Invincible - Chapter 2295

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Chapter 2295: True Saint Realm Holy Beast!

A massive claw appeared in the air before Huang Xiaolong, and terrifying waves of energy caused all the Eminent Elders to feel despair filling up their hearts.

“What audacity!” Li Wen yelled and slapped towards Luo Hong’s claw with a palm of his own.

A massive dark green palm formed in the air as it gathered endless might. It whistled through the air as it slammed towards Luo Hong’s attack.


The earth shook when the two attacks clashed with each other.

It was as though every disciple of the Zhuoyuan Holy Gate heard the explosion as it reverberated through the skies.

As a muffled groan escaped Li Wen’s lips, he retreated several steps. Every step he took, left a gigantic footprint imprinted onto the ground as cracks started to spider web around it.

Eventually, Li Wen slammed into the pillar supporting the main hall.

Unable to stop his advance, the pillar shattered into pieces and scattered throughout the hall.

Even though the pillar was refined by people like Li Wen and the other Eminent Elders with metal essence found in the Holy World, it could not withstand the collision’s impact. Just this point alone was enough to show the difference in strength.

“Eminent Elder Li Wen!” Xu Jun and the others couldn’t help but widen their eyes in shock. They rushed forward to support Li Wen.

After taking on the attack by Luo Hong, Li Wen felt the blood draining from his face.

It was clear that he was injured after that single exchange.

He had never thought that Luo Hong would possess such horrifying strength. Even though they were both at the peak of the Ninth Tribulation Half-True Saint Realm, their combat strength was separated by a gap wider than the heavens and earth!

Several tens of thousands of years ago, he had seen Luo Hong battle. In the past, Luo Hong was only at the peak of the Eighth Tribulation Half-True Saint Realm. According to Li Wen’s calculations, Luo Hong would have barely broken into the Ninth Tribulation Half-True Saint Realm. Alas, he was wrong!

Was that the true terror of someone who possessed saint attributes ranked in the top one hundred?! The speed of Luo Hong’s cultivation had already surpassed Li Wen’s wildest imaginations.

As he swept his gaze across the flabbergasted Li Wen, Luo Hong sneered, “You overestimated yourself….” He didn’t pause as he started to make his way towards Huang Xiaolong. “Huang Xiaolong, do you really think that you’ll be safe beside Li Wen? Do you really think that they can protect you? You better follow me back like a good dog to receive the punishment meted out by our Evolving Dragon Holy Grouns.”

Xu Jun and the other Eminent Elders jumped out all of a sudden to block Luo Hong. As the experts of the Zhuoyuan Holy Ground released their aura, they locked on to one person and one person alone, Luo Hong.

As for Jiang Tian and the other Holy Princes in his alliance, they retreated to a corner in the hall to watch the fantastic show playing out in front of them.

Weird light flashed in Jiang Tian’s eyes, and no one knew what he was thinking about.

Seeing the Eminent Elders of the Zhuoyuan Holy Gate standing in his way, Luo Hong sneered, “Xu Jun, even Li Wen couldn’t take a single strike from me. Do you really think that tiny shrimps like you can stop me for a second? If you’re hell-bent on stopping me, you can’t blame me for going on a killing spree! Let’s see if anyone here can stop me today!”

Luo Hong raised his head and unleashed an ear-shattering roar.

Just as he was about to fulfill his promise to slay everyone in his path, a terrifying wave of True Saint might emerged from one of the forbidden regions of the Zhuoyuan Holy Gate.

It was as though the heavens itself had materialized when the True Saint’s might appeared and the boundless energy covered the lands.

It seemed to contain the will of the world as it came crashing down on everyone present.

In the face of the terrifying True Saint’s might, everyone felt as though they were a mere ant crawling on the ground. They felt fear lingering in the depths of their soul and even peak Ninth Tribulation HalfTrue Saints like Luo Hong couldn’t help but feel that he was like a speck of dust, floating in the wind.

As a Ninth Tribulation Half-True Saint, he was half a step away from the True Saint Realm!

He had touched on the border of the True Saint Realm, and he was someone unbeatable by anyone who wasn’t a True Saint! In the face of the supreme pressure coming from the depths of the Zhuoyuan Holy Gate, Luo Hong felt as though an insurmountable mountain was placed before him. Even if he tried his hardest, he wouldn’t be able to challenge the prestige of a True Saint! That was the gap between him and a True Saint!

If Luo Hong was feeling such pressure, there was no need to speak for the rest.

“True… True Saint Realm expert!” A look of terror appeared on the face of Luo Hong and the others.

How could there be another True Saint expert in the Zhuoyuan Holy Gate?!

There was no mistake about it. Only True Saint Realm experts would be able to unleash such invincible might.

However, according to all the intelligence they had gathered over the years, they only knew of a single person who had entered the True Saint Realm in the Zhuoyuan Holy Ground! It was Wan Zhuoyuan himself! How could there be another True Saint Realm expert?!

Even though the True Saint Realm expert was currently residing in the depths of the Zhuoyuan Holy Gate, and he was several hundreds of millions of miles away, Luo Hong could clearly feel that he was locked onto by the other party’s aura. If he dared to make a single move, he would be blown to dust before he could count to one.

That was the might of a True Saint Realm expert. Even if he was a billion miles away, all he needed was a single thought to crush anyone beneath the True Saint Realm!

When Luo Hong’s world spun upside down, and terror filled his heart, Xu Jun and the others rejoiced. It was clear that they weren’t expecting there to still be a True Saint Realm expert in the Holy Gate.

The only people who weren’t surprised were Huang Xiaolong and Li Wen.

As the leader of the Eminent Elders, Li Wen knew that there was a True Saint Realm expert residing in the Holy Ground. Huang Xiaolong was also no stranger as he had already obtained a part of Wan Zhuoyuan’s memory.


All of a sudden, the void started to shake, and it felt as though a giant, strong enough to split the world in half, had woken up from its deep slumber. It started to walk towards the main hall, and with every step it took, every structure in the Zhuoyuan Holy Ground trembled.

Boom, boom, boom…

As footsteps resounded through the skies, the giant got closer and closer to the main hall.

The True Saint’s might became stronger as the giant approached, and Luo Hong turned deathly pale. The feeling of death filled his mind.

Having no idea how much time had passed, Luo Hong and the others saw the true appearance of the True Saint Realm expert.

“True… True Saint Beast!”

It was a Holy Beast that had entered the True Saint Realm!

When Luo Hong saw the opponent he was up against, he sucked in a cold breath. The expression on his face changed and dread overwhelmed him.

Everyone knew that a Holy Beast was stronger than a cultivator of the same realm.

There were rumors that there was a True Saint Realm Holy Beast in the Zhuoyuan Holy Gate, but no one had ever seen it before! After all, Wan Zhuoyuan had never ridden the beast to battle!

No one knew how strong Zhuoyuan’s Holy Beast actually was. There were even some who said that it was a mere Second Tribulation Half-True Saint Realm Holy Beast!

No matter how exaggerated the rumors were, not a single person believed that the beast had entered the True Saint Realm!

It was a miracle for a cultivator to enter the True Saint Realm, and it was even more difficult for Holy Beasts to break through! According to logic, it was ten times more difficult for a Holy Beast to enter the True Saint Realm compared to a human cultivator!

Under the gaze of everyone present, the beast revealed itself. Like a tiny chaos mountain, the beast stood before the main palace. It had the head of a dragon with horns poking out of its forehead, and the body of a lion.

Even with the height of several thousand feet, the main palace was merely the size of its toe!

“I greet Lord Di!” Li Wen kneeled, and the Eminent Elders quickly snapped back to reality. They quickly kneeled to show their respects, but the same couldn’t be said for Luo Hong and the others. Luo Hong and the others felt their legs going soft as they sank to their knees in fright.

“Holy Prince of the Evolving Dragon Holy Ground?” The Holy Beast slowly opened its mouth as its voice boomed through the void.

“Yes! We are Holy Princes from the Evolving Dragon Holy Ground. The Evolving Dragon Holy Saint is my master! Holy Prince Luo Hong greets Senior True Saint!” Luo Hong kowtowed as beads of cold sweat dripped down his forehead.

As soon as the words left his lips, the Holy Beast moved. With a single kick, it sent Luo Hong and everyone else from the Evolving Dragon Holy Ground flying out of the main palace. No one knew how far they flew, but they disappeared into the horizon as they flew out of the entrance of the Holy Gate’s headquarters.

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