Invincible - Chapter 2222

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Chapter 2222: Young Prince of the Holy Gate?!

Very quickly, the experts of the Incineration Valley managed to locate Chen Ye and the others. They managed to follow the aura all the way to the depths of the forest.

More than twenty days later, the experts of the Incineration Valley arrived at a certain spot in the Devouring Icy Forest.

“Grand Hall Master, this seems to be the place Grand Elder Chen Ye’s aura disappeared!” Another grand elder of the Incineration Valley reported to Wang Chunming.

A fiery light emerged from Wang Chunming’s eyes as he nodded his head. This fiery glow illuminated the space a billion miles around the battle scene, and nothing was able to hide from his gaze.

Wang Chunming’s body flashed all of a sudden as he tore through the air to head towards the location of Huang Xiaolong’s battle with Chen Ye.

When everyone saw how Wang Chunming had already moved out, they hastily followed behind him.

Tens of minutes later, they finally arrived at the battlefield.

“It seems as though Grand Elder Chen Ye was killed by his opponent here!” One of the grand elders saw the traces of battle, and he concluded.

Looking at the broken mountain peaks and shattered rocks in the area, it was evident that a massive battle had happened.

Even though Huang Xiaolong had ordered for the six divine beasts to take care of Chen Ye’s body along with the traces of battle, it was clear that they had failed to cover up the scene completely.

Wang Chunming swept his gaze across the lands as two rays of light emerged from his eyes.



Sounds of metal clashing against each other rang through the air.

The experts from the Incineration Valley soon noticed traces of supreme sword qi rising into the air.

The sword qi was left behind when Huang Xiaolong had executed the Final Boundless Sword Art, and it wasn’t something ordinary experts could notice.

“This… What kind of sword qi is this?! It’s terrifying!” One of the grand elders in the Fifth Order Sovereign Realm cried out in shock.

Someone like him was obviously able to feel the horrifying amount of power contained in a single trace of sword qi.

Everyone else stared at Wang Chunming in shock.

As for Wang Chunming, he seemed to have thought of something when he noticed the sword qi. An expression of fear soon emerged on his face.

“Final Boundless Sword Art!”

“What?!” The experts of the Incineration Valley yelled in shock. Their expressions changed from one of shock to one of terror.

As the upper echelons of the Incineration Valley, they were extremely clear what the appearance of the Final Boundless Sword Art meant.

“Did… Did an expert from the Holy Gate kill Chen Ye and the rest?” An elder stuttered when he asked the question.

Holy Gate!

In the Zhuoyuan Holy Lands, the Zhuoyuan Holy Gate was an existence that stood above everything else! Dozens of continents, hundreds of dynasties, and close to a thousand supreme sects were nothing but mere vassals of the Zhuoyuan Holy Gate!

Even the Incineration Valley wasn’t able to go up against the Holy Gate!

Even the most ordinary disciple from the Holy Gate had to be treated like royalty by the Incineration Valley! To the Holy Gate, the Incineration Valley was a mere existence that could be overlooked!

If an expert from the Holy Gate really killed Chen Ye and the rest, how were they going to continue their investigation? Were they supposed to apprehend someone from the Holy Gate?! That was like a commoner on the streets knocking on the doors of the imperial palace to capture someone from the imperial family! If the Holy Gate learned of the things that were happening in the Falling Jade Dynasty, a big fat death sentence would befall the Incineration Valley!

There was once a supreme sect whose scale even exceeded the Incineration Valley. They had killed a disciple from the Holy Gate by accident. When the Holy Gate had learned of the matter, they had stomped the sect to the ground right away. From the top-down, hundreds of Sovereigns, tens of millions of disciples, and several Venerables were wiped off the face of existence.

If ordinary disciples from the Holy Gate were like royalty in all the dynasties, someone who could execute the Final Boundless Sword Art was someone akin to a god. After all, only the most important of disciples could learn the Final Boundless Sword Art!

There wasn’t a need to mention their Incineration Valley. Even if the lord of the Forceful Heavenly Bull Continent met a disciple of that level, he would have to greet the disciple with a smile on his face.

As though a lightbulb had lit up in their heads, everyone from the Incineration Valley realized that the situation was much worse than they had imagined. After all, they had to wonder why an expert of the Holy Gate would slaughter Chen Ye and the other members of the Incineration Valley! Could it be that Chen Ye and the others provoked the other party?!

If that was really the case, they had to wonder if the Holy Gate itself would retaliate! Wouldn’t that mean…?

The more they thought about it, the more fearful they became.

As a grand hall master of the Incineration Valley, Wang Chunming soon suppressed the fear in his heart. He carefully examined the sword qi that emerged.

“The person who unleashed this skill isn’t a master. He should only be in the Eighth Order Sovereign Realm.” Wang Chunming concluded after some time,

Eighth Order Sovereign? Everyone stared at each other in shock.

“Wouldn’t that mean that he isn’t from the upper echelons of the Holy Gate? Can he be one of the Holy Prince?” One of the grand elders felt his throat going dry when he asked the question.

Normally, other than the upper echelons, only the Holy Prince of the Holy Gate would be able to learn the Final Boundless Sword Art!

No one dared to utter a single word.

A Holy Prince of the Holy Gate was a sacred existence that none of them could discuss.

“Grand Hall Master Wang, what are we supposed to do about this?” One of the grand elders, Chen Zhang, asked. His heart was pounding against his chest when the question left his lips.

“Report this to the Valley Master!” Wang Chunming hesitated for a second before he muttered a response. As the matter involved the Holy Gate, a grand hall master like him had no authority to make the decisions.

Retrieving his transmission symbol, Wang Chunming reported the matter of the Final Boundless Sword Art to the valley master.

He quickly received a reply. The Valley Master was as shocked as him, and he passed down a strict order for Wang Chunming to stop all investigations immediately! Instead, Wang Chunming was ordered to look into the matter of a Holy Prince of the Holy Gate being dispatched to the Falling Jade Dynasty.

If they had really offended a Holy Prince from the Holy Gate, they had to do everything in their power to appease the other party!

Wang Chunming finally heaved a sigh of relief when he received his new orders.

If the Valley Master had ordered him to apprehend Chen Ye’s killer, he had no idea if he would have the guts to do it.

Wang Chunming briefed everyone about the Valley Master’s new order, and he said solemnly, “We will use everything in our power to see if a Holy Prince was dispatched to the Falling Jade Dynasty!”

Everyone felt their legs going soft, and they quickly acknowledged the new order.

In the blink of an eye, everyone left the Devouring Icy Forest.

Soon after they left, the news of Chen Ye’s death started to spread through the capital of the Falling Jade Dynasty.

Countless superfamilies and super sects could feel that something weird was going on. As for the countless kingdoms under the Falling Jade Dynasty, they could feel the undercurrents surging. As for the Big Dipper Sword Sect and the Nine Heavens Gate, they couldn’t help but feel shocked.

“Did Grand Hall Master Wang Chunming lead a group of experts out to deal with this? I’ve heard that Wang Chunming led them to the Devouring Icy Forest. I wonder if they caught the culprit…?”

“Who had the guts to kill more than twenty experts from the Incineration Valley?! Could it be a Venerable Realm expert from other dynasties?! If that really is the case, the Incineration Valley might go all out on them!”

The capital of the Falling Jade Dynasty shook, and one month passed uneventfully.

One fine day…

The icy gorge Huang Xiaolong had secluded himself in exploded as rays of light filled the skies. Pillars of light pierced through the heavens as a formidable aura swept through the lands.