Invincible - Chapter 282

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Chapter 282

Chapter 282: Four Seas Mountain

All four directions fell into abrupt silence .

The three fighting in the distance, Jie Dong, Liu Chong, and Fen Encheng, were dumbstruck as their attention shifted to Huang Xiaolong’s side of things, where Qin Yang lay sprawled on the ground, barely able to move .

Lifei fared better than them, after all, to be able to control Black Demon City from the shadows without real strength was an implausible feat . Recovering from their brief shock, Jie Dong and Liu Chong abandoned Fan Encheng and hastened to their Master’s side .

“Master!” Jie Dong and Liu Chong called out anxiously as both of them carefully helped Qin Yang up .

At this time, Fan Encheng finally recovered his senses, panicked at the circumstances of his situation, he leaped to the sky in an attempt to flee . What he didn’t know was that Huang Xiaolong was watching his every movement, from the moment Fen Encheng stood up, Huang Xiaolong took a side step, and he was already blocking in front of Fan Encheng .

Seeing Huang Xiaolong in front of him, fear filled Fan Encheng’s eyes, but he managed to force himself to calm down, squeezing an ugly smile on his face, “May I know this Little brother’s great name? Many thanks for Little brother’s help earlier, this one is hardly Qin Yang’s opponent . ”

Many thanks for Little brother’s help? Huang Xiaolong shook his head inwardly . This Fan Encheng’s skin was quite thick, knowing his goal was the same as Qin Yang’s group, yet could still pretend so naturally he didn’t know .

“Hand over the map part . ” Huang Xiaolong had no interest in babbling nonsense with Fan Encheng . His expression remained indifferent as he extended his hand, cutting the chase short .

Fan Encheng’s face tightened for the briefest time, smiling even milder: “Map part? What map part? Is Little brother perhaps misunderstood something? There is no map on me . ”

Huang Xiaolong smiled coldly “Don’t have it?” he glanced over at Lifei, “You’re saying she lied to me?”

Lifei hurried forward, “Young Lord, this subordinate absolutely dare not deceive Young Lord!” She turned to Fan Encheng, “Fan Encheng, I advise you to hand over the map part, don’t place your hopes on a slim chance of luck . If my Young Lord were to seize the map part from your body, you can imagine the consequences . ”

Lifei’s threat shook Fan Encheng’s resolve .

A painful grunt sounded at this time, coming from Qin Yang . Being helped up by Jie Dong and Liu Chong, Qin Yang barely managed to stand up . Visible to everyone’s eyes was the horrifying black claw print on Qin Yang’s chest that seemed to emanate death aura, accompanied by thousands of shrieks of wraiths that sent shivers to the soul . The flesh around the claw print had started to rot and die, revealing the whites of bones underneath .

Qin Yang’s eyes too were filled with unprecedented fear as he watched Huang Xiaolong . At the same time, his face twisted with pain, obviously he wasn’t having an easy time trying to suppress the Asura frigid qi that was wreaking havoc within his body .

Huang Xiaolong did not bother with Qin Yang and the other two people, he stared at Fan Encheng saying, “I’m giving you a last chance, hand over the map and I can spare your life, otherwise, I’ll kill you and then search for the map!”

Seeing Qin Yang’s tragic state, hesitation flitted back and forth on Fan Encheng, struggling to make a final decision .

In all honesty, this ancient God Tribe master’s partial map was something he had gotten by killing someone else, but he held a great blood grudge in his heart, with this piece of ancient God Tribe master’s partial map, he had hope for revenge, but now…!

“Fine!” A short while later, Fan Encheng relented, albeit reluctantly through gritted teeth . He took out something from his spatial ring that seemed to be made out of some kind of beast hide leather . This was the said ancient God Tribe master’s partial map .

Looking at the piece of map in his hand, Fan Encheng sighed deeply, exerting a mild strength from his hand, the piece of map floated towards Huang Xiaolong . Although the map was important, what would it matter if he was already dead, what could he do about his hatred and blood-feud at that time?

Huang Xiaolong received the map and studied it briefly; the map itself was probably made of some kind of ancient beast’s hide, eroded by time, the edges were frayed and most indications on the map were blurred and hardly discernible . Without another word, Huang Xiaolong kept the partial map in his ring, Fan Encheng wouldn’t dare to trick him by giving him a fake map .

Close by, Qin Yang, Jie Dong, and Liu Chong could only stare begrudgingly as Huang Xiaolong kept the map away . They had been chasing Fan Encheng for ten days and ten nights straight, yet the map still fell into someone else’s hands . Deep as their unwillingness may run, none of them dared to make a move to snatch it from Huang Xiaolong .

The three of them stood there, wary and somewhat scared to move .

After keeping the map, Huang Xiaolong turned his attention back to Fan Encheng, “I can spare you,”

Fan Encheng’s face lit up .  

“But, on the condition you swear allegiance to me just like her, with me as your master . ” Huang Xiaolong indicated a finger at Lifei . Of course, Huang Xiaolong couldn’t let Fan Encheng leave like that, once a rumor spread, he would be the next Fan Encheng .

Looking at Lifei, Fan Encheng’s resistance was evident from his expression . But he already knew that Huang Xiaolong wouldn’t have let him go just like that .

Half an hour later, Huang Xiaolong branded Fan Encheng’s soul sea with a soul mark . Watching the whole thing right in front of them, Qin Yang, Jie Dong, and Liu Chong each was preoccupied with their own thoughts .

After taking care of Fan Encheng, Huang Xiaolong finally turned to Qin Yang’s group of three . He continued to watch them without saying anything, an inexplicable pressure spread out, covering the four directions of heaven and earth .

Under this immense pressure, the gravely injured Qin Yang turned even paler as he needed to suppress the frigid Asura qi inside his body at the same time, whereas Jie Dong and Liu Chong sweated bead-sized drops of perspiration .

Not much time had passed when Qin Yang opened his mouth: “I, I’m willing to submit to you,” pausing here momentarily, he added, “But I have a condition . ”

“Condition?” Huang Xiaolong coldly repeated, shaking his head at Qin Yang in refusal saying: “You’re not qualified to negotiate any condition . ”

This remarked greatly pierced Qin Yang’s pride .

“Master, you need not beg this person! Even if Senior Apprentice-Brother and I die, we will make sure to send you out of here safely!” Liu Chong shouted righteous sounding words . “You can avenge us later by killing that bastard and that wench!” Wench referred to Lifei .

As his last word was uttered, Huang Xiaolong disappeared from where he stood, the next thing everyone heard was howling pain . Searching for the origin, everyone saw the middle of Liu Chong’s forehead had been pierced and now had a finger-sized hole that sprayed out blood like a red pillar . When Liu Chong’s body tumbled to the ground, Huang Xiaolong’s figure gradually reappeared, standing on the same spot as he did before .

Everyone present stared dumbly at Liu Chong’s stiff corpse, including the first amongst them who submitted, Lifei!

No one saw exactly how Huang Xiaolong killed Liu Chong, not even Qin Yang next to him .

The power to manipulate space?! Qin Yang watched Huang Xiaolong, drastically astounded . Only a Saint realm expert had the ability to manipulate the power of space, but Huang Xiaolong was not a Saint realm warrior!

Ignoring the shocked looks directed at him, not even sparing a glance at the dead Liu Chong, Huang Xiaolong looked at Qin Yang, “Now, do you still want to negotiate conditions?”

Qin Yang paled in his speechlessness .

It didn’t take long for Qin Yang to submit to Huang Xiaolong without any condition . Following Qin Yang’s submission, Jie Dong also submitted without much resistance .

Huang Xiaolong proceeded to mark their souls, and when all was done, he relaxed . With this, the Ghost Shadow Sect was under his control now, in other words, the Blood River City was already in his pocket .

In fact, this was an unexpected harvest to him . Telling the four of them to deal with Liu Chong’s corpse, the five of them left the valley and traveled forth . Half a day later, they came to a stop at the foothill of a certain mountain .

Taking out the map, Huang Xiaolong began to study it . In the past, while he was still studying in Cosmic Star Academy and Duanren Institute, he researched many times this ancient text and writing, therefore he managed to decipher what was written on the partial map .

“City of Myriad Gods, Four Seas Mountain?” After several hours of going over the map, the location the map pointed to was close to the City of Myriad Gods, in a place called Four Seas Mountain .

In other words, the place where this ancient God Tribe master cultivated during his life was at this Four Seas Mountain!