Invincible - Chapter 400

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Chapter 400

Chapter 400: Hurry, Notify the Castellan

Yang Ying, as the noblest daughter of a city, the City Castellan’s daughter, was the subject of admiration from numerous families’ disciples of South Oblast City . How distinguished her status was that even other cities’ Castellans in the South Oblast region showed courtesy when meeting her .

But now, a measly small family disciple dared to snide her, ‘requesting’ her to strip naked in public!

Lin Wu and Qin Guo awoke from their shock at this point .

“You cad, how dare you taunt Miss Yang!” Lin Wu snarled .

“You deserve to die a thousand deaths! Which family’s disciple are you!” Qin Guo joined in with an angry bellow .

The loud ruckus inside the hall alerted the Castellan Manor guards waiting outside, the group of thirty or so guards hurried into the building .

As the Castellan’s daughter, Yang Ying was accompanied by a large group of Castellan Manor guards everywhere she went .

“Which family?” Huang Xiaolong was unconcerned with the rush of guards into the hall, “Huang Family . ”

Huang Family? Lin Wu, Qin Guo, and the others quickly searched through their memories, but in the whole South Oblast City, there was no family with the surname Huang, cementing their belief that this young man was a disciple of a small and inconsequential family . But then again, within the walls of South Oblast City, even if one was a disciple of a prominent family, no family would be willing to protect a mediocre disciple after he offended Yang Ying .

Lil’ Tian, however, perked his ears with interest after he noticed the group of guards rushing into the hall, his little face shone, “Big brother, are we having another fight?”

Huang Xiaolong laughed hearing Lil’ Tian’s question, “That’s right . ”

Lil’ Tian whooped with joy, “Really? I love fighting the most!”

Lin Wu scoffed with contempt, “Love fighting? Little bastard, this is not your usual little children's fight where you fool around . ” He naturally assumed the ‘fighting’ Lil’ Tian referred to was nothing more than children getting rough for a piece of candy .

“I hate people calling me little bastard!” Lil’ Tian’s eyes turned red all of a sudden . A ferocious light gleamed in them . The next thing everyone saw was Lil’ Tian aiming a punch at Lin Wu .

Lin Wu snorted watching this, he didn’t really put an eight-year-old kid in his eyes as he attacked dismissively at Lil’ Tian . But in the next moment, Lin Wu’s expression changed as horror filled his eyes . When their fists connected, Lin Wu realized too late that the small fist contained an overwhelming power, instantly shattering the protective barrier of his battle qi .

Lil’ Tian’s fist bulled straight at Lin Wu’s chest .

A scream rang out in the hall as Lin Wu’s body flew off without resistance, crashing into a wall, leaving a large hole behind while he rolled all the way to the back area .

Gu Feng, who was watching while planning how to get the Nine Leaves Purple Grass and Human-shaped Purpleblood Ginseng off Huang Xiaolong, was alarmed that Lin Wu ended up being disadvantaged .

The expressions on Yang Ying, the rest of the group, as well as the Castellan Manor’s guards mirrored Gu Feng’s .

Although Lin Wu’s cultivation hadn’t reached high-level Xiantian realm, he was still a mid-level Xiantian realm expert at late-Sixth Order Xiantian, yet he was sent flying by a mere eight-year-old kid with a single punch!

Similar to the situation in Aowu shop a few hours before, the spacious hall filled with people turned deathly quiet .

“Miss, Young Noble Lin is dead!” One of the Castellan Manor guards that went to check Lin’s condition, came to Yang Ying’s side and reported .

Dead! Yang Ying’s beautiful eyes widened .

The Lin Family was one of South Oblast City’s super families, and Lin Wu, as one of the Lin Family’s main branch descendants, was just killed!

On another side of the city, in the south side residence main hall, an old man in red robes sat in the main seat . This old man was none other than the Chief Steward of South Oblast City’s Castellan Manor, Luo Yun, the one behind Aowu Shop .

All the Elders of the Aowu Shop were present, seated on both sides of the hall .

“So, what all of you are saying is that a little child killed all of our Aowu Shop’s fifty over Xiantian realm guards?!” Luo Yun’s face darkened . He didn’t expect to receive such bad news upon coming out from closed-door practice .

“Yes, that is so, Master . ” Chen Ding stood up from his seat, answering his Master .

Deep furrows creased Luo Yun’s forehead, “A small child? Are you sure that it was a small child that attacked them?”

“Yes, an Elder from Autumn Shadow witnessed it . ” Chen Ding affirmed .

A certain light flickered in Luo Yun’s eyes as he pondered aloud, “A small eight-year-old kid actually has the strength to kill high-level Xiantian realm experts? There are three possibilities; one, this child is actually a devil race expert, due to practicing a certain kind of devil race cultivation technique, whether it was his stature or appearance, they look like a child’s . The second possibility is that person is dwarf race expert . ” Luo Yun’s voice paused here, scanning the faces before him, “The third possibility is that child is actually a demonic beast that has evolved into human form!”

“Demonic beast that has evolved into human form?!”

“A Saint level demonic beast!”

Astonished gasps echoed in the hall .

Chen Ding was dumbfounded, “Master, that, that’s not possible right? Could it be that all six of them are demonic beasts?”

The rest of the Elders were also bewildered, thinking that the possibility was too low .

In general, demonic beasts rarely ventured into cities dense with human population, because once they were found out, they would be hunted by all human experts .

Furthermore, if the other side was really formed from demonic beasts that had evolved, shouldn’t they keep a low profile instead of making trouble in such blatant manner within the city area in broad daylight? After all, South Oblast City wasn’t just any city, there were many Saint realm experts stationed there .

Luo Yun sounded grim, “Indeed, the possibility of Saint level demonic beasts is very low, then, it is most likely they are devil race experts . ” His tone changed suddenly, “Where are they now?”

Chen Ding answered, “The spy we sent to keep an eye on them just sent a message back a while ago, those people are currently at the Archaic Peak Appraisal Firm . ”

“Archaic Peak Appraisal Firm?” One of the Elders present jumped up from his seat in anxiety, blurting out: “Miss Yang Ying went to the Archaic Peak Appraisal Firm this morning, wanting to have some items appraised . ”

“What?!” The expressions of everyone in the hall darkened .

“Quick, hurry, report to the Castellan!” Luo Yun hastened his disciple Chen Ding, realizing the situation could go in the wrong direction .

“Yes, Master!” Chen Ding complied, leaving the hall in swift steps .

“All of you, follow me to the Archaic Peak Appraisal Firm immediately!” Subsequently, Luo Yun barked an order to the present Aowu Shop Elders .

The Elders bowed slightly in compliance .

Luo Yun promptly gathered all of Aowu Shop’s Elders and departed towards the Archaic Peak Appraisal in grand momentum, leaving a trail of dust behind them .

At the same time, inside the Archaic Peak Appraisal Firm’s hall, Lil’ Tian’s small fists were swinging around energetically . With each swing, there would be a South Oblast City Castellan Manor’s guard sent flying out of the building .

Before the horrified faces of Yang Ying, Gu Feng, and the others, soon, not one guard remained standing . They were either thrown out from the building, or flung to a corner of the hall, on the street, or rolled all the way to the back area .

A suffocating silence shrouded the hall .

In the midst of this silence, Huang Xiaolong retraced his steps, back to the same place he sat earlier, and sat down . Then, he pointed a finger at the Archaic Peak Appraisal Firm’s boss, Gu Feng: “You, come over here . ”

Gu Feng’s heart nearly jumped out of his chest, with quivering legs he somehow managed to walk over to where Huang Xiaolong was .

Huang Xiaolong once again took out the same Nine Leaves Purple Grass and the Human-shaped Purplebood Ginseng, placing them on the table in plain view . “Boss Gu, this Nine Leaves Purple Grass and Human-shaped Purpleblood Ginseng that you examined earlier, are you sure now that they are really ten thousand years old?”

Huang Xiaolong’s gaze was like daggers looking at Gu Feng .

Gu Feng was tongue-tied with fear, “It’s, it’s slightly over ten thousand years . ”

A sharp glint flashed across Huang Xiaolong’s eyes, even at this point, this Archaic Peak Appraisal Firm’s boss still dared to deceive him without batting an eye .

“Is that so?” Huang Xiaolong’s snicker was absent of mirth, “Did you think that I don’t know that these Nine Leaves Purple Grass and Human-shaped Purpleblood Ginseng are close to forty thousand years old?”