Invincible - Chapter 2492

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Huang Xiaolong merely chuckled softly in response, “You don’t have to worry about me. Why don’t you prepare to take out the two holy pills you put on the line?” As soon as he spoke, he turned around and entered the chamber of commerce.

Dou Rui could only chuckle in amusement when he saw Huang Xiaolong’s reaction.

Instead of entering, he returned to the Devil Palace’s branch with Xiao Lengxue. As soon as they returned, they looked for the main palace master to acknowledge their bet.

As for Zhang Yihui, he returned happily to look for someone to sign on his blood contract.

When Zhang Yihui saw Duan Xuan and reported to him about his bet with Huang Xiaolong, Duan Xuan roared with laughter. “Good job! You did well this time. Yihui, since you managed to earn two Star Transferring Holy Pills for the holy gate, I’ll reward you with a hundred thousand contribution points!”

A hundred thousand contribution points was a reward no one had ever seen in the Ancient Emperor Holy Gate.

Duan Xuan clapped Zhang Yihui’s shoulders happily and caused Zhang Yihui’s bone to turn soft.

In an instant, Duan Xuan signed his name on the blood contract. He didn’t keep it low-key at all as his name was stamped heavily in the middle of the contract.

Like Zhang Yihui, those who returned to their factions with the contract were rewarded heavily by their patriarchs.

Without exception, everyone signed their names on the blood contract.

When Li Chen and the other received news about the bet, they quickly reported to Tyrant Chu.

As soon as he heard the report, Tyrant Chu felt the world spinning around him.

That was a hundred holy pills they were talking about! Was his disciple going to lose a hundred holy pills just like that?! The blow was comparable to someone stabbing him a hundred times through the heart.

“Where’s that little b*stard?!” Tyrant Chu raged and this was the first time had ever lost his cool in front of the members of the Holy Heavens.

Li Chen quickly reported, “Junior Brother Huang is currently at the Knowledge Singularity Chamber of Commerce. They are selling a piece of Blood Devil Holy Spiritual Stone that they managed to obtain from the Furtive Lands in the Ghost Devil City. With Junior Brother Huang’s interest in the item, he will probably bring it back.”

Tyrant Chu’s anger smashed through the roof when he heard what Li Chen said. “How is he still in the mood to buy a damn rock?!” He turned to Shi Feng and ordered, “Bring that brat back right now!”

Upon feeling the ‘murderous’ aura around Tyrant Chu’s body, Shi Feng didn’t dare to hesitate as he left immediately.

Li Chen couldn’t help but rejoice in his heart when he saw the Primal Ancestor’s reaction.

By the time Shi Feng arrived at the Knowledge Singularity Chamber of Commerce, Huang Xiaolong was standing before the Blood Devil Holy Spiritual Stone. Complicated emotions filled his mind when he saw Huang Xiaolong.

As they saw Shi Feng, Chen Yi and the others greeted him respectfully.

“Your Highness!” Shi Feng rushed over to Huang Xiaolong and called out hastily.

“Hall Master Shi Feng, you’re here!” Even though he greeted Shi Feng, his gaze never left the stone.

With anxiety eating at his heart, Shi Feng stuttered, “Your Highness, Lord Tyrant Chu has requested for you to return immediately.”

“Return immediately?” Huang Xiaolong didn’t seem to be the least bit worried.

“That’s right! Lord Chu has ordered for you to return right now!” After thinking for a second, he continued, “His Highness Li Chen has already reported your bet to Lord Chu. The lord is fuming right now….”

“Oh, alright.” Huang Xiaolong nodded. He had long since anticipated Tyrant Chu’s reaction when he had made the bet with the others.

By the time he returned, he saw Tyrant Chu’s stormy expression and a bitter smile slowly formed on his face. Didn’t the Star Transferring Holy Pills belong to him?! Why did Tyrant Chu look so constipated? He wasn’t the one footing the bill….

“Get out!” Tyrant Chu snapped at the others the moment Huang Xiaolong returned.

As soon as Li Chen and the others left, the spacious hall was left with Tyrant Chu and Huang Xiaolong. There was no suspense as Tyrant Chu unleashed a torrent of abuse at Huang Xiaolong.

Upon effectively shutting his ears, Huang Xiaolong ignored everything Tyrant Chu said. With Tyrant Chu’s temper being the worst out of his four masters, he knew that any rebuttal would cause Tyrant Chu to fly into another fit of rage. When that happened, he would probably have to suffer from physical injuries.

After raging for some time, Tyrant Chu emptied the anger in his heart.

“What do you have to say for yourself?” 

A brilliant smile appeared on Huang Xiaolong’s face all of a sudden, and he asked, “Master, do you all feel that it will be impossible for me to obtain the top ten places?”

As he stared at Huang Xiaolong, Tyrant Chu felt his blood flowing in reverse. “No sh*t! Are you f*cking crazy? Do you think that you have the ability to enter the top ten?! Did you go stupid or something? There’s no one in the world who thinks that you can enter the top ten!”

“Since Master doesn’t think that I can obtain a spot in the top ten, why don’t we make a bet?” A crafty smile appeared on Huang Xiaolong’s face.

Tyrant Chu was too stunned for words. “Are you serious?” He didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry. Things had already progressed up to this point and Huang Xiaolong was still trying to mess with him. He really didn’t know if he should show Huang Xiaolong some ‘love’ with his fists.

“Of course I’m serious!” Huang Xiaolong ignored the fumes coming off Tyrant Chu’s head, and he laughed. “Do you want to take the bet?”

After suppressing the anger in his heart, Tyrant Chu finally asked, “Brat, what do you want now? Are you putting two holy pills on the line?”

After shaking his head, Huang Xiaolong retrieved all the Yang Flame Spiritual Liquid he had on him. “If I lose, I’ll give these to you. If you lose, I want forty Star Transferring Holy Pills!”

Tyrant Chu widened his eyes in horror and felt his heart shake. He couldn’t help but stare at the crafty smile on his disciple’s face before turning to look at the Yang Flame Spiritual Liquid. There were almost four hundred drops there! His mind blanked for a moment.

He didn’t know how this disciple of his was able to take out so much good stuff.

“Brat, when you lose, you’re going to cry your *ss out,” Tyrant Chu chuckled out loud.

“Do you even have forty Star Transferring Pills on you…,” Huang Xiaolong couldn’t help but ask.

Finally, Tyrant Chu roared with laughter. “Little brat, if you really enter the top ten ranks, I’ll find forty Star Transferring Holy Pills even if I have to sell my underpants!”

In a few minutes, Huang Xiaolong left the hall. When he saw Li Chen and the others waiting for him, he smiled and returned to his courtyard.

Everyone, who stood outside the hall, stared at each other in surprise.

“This… Lord Tyrant Chu let him off just like that?!” Xie Yao’s jaws dropped.

Li Chen’s expression slowly darkened. 

When Huang Xiaolong returned to his courtyard, he didn’t bother about the discussions flying around outside. After calming himself down, he started to cultivate.                       

Three days passed in a flash and the Trial of Blood was about to start!