Invincible - Chapter 284

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Chapter 284

Chapter 284: Poison Saint Sect

Two Cui Family women? This sentence caught Huang Xiaolong’s attention .

“Hehe, our Young Lord has lady luck smiling on him tonight, one young and one old, a pair of beauties, and I can tell the young one is still a virgin, it’s going to be a lot of fun playing with her!” The voice added with a tinge of excitement .

Two muffled voices ringing with filthy laughter sounded in the night, gradually drifting far away .

A light gleamed in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes .

The two Cui Family women, without a doubt, referred to Cui Li and her young aunt . The world was so vast, with many people having the same surname, but Huang Xiaolong believed this was too much of a coincidence .

Listening to the two men’s conversation for a while, Huang Xiaolong disappeared from his room in a flicker . Though it was not his principle to be nosy, it also wasn’t in his character to ignore something happening right in front of him either .

Trailing behind the two people, Huang Xiaolong reached an abandoned little courtyard located in one of the more secluded corners of Imperial Saber City . Both men were seen entering the small courtyard .

Hesitating briefly, Huang Xiaolong followed in quietly, attaching himself to the roof when angry noises and sounds of battle rang out up ahead . Huang Xiaolong looked down .

In the yard below, four people were fighting, two of them were the people he followed over, whereas the other two were Cui Li and her young aunt . However, the three other people with Cui Li and her young aunt during the day were nowhere to be seen .

Huang Xiaolong watched the two men waving their hands and two black shadows flew out, in the next instant, Cui Li and the other woman fainted and fell to the floor . It happened too suddenly and Huang Xiaolong was too late to stop it . After that small surprise, Huang Xiaolong focused on the black shadows, watching them fly back to the men’s hands . Underneath the moonlight, two small black worm-like insects were revealed, with ink-black carapaces that reflected the moonlight and small beady green eyes .

Black Poison Beetles! Huang Xiaolong was astonished .

The Black Poison Beetles were a variant of toxic beetles . If bitten, the entire body would succumb to a numbing paralysis, dizziness, and even fainting, lasting an hour . Without the antidote, the victim’s flesh would decay and rot, with pain so excruciating assaulting the body that death felt like mercy . He didn’t expect that these two men actually bred this kind of Black Poison Beetles .

On the other side, the two men kept the poisonous beetles and approached the two women on the floor, snickering wickedly, with eyes roaming all over their bodies .

Beneath the soft moonlight, the two women appeared more alluring and beautiful . The high rise of their fair-skin curves exuded an inexplicable temptation, rousing a yearning in the hearts of the seer .

“No wonder Young Lord ordered us not to kill these two women . ” One of the men spoke lecherously, “Even I do not have the heart to hurt these two dainty little beauties . ”

The other man squatted down beside Cui Li’s young aunt, his hands crudely brushed against her breast before kneading them with a vengeance, commenting: “Quite big, nice texture too, very comfortable . ” his hands slid down as he said that, planning to explore the lower region .

“That’s enough, the Young Lord wants these two women, we need to bring them to him as soon as possible . Otherwise, if Young Lord finds out about this, you know his methods . ”

Only then did the man stop his actions .

“Rest assured, once Young Lord grows tired of them, he will reward them to us, you can play to your heart’s content at that time . ” Both of them moved to carry both women, wanting to leave the courtyard .

Just as they prepared to carry them away, a shadow shifted and there was an additional person standing in front of them .

“Who?!” Seeing an unexpected person suddenly appearing right in front of them, both men were alarmed, both barked threateningly at the same time .

Huang Xiaolong stared at both men coldly: “Take out the antidote . ”

The men exchanged a glance in silence . One of them broke out in mocking snicker, “Kid, you’re being too nosy in others’ affairs . You must know, nosy people come to no good ending . ”

“Really?” Huang Xiaolong’s eyes turned icy .

Both men moved suddenly, waving their hands out, and two tiny black shadows shot out in Huang Xiaolong’s direction .

Seeing this, Huang Xiaolong sneered, the Blades of Asura appeared in his hand and slashed out cleanly . Both blades cut across the air and metal-like sounds were heard as two tiny sparks burned, issuing high-pitched shrieks . Two Black Poison Beetles fell, landing inches from Huang Xiaolong’s feet, both black beetles were halved by his blades .

“You!!” Watching their Black Poison Beetle split into two, both men were enraged and startled .

“Kid, you actually dared to kill our Poison Saint Sect’s Black Poison Beetles!” One man bellowed, whereas his comrade’s silhouette flickered into a blur, his hand holding a long sword aimed at Huang Xiaolong’s eyes . Underneath the pale moonlight, the edge of the sword shone with an opaque green, it was evident that it was smeared with toxic poison .

Huang Xiaolong stood unmoving as he watched the sword tip coming at him . When the attacker was inches from him, Huang Xiaolong’s figure swayed to the side, leaving the sword barely grazing his skin while the Blades of Asura in his hands turned, slitting the man’s throat .

All actions stopped . The long sword fell to the ground as the man’s hands clutched at his own neck, filled with horror and despair feeling warm blood spurting out, seeping through his fingers . Moments later, he tumbled to the ground .

These two men were no weaklings, both were Xiantian Fourth Orders, one of them was even a late-Xiantian Fourth Order . Still, before Huang Xiaolong, all were but smoke .

“You, you…!” Watching Huang Xiaolong killed his comrade in the blink of an eye, he looked at Huang Xiaolong in horror, his feet moving back, voice stammering: “I beg you, don’t kill me, I’m…” his voice was cut off here as a cold blade light gleamed across his neck, leaving behind a bloody hole in his throat .

Huang Xiaolong coldly watched the man fall to the ground . Releasing the Blades of Asura, he searched both bodies and found two jade bottles . Opening them . Huang Xiaolong took a sniff and determined they contained the antidote required .

Other than the antidotes, Huang Xiaolong found two secret technique manuals . A quick flip through them told Huang Xiaolong that one was the method of breeding the Black Poison Beetles and the other was a poison attack battle skill .

Everything was placed into the Asura Ring by Huang Xiaolong . Only when these were done did he approach the two women, prying open their mouths and pouring the antidote inside . The antidote worked almost immediately, it didn’t take long for both women to regain consciousness .

“Huang, Xiaolong!” When Cui Li opened her eyes, Huang Xiaolong’s face entered her vision, apart from surprise, there was a hint of happiness in her voice .

“Li Li!” Exactly at this time, an angry shout rang out . In the next moment, a figure launched an attack on Huang Xiaolong, a sharp double-edged sword swinging down on Huang Xiaolong’s back: “Let go of Li Li!”

Huang Xiaolong frowned, a displeased expression on his face but he did not dodge, releasing a sphere of vigor qi around himself, bouncing off the attack and the attacker who was none other than one of three men in Cui Li’s group during the day . It was clear he misunderstood that Huang Xiaolong wanted to do something unseemly towards both women, judging upon the scene he arrived on .

The other two men also entered the courtyard moments later .

“Wait, Big bro Duojie, he rescued us!” Cui Li shouted when that young man wanted to launch a second attack on Huang Xiaolong . The young man was stunned and sought Cui Li’s young aunt for confirmation . She nodded her head .

“Hmph!” Cui Duojie snorted disdainfully, “Although this kid saved both of you, who knows for sure if he wasn’t in cahoots with those Poison Saint Sect people from the beginning!”

Cui Li stood up facing Huang Xiaolong, “Xiaolong, I’m sorry, Brother Duojie he…”

Before Cui Li could finish her words, Huang Xiaolong merely glanced at the young man, turned around and left .

Watching Huang Xiaolong’s leaving silhouette, her eyes became red . A teardrop fell…