Invincible - Chapter 2648

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After facing the lightning waterfall galloping down, Huang Xiaolong’s three saint godheads shifted into a triangular formation as they spun rapidly upwards with an indomitable momentum.

The nefarious origin qi and great immemorial qi surging out from the Nefarious Origin Saint Godhead and Great Immemorial Saint Godhead boosted the Xuanhuang Supreme Dragon as it collided head-on with the lightning waterfall.

The lightning waterfall with world-destroying momentum was torn apart by the Xuanhuang Supreme Dragon, Nefarious Origin, and Great Immemorial’s robust qi, reducing the majestic lightning waterfall into harmless wisps of lightning and smoke.


The twelve tribulation lightning dragons continued to release powerful bolts of lightning.

However, no matter how terrifying the twelve tribulation lightning dragons’ power was, they were unable to stop the three saint godheads’ footsteps. Every strand of lightning power was scattered, devoured, and then corrupted—yes, corrupted by the nefarious origin qi.

The power of a dao tribulation was actually corrupted. Fei Yanzi had never heard of anything like this before, yet she was witnessing this ‘miracle’ with her own eyes.

After the twelve tribulation lightning dragons released lightning power for an unknown number of times, the three saint godheads had reached where the twelve tribulation lightning dragons were.

Subsequently, Fei Yanzi saw the twelve lightning dragons swooping down like twelve great lightning mountains.

Fei Yanzi’s gaze was fixed unblinkingly at the sky, and her fingers unknowingly curled into fists.

She knew that this was the last burst of power from the twelve tribulation lightning dragons, the decisive moment that would determine whether Huang Xiaolong could successfully cross the fourth heaven tribulation. If Huang Xiaolong survived this last strike, then…

But twelve tribulation lightning dragons attacked Huang Xiaolong simultaneously, and she wasn’t confident that he would be able to withstand it!

Will Huang Xiaolong withstand this strike? Or the better question is, can the three saint godheads, that have been indomitable so far, resist the final and most powerful strike from the twelve tribulation lightning dragons?

As Fei Yanzi watched on nervously, suddenly, she saw twelve beams of golden lights flowing out from the three saint godheads. These twelve beams of light were very dazzling and resplendent, as well as ethereal and soul-jarring.

Fei Yanzi trembled at the sight.

“These are high-order Saint Fates! Twelve of them!” She was quite familiar with the aura of high-order Saint Fates.

Nine out of ten Primal Ancestors were cultivators who had successfully integrated with high-order Saint Fates. In the past, she had gone above and beyond in order to grab a high-order Saint Fate, and survived a dangerous period of integration with the high-order Saint Fate in order to enter True Saint Realm.

“How come?! How come?! How could it be like this?!” As she at the twelve sprightly high-order Saint Fates, Fei Yanzi had never felt so shocked in her life that she yelled three consecutive ‘how come?!’

Twelve high-order Saint Fates!

These are twelve high-order Saint Fates?!

For real?!

Her eyes were wide, beyond shock, as if she was somehow imagining things! Am I hallucinating because I am too nervous?

But no matter how much she blinked her eyes and looked, there were still twelve high-order Saint Fates!

As overwhelming shock, bewilderment, and disbelief rolled in her chest, the twelve high-order Saint Fates in the sky had already collided with the twelve tribulation lightning dragons.

A resounding explosion ensued.

The moment the twelve high-order Saint Fates collided with the twelve tribulation lightning dragons, it was akin to fire meeting gasoline. Great explosions thundered in the sky, and to Fei Yanzi’s horror, her soul was jarred from the aftershock energy.

Even a Primal Ancestor like Fei Yanzi was affected. Not to mention the lower cultivation realm experts within the Flying Heaven City as they hugged the ground as their bodies trembled.

The entire Flying Heaven City quaked unsteadily, as if it was perching over a high cliff.

Fortunately, the exchange was very brief. In a dozen breaths, the thunderous rumbles and explosions died down. Fei Yanzi saw that the twelve high-order Saint Fates and twelve tribulation lightning dragons were going head to head. No, more accurately said, the twelve high-order Saint Fates had encircled the twelve lightning dragons, gnawing away their powers and devouring them.

The twelve tribulation lightning dragons’ size shrunk rapidly and disappeared in the end.

A dao tribulation can be crossed with this method?! There was a dazed expression on Fei Yanzi’s face as she watched this extraordinary scene.

As the twelve tribulation lightning dragons disintegrated and disappeared, the dense tribulation clouds scattered and the bright blue skies emerged. The experts, who were crouching on the ground, raised their heads slowly and cautiously and discovered that the sky still existed, the ground was still firmly below them, and the Flying Heaven City was still standing. There was nothing different except for their sweat-dampened back.

Three saint godheads and twelve high-order Saint Fates slowly descended and returned to Huang Xiaolong’s body.

Huang Xiaolong circulated the Grandmist Parasitic Medium and began absorbing the waves of grand dao energy and grand dao laws from his fourth heaven tribulation.

In the far distance, Fei Yanzi looked at Huang Xiaolong through the Flying Heaven Grand Formation’s barrier with indescribable complicated feelings. Up until now, she was unable to understand why a Third Heaven True Saint had possessed the strength to suppress her, but today, she had gotten her answer.

Xuanhuang, Nefarious Origin, and Great Immemorial!

Three top saint godheads!

Twelve high-order Saint Fates!

After recalling the scene, where the twelve high-order Saint Fates had blocked the twelve tribulation lightning dragons and dealt with them, Fei Yanzi couldn’t calm down.

Then she thought of Yuan Qianxing, who was hailed as the Son of Origin, the person the alien races’ royal families predicted to be the most powerful cultivator in the Alien Lands, and she shook her head. She suddenly felt a surge of pity for Yuan Qianxing.


Time passed, and unknowingly, another decade had passed.

In the Otherworldly Mansion, Yuan Qianxing appeared refreshed and ruddy, radiating a good mood.

“Congratulations for fully comprehending the Return to Origin in seclusion, Your Highness!” Yuan Wangfeng and various Myriad Origin Race’s experts in the main hall congratulated Yuan Qianxing in sonorous voices.

Yuan Qianxing nodded smilingly at them.

As expected, he had fully comprehended the Myriad Origin Race’s dao art during seclusion this time. On top of that, his cultivation had risen one small realm to the peak of early Seventh Heaven True Saint, which greatly boosted his confidence, giving him the superior feeling of holding the world in his hands.

“When I was in seclusion, was there any action on the Flying Heaven Race’s side?” Yuan Qianxing asked.

Yuan Wangfeng shook his head as he answered, “There doesn’t seem to be any action on the Flying Heaven Race’s side.”

But he suddenly thought of something and added, “Oh right, a little over a decade ago, the spies stationed at the Flying Heaven City reported that there might be a Primal Ancestor advancing within the Flying Heaven’s headquarters, but we couldn’t find out who it was exactly.”

Yuan Qianxing raised an eyebrow in interest, “Oh, a Primal Ancestor advanced?” He asked seriously, “Would it be that guard by Huang Xiaolong’s side?”

Since the Golden Buddha Domain’s Golden Buddha Race Old Ancestor Chan Yuli was forced to retreat, the people outside had been guessing that the guard by Huang Xiaolong’s side was a peak late-First Resurrection Primal Ancestor, and if he was really the one who advanced, there was nothing strange about it.

“Even if that guard advanced to the early Second Resurrection Primal Ancestor realm, Huang Xiaolong can’t escape death in the state competition for the Mansion’s young master position!” Yuan Qianxing let out a relaxed laugh and added, “There is less than a year’s time until the competition battle. Huang Xiaolong, ah, Huang Xiaolong, I hope you’re prepared to die.”

Yuan Wangfeng and the others laughed.

“But, Your Highness, what if Huang Xiaolong makes a run for it?” a Myriad Origin Race expert asked.

“Run?” Yuan Qianxing sneered, “Once I take over the Mansion’s young master position, no matter how big the world is, there will be no place for Huang Xiaolong to hide! At that time, his life would be worse than a stray mongrel’s!”

He then looked at Yuan Wangfeng, “Is that old man Mo Zhi back yet?”

Yuan Wangfeng hurriedly answered, “He’s back, and Mo Wunian as well.”

He hesitated for a split second and added, “I heard Mo Wunian has broken through to Primal Ancestor Realm, but I don’t know if it’s valid information.”

Mo Wunian, a Moyue Race disciple, was one of the candidates for Mansion Master. Before Yuan Qianxing had appeared, Mo Wunian was the person with the highest chances of succeeding the Mansion Master’s position. Yuan Qianxing’s rapid rise after joining the Otherworldly Mansion proved to be a stiff contender.

“Primal Ancestor?” Yuan Qianxing was genuinely shocked this time, but he promptly covered it with a cold sneer, “So what if he has really broken through to Primal Ancestor Realm? If he refuses to submit to me, his end will be the same as Huang Xiaolong’s!”

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