Invincible - Chapter 401

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Chapter 401

Chapter 401: Mister Luo Yun!

As those words drummed into Gu Feng’s ears, his legs grew soft and buckled down .

“Young Noble, I, I, I made a momentarily mistake, it’s, it’s actually close to forty thousand years!” Gu Feng quivered .

“A momentary mistake?” Huang Xiaolong sneered .

Exactly at this moment, the sound of sharp whistling wind came from outside the hall . In a flicker, a group of people led by an old man in red robes and a head full of gray hair appeared in front of everyone in the hall .

“Mister Luo Yun!” The look of despair, fear, and hopelessness on Gu Feng’s face vanished like the sun coming out behind the clouds the moment he saw the old man .

Gu Feng felt like he had just run a lap around death’s door .

Needless to say, Luo Yun was a Xiantian realm expert .

Luo Yun was secretly relieved seeing that Yang Ying was unharmed when he arrived, “Miss, are you alright?”

“I’m fine . ” Yang Ying’s heart calmed down as if she found her pillar of strength .

Gu Feng, who was kneeling in front of Huang Xiaolong, turned over in Luo Yun’s direction . Then he swiftly getting up to his feet, seeking safety at Luo Yun’s side, “Mister Luo, you must save me . ”

The Archaic Peak Appraisal Firm and Aowu Shop had always maintained a good business cooperation . In these hundred years, it was only due to Archaic Peak Appraisal Firm’s assistance that Aowu Shop was able to amass its amazing wealth .

Luo Yun nodded at him before turning to Huang Xiaolong’s group . But when he noticed the two giant puppets among the group, he paused for a second, revealing a contemplative expression .

In this short span of time, sounds of rushing wind continued to echo as Aowu Shop’s line-up of Elders arrived one after another .

This scene made Yang Ying and Gu Feng’s worries disappear completely .

Yang Ying said to Luo Yun, “Mister Luo Yun, just now this lowly commoner insulted me with vulgar words, help me cut off his tongue as punishment!” Those beautiful eyes shone with anger as her finger pointed at Huang Xiaolong .

Luo Yun and all Aowu Shop Elders’ attention focused on Huang Xiaolong . However, as if having Huang Xiaolong’s tongue cut off wasn’t enough to vent Yang Ying’s anger, she added another sentence in a sharp voice: “Then dig out his eyes!”

Despite that, Luo Yun looked as if he didn’t hear Yang Ying’s words, the contemplative expression remained on his face .

“Mister Luo Yun!” Noticing that her words seemed to fell on deaf ears, Yang Ying increased her voice another notch .

This time, Luo Yun was pulled out from his thoughts .

Still, Luo Yun did not act upon Yang Ying’s request immediately . Organizing his thoughts, he said to Yang Ying, “Miss, I have already sent people to inform the Castellan . He will be arriving shortly, let us wait for the Castellan to decide on this matter . ”

Yang Ying was stunned, half thinking that her ears must have heard wrong . As South Oblast City Castellan Manor’s Chief Steward, Luo Yun had always acted decisively and ruthlessly . In the past, if something similar to today's events happened, Luo Yun would’ve made a move by now, annihilating the other side down to the very last one! But this time, Luo Yun dared not act?!

Dare not act?

But, before Yang Ying could speak again, Huang Xiaolong’s voice sounded: “Kill them!”

The two giant puppets behind Huang Xiaolong moved . One cornered Luo Yun, while the other faced the entire group of Aowu Shop Elders .

Luo Yun was greatly shocked, the speed of the giant puppet was way faster than his reaction speed . The giant puppet had already raised its palm, striking Luo Yun’s chest .

“Spirit Ape Steps!” At the very last moment, Luo Yun was jolted to his senses . His body spun away, agile like a spirit ape, exerting all his effort to dodge the attack . At the same time, Luo Yun’s palm aimed at the giant puppet’s torso .

“Demon King Shaking Heaven Palm!”

The palm attack howled in the air, exuding a whelming demonic aura .

The Spirit Ape Steps was a movement technique that Luo Yun found in an ancient cultivation cave, a unique technique belonging to a God Realm master .

However, just as Luo Yun executed the beginning of his Spirit Ape Steps, a tyrannical power surged toward him as the giant puppet’s palm struck his chest . Simultaneously, Luo Yun’s palm landed on the giant puppet’s torso .

Two resounding blasts rang out in the air, followed by a tragic wail . The present people saw the mighty Castellan Manor Chief Steward Luo Yun fall from the air, akin to a broken kite, whereas the giant puppet merely wavered slightly, retreating two steps .

Yang Ying, the Archaic Peak Appraisal Firm’s Boss Gu Feng, and the others around watched as Luo Yun’s body flew passed them, crashing into the opposite side of the street . Luo Yun’s entire chest sunk in a gruesome manner as blood spurted out from his mouth uncontrollably .

Another scream resounded in the hall as another human figure was sent flying . From his robe, it was clear that person was one of Aowu Shop’s Elder . The strongest amongst these Aowu Shop Elder was merely peak late-Xiantian Tenth Order, how could they resist against a Tenth Order Saint realm puppet’s attack?

In front of Yang Ying, Gu Feng, and everyone’s horrified eyes, these Aowu Shop Elders that rushed over were swiftly dealt with by the two giant puppets in a few breaths’ time .

Once again, the spacious hall fell into a restless silence .

A raspy voice broke the silence, coming from Luo Yun as he struggled to stand up, his eyes staring fixedly at the two giant puppets with undisguisable fear .

“Mid-level Saint realm?!” His voice was shaky . That hit he took from the giant puppet definitely contained the power of a mid-level Saint realm expert .

He had spent the last few hundred years practicing the Spirit Ape Steps and enhancing his physical body’s defense . By now, it was much stronger than average experts on the same level, comparable to Second Order Saint realm’s physical toughness . Only Fourth Order Saint realm experts were capable of injuring him to this extent .

Fourth Order Saint realm! Yang Ying, Gu Feng, and the rest felt their minds hum staring at the giant puppets, dumbfounded .

In the next moment, a question struck them . If these two giants were that black-haired young man’s guards, then that black-haired young man…?!

Huang Xiaolong stood up at this time, approaching Luo Yun in slow unhurried stride . When he passed Yang Ying and Gu Feng, both of them stiffened in fear, not even a hair dared to move .

“Who are you really?” Seeing Huang Xiaolong coming at him, Luo Yun staggered back .

“Who I am is not important . ” Huang Xiaolong shook his head . At the end of that sentence, he raised a finger . The Absolute Soul Finger shrouded with true essence fire burned a hole through the center of Luo Yun’s eyebrows .

Luo Yun’s eyes widened as if he never imagined that Huang Xiaolong would kill him, more precisely, would be able to kill him .

Vitality slipped away form Luo Yun’s body and he tumbled down heavily .

With a casual wave, Huang Xiaolong kept Luo Yun’s body and his spatial ring into the Linglong Treasure Pagoda . Knowing that the Poison Corpse Scarabs could evolve, he planned to put Luo Yun’s Saint realm corpse to good use .

Huang Xiaolong turned around, his attention on Yang Ying and Gu Feng .

“No, don’t kill me!” Yang Ying’s delicate face turned pallid, shaking her head as she pleaded in fear .

Huang Xiaolong raised a finger again, the force instantly penetrated Gu Feng’s temple . Blood splattered all over Yang Ying’s face . Watching Gu Feng’s body falling in her direction, her shrill scream rendered the hall .

“Let’s go . ” Huang Xiaolong said to Zhao Shu, Zhang Fu, and Lil’ Tian .

Go? Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu were baffled . They assumed that Huang Xiaolong’s initial plan was to lure South Oblast City’s Castellan, Yang Liang, and the person behind him, Yang Qing over, then kill both of them once and for all . Why did Sovereign change his mind all of a sudden?

Despite their doubt, neither asked anything, merely complied with respect .

In a flicker, Huang Xiaolong’s group disappeared from view .

Not long after they left, the space in the Archaic Peak Appraisal Firm rippled violently as several dark silhouettes emerged from the void .

The new arrival was Yang Liang, and the backing behind him, White Phoenix House’s Grand Elder Yang Qing .

“Ying’er!” The first thing Yang Liang saw was Yang Ying’s blood-drenched face, sending him into a fright . He reached Yang Ying’s side in an instant .

Whereas Yang Qing and several others spread out their spiritual sense, searching every inch of space in the proximity .

By now, Huang Xiaolong’s group had already left South Oblast City . A few hours after that, the group appeared above a small mountain range .