Invincible - Chapter 2374

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Chapter 2374: Sowing Discord

Even Dou Rui, a peak First Heaven True Saint expert, was having a hard time holding up against Tan Juan.

Vigorous devil qi surged around Dou Rui, wrapping around him like a world of devils, but no matter how alarming his devil qi was, he failed to get close to Tan Juan. Snow spiraled around Tan Juan, forming curtains of icy layers, and no matter how aggressive Dou Rui’s devil qi was, once his devil qi came into contact with the curtains of ice, it was immediately frozen into icicles.

In contrast, Tan Juan’s snow force continued to invade Dou Rui’s world of devils, slashing and cutting Dou Rui’s body. There was already a large number of small icicles accumulated on the surface of his body, slowing down his reaction speed.

“Senior Sister Ji Xinyi!” Lin Xiaoying called out from afar as she arrived with Huang Xiaolong and the others.

Ji Xinyi and other Clear Snow Palace’s female disciples, as well as the many experts present, turned to look in Lin Xiaoying’s direction.

“Junior Sister Lin Xiaoying!” Ji Xinyi rejoiced.

Both Lin Xiaoying and Ji Xinyi hurried to regroup.

However, most of these experts’ gaze looked past Lin Xiaoying, falling on Huang Xiaolong, who was some distance behind Lin Xiaoying.

More accurately, they were looking at Huang Xiaolong’s mount, the Dual-Pupiled Profound Beast.

“Dual-Pupiled Profound Beast!” Someone’s delighted exclamation sounded.

Huang Xiaolong’s gaze moved, and he saw that the person, who had shouted in delight, was the Beast Tamer Holy Gate’s Yu Fujiang!

Huang Xiaolong’s eyes narrowed, seeing that his ‘old friend’ Yu Fujiang was also here. At the Holy Heavens City, Yu Fujiang had first tried to snatch his Nine Colored Fox Phoenix, and then oppressed Feng Tianyu, Zhang Wenyue, and Xue Qi at the Heavenly Fragrance Teahouse.

Each of these accounts were clearly listed in Huang Xiaolong’s mind.

On the other hand, Huang Xiaolong hadn’t expected to see that apart from the Beast Tamer Holy Gate’s experts, the True Reason Holy Gate’s True Reason Saint Fan Xia and Qianyuan Holy Gate’s Feng Cheng were also in Yu Fujiang’s group.

Some years back, Huang Xiaolong had requested the Holy Heavens’ Grand Hall Master Wu Ge to slightly suppress the True Reason Holy Gate and Qianyuan Holy Gate as a small favor to him. Judging from this situation, it seemed that the True Reason Holy Gate and Qianyuan Holy Gate had grabbed onto the Holy Lands Alliance’s big thighs [1].

The moment Yu Fujiang’s words fell, more than a dozen figures whizzed across the air, straight at Huang Xiaolong with the intention of snatching the Dual-Pupiled Profound Beast Huang Xiaolong was riding on.

But these people had yet to get close when the Dual-Pupiled Profound Beast’s mouth opened and let out a resounding roar. The sound waves blasted across space, disrupting the Profound River’s layers of aircurrents. Heaven and earth seemed to be overturned.

Those dozen people were suddenly sent flying in the opposite direction, crashing to the distant ground as blood flowed from their orifices. It seemed like the Dual-Pupiled Profound Beast’s soundwave-attack from that roar had served them with a great deal of damage.

The Dual-Pupiled Profound Beast was a holy beast at a peak Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint realm. Then how could those experts withstand its attack especially when it had used its innate roaring attack!

The Dual-Pupiled Profound Beast’s roar truly frightened other present experts. Yu Fujiang who had intended to join in the scuffle stopped abruptly midway, and cold sweat dampened his back.

Only now did he remember that this Dual-Pupiled Profound Beast was not some kitty cat.

Tan Juan, who had been fighting Dou Rui, suddenly exploded in force, and icy-blue palm force penetrated through the layers of devil qi, and slammed accurately on Dou Rui’s chest, sending Dou Rui reeling back.

With that, the fight between them came to an abrupt end.

Dou Rui’s pale face looked several shades worse. Just as Dou Rui wanted to catch up to Tan Juan again, he was stopped by Xie Bufan. Xie Bufan’s gaze was on Huang Xiaolong while he spoke to Dou Rui, “There is no hurry.”

In the meantime, Tan Juan had regrouped with others from Clear Snow Palace.

“Senior Sister Tan Juan!” Lin Xiaoying called out happily.

“It’s good that you’re fine.” Tan Juan smiled softly, “Me and your Senior Sister Ji Xinyi had been worried about you during this time. If something had happened to you, we really don't know how we were going to tell Master the news.” Then, her gaze fell on Huang Xiaolong.

She remembered this young man that she had seen once outside the Profound City.

“Senior Sister Tan Juan, Senior Sister Ji Xinyi, this is Thirteen.” Lin Xiaoying introduced to Tan Juan and Ji Xinyi, “He is my friend. When Long Zhenyu, Li Luo, and the others were chasing after me, I was nearly caught by them. A Dragon Race senior saved me, and I met Thirteen after that.” Lin Xiaoying briefly recounted her experience being chased by Long Zhengyu’s group.

Huang Xiaolong was inwardly grateful that Lin Xiaoying introduced him as a friend instead as her ‘newly accepted little brother’ to Tan Juan and Ji Xinyi.

“My disciple was killed by a Dragon Race expert?” Dou Rui’s cold, gloomy eyes were fixed on Lin Xiaoying.

Lin Xiaoying harrumphed and raised her chin, “So what if it is so?!”

“Speak, where is that Dragon Race expert?” Dou Rui asked icily.

“Ridiculous! Why should I tell you?!!” Lin Xiaoying scoffed.

Xie Bufan spoke, cutting off Dou Rui’s retort, “Enough, we’ll discuss about this another time.” He looked at Huang Xiaolong, “Kid, I don’t care what your relationship with Lin Xiaoying is, but if you know what’s good for you, hand over that Dual-Pupiled Profound Beast, or else, I’ll let you experience the methods of Devil Palace for yourself!”

“That’s right, kid, hand over that Dual-Pupiled Profound Beast!” The Beast Tamer Holy Gate’s Yu Fujiang clamored.

“Hand out that Dual-Pupiled Profound Beast, or you’ll die without a burial place!” The Blue Whale Race’s Lan Jinfu threatened gloomily.

The Scarlet Flame Holy Gate’s experts as well as other forces’ experts clamored words of similar meaning, demanding and threatening Huang Xiaolong to hand out the Dual-Pupiled Profound Beast.

Lin Xiaoying was immediately agitated, and turned to Tan Juan, “Senior Sister Tan Juan, Thirteen is my friend. You cannot stand and watch them threatening him from the sides! When I was injured, Thirteen gave me, Li Li, and the others Vitality Rejuvenating Pills to heal our injuries.”

Vitality Rejuvenating Pill?

After hearing this, everyone was surprised. No one had expected that Huang Xiaolong would have something as precious as the Vitality Rejuvenating Pill on him. Xie Bufan’s eyes lit up.

Tan Juan, Ji Xinyi, and other Clear Snow Palace’s experts were just as surprised.

“Don’t worry, your friend’s affair is our Clear Snow Palace’s affair.” Tan Juan stated her decision.

Other forces’ experts exchanged wary glances. If the Clear Snow Palace really interfered in this matter, it greatly restricted their actions. After all, they still needed to give the Clear Snow Palace some face.

The Devil Palace’s Dou Rui sneered, “Your Clear Snow Palace’s affair? Tan Juan, you’ve got a big appetite wanting to swallow the Dual-Pupiled Profound Beast alone! Isn’t your Clear Snow Palace acting a little too domineering. Others might be afraid of your Clear Snow Palace, but that does not include us Devil Palace.”

Listening to Dou Rui trying to sow discord, Tan Juan, Ji Xinyi, and the female disciples’ faces sank. Dou Rui had deliberately emphasized that the Clear Snow Palace was trying to dominate the Dual-Pupiled Profound Beast alone for the sole purpose of turning the Clear Snow Palace into a public target.

Fury sparked in Lin Xiaoying’s eyes as she glared at Dou Rui, “Dou Rui, any one here can see what you’re planning. The Devil Palace has always been savage and ruthless, killing various holy grounds’ disciples. Today, with so many holy grounds’ experts here, we will join hands and annihilate you to avenge those innocent disciples!”

Lin Xiaoying’s words resonated with a lot of the holy grounds’ experts.

“That’s right, everyone has a responsibility to clean up the Devil Palace’s disciples, today. Everyone join hands and kill them!” Crossing Holy Gate’s experts agreed.

When there was one, there would be two. More and more experts chimed in, and the crowd became heated up as Xie Bufan, Dou Rui, and all the Devil Palace’s experts became their targets.

“Kill!” Recalling Xie Bufan and Dou Rui’s ambush, Lin Xiaoying shouted as she swung her Snow Blade, leading the attack.

[1] curry favor/ finding a backing Why the act of hugging someone's thighs was translated to mean to curry favor with someone was because it originated from people who were buddhist and praying to buddha for help. The statue of Buddhas in temples are usually huge and so people will 'hug' his thighs/legs when praying for help. Source: kirinmandarin