying had inherited the ancient Sea God’s bloodline, didn't it mean that she is the sea tribe’s new generation of Sea God?!

The fact that Feng Yingying carried the Sea God’s bloodline, by itself said a lot about the extent of her talent .

However, in terms of talent, Huang Xiaolong was confident that there were only a few that could surpass him, perhaps only the Son of Heaven could have a higher talent than him?

However, he couldn’t gauge Feng Yingying’s strength .

“And who’s the other one?” Huang Xiaolong asked .

“The other one is called Guo Jun, Guo Family’s disciple . In fact, he has some connections with you . ”

Guo Family disciple!

Huang Xiaolong asked in surprise, “He is Guo Gang’s …?”

“He is Guo Gang’s cousin from his father’s side . Guo Jun is the current Guo Family Patriarch’s eldest son . ” Golden Brow Ancestor said . “No one outside knows the extent of Guo Jun’s talent, and it’s hard to determine his real strength . But, twenty years ago, he had killed a peak early Ninth Order Ancient God Realm divine beast firmament bear with one move .

Huang Xiaolong’s eyes narrowed as he listened .

Killing a peak early Ninth Order Ancient God Realm divine beast firmament bear with one move?! Does this mean that twenty years ago, Guo Jun had the battle prowess of a Tenth Order Ancient God Realm master?

What about now, twenty years later?

“Other than you, Wangu Ziyi, and You Wuxin are also invited . ” Blood Knife Ancestor added .

Huang Xiaolong merely nodded .

Roughly an hour later, Huang Xiaolong stepped out from Golden Brow Ancestor and Blood Knife Ancestor’s cultivation palace with a heavy heart .

“Five years . ” Huang Xiaolong muttered under his breath .

He had learned from his two Masters that the God of the Sea Grand Ceremony would be held in five years .

Now, he felt a sense of urgency to go the Clear Spirit World .