Invincible - Chapter 496

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Chapter 496

Chapter 496: Deities Templar’s Li Lu Appears

A light glimmered in Huang Xiaolong’s hands, revealing the Blades of Asura .

Sea Emperor Vander felt the monstrous killing intent vibrating from Huang Xiaolong and fear instantly took over him . Forced into a desperate corner, Sea Emperor Vander raised his head toward the sky shouting, “Deities Templar’s Holy Maiden, why aren’t you coming to save me?!”

Deities Templar’s Holy Maiden?! 

Huang Xiaolong and the crowd were stunned .

Precisely at this moment, two sharp sword energies—one black and one white, pierced through space, reaching Huang Xiaolong’s back in the blink of an eye .

Huang Xiaolong was startled but it did not delay his reaction . The Blades of Asura in his hands swung out decisively with a turn of his wrists .

Zheng! The shrill noises of metal colliding sounded more than once .

Huang Xiaolong staggered as he fended off the sneak attack, and was shocked to feel numbness traveling up his arms . Looking at the source of the attack, he saw a woman dressed in pure black . Her face obscured under a thin veil .

The woman exuded a kind of high noble atmosphere, majestic, inviolable, as well as extreme coldness .

Despite the other side’s face being covered with a veil, Huang Xiaolong recognized who this woman was in a single glance—Li Lu!

But when their eyes met in midair, all he saw was an abyss of coldness . When she looked at him, it was no different than looking at a stranger… as if they did not recognize each other at all .

While Huang Xiaolong was observing Li Lu, the surrounding space fluctuated as silhouettes emerged from the void behind her . Deities Templar’s experts, Cosmos God Cult’s experts, and of course, experts from Sin City .

There were no signs of Distinct Void Door or the White Phoenix House .

A quick count gave him exactly three hundred people, not too many nor too little . Moreover, all of them were high-level Saint realm experts, the weaker ones were also at Seventh Order Saint realm .

Huang Xiaolong’s eyes narrowed into thin slits . The fact that Deities Templar, Cosmos God Cult, and Sin City were willing to send three hundred high-level Saint realm experts was more than he expected .

‘Three hundred?’ Huang Xiaolong sneered inside . Three hundred high-level Saint realm experts sounded scary, however, before the beastmen tribes and demonic beast clans, this number was still far from enough to fill the gaps between their teeth .

When Sea Emperor Vander saw the experts from Deities Templar, Cosmos God Cult, and Sin City show themselves, it was like he grasped the last hope at life, quickly climbing up to his feet and running to the Holy Maiden side .

Huang Xiaolong did not make any move to end Sea Emperor Vander, he merely watched the experts from Deities Templar’s side quietly .

“Holy Maiden, you’re all finally here!” Sea Emperor Vander wiped away the cold sweat running down his forehead, a beaming smile on his face .

Li Lu looked at Huang Xiaolong with the same cold indifferent eyes, “Huang Xiaolong, kneel down now, lead the beastmen tribes and demonic beast clans to submit under Deities Templar as our dog . Deities Templar can consider wiping off old grudges and start again with a clean slate, if not, die!”

Huang Xiaolong frowned .

The reason for his frown wasn’t Li Lu’s words, but because despite the great disparity between both sides, Li Lu still uttered such words to make him submit! What was Li Lu relying on to have this confidence?! Even if all the sea tribe’s experts and Green Devil Tribe’s experts joined their side, they were still far from being able to defeat the beastmen and demonic beast experts here .

Just as doubt rose in Huang Xiaolong, a muffled noise was heard . Turning to look, a beastmen tribe expert suddenly fell to the ground, then in the next moment, the same muffled noise came from different locations in the square . It started with one, then it spread to a few, increasing in number . In just a few short moments, more than half of the experts belonging to the beastmen tribes and demonic beast clans laid unconscious on the floor .

In the end, only the high-level Saint realm experts remained standing .

Even though Ao Kun, Chuck, and the rest persevered and managed to stand, the greenish tinge on their faces was evident, including the minuscule swaying of their bodies .

Huang Xiaolong’s face tightened suddenly, for he himself felt a little dizzy .

Li Lu smirked at Huang Xiaolong’s change of expression, “Huang Xiaolong, let me enlighten you . The joss sticks you used for worship earlier contained a unique ancient poison called One Day Scatter!”

“One Day Scatter!” Not only Ao Kun and Chuck, everyone’s faces became ashen hearing the name .

A poisonous fragrance such as this One Day Scatter was colorless and odorless . When mixed into other things and triggered by heat, in and range if ten li, as long as a person took a whiff of it, within one day’s time their body would feel soft and weak, unable to direct even the smallest amount of battle qi .

Li Lu continued to look at Huang Xiaolong, “Now, kneel down and submit, Huang Xiaolong, we can still spare your life, otherwise…” She waved her hand, letting her actions portray her meaning .

Two sword lights glinted and vanished in the air . Some distance away, a demonic beast expert screamed, falling into a puddle of his own blood .

Fury burned in Ao Kun and Lei Ge’s eyes as well as those who still managed to remain on their feet .  

Sea Emperor Vander, who was standing beside Li Lu, burst out laughing, “Huang Xiaolong, never did you imagine that you'd fall to this level one day, right? Be obedient and kneel, become Deities Templar’s dog and perhaps you might have a chance to live! Let me tell you, us sea tribe, Green Devil Tribe, and in fact all the nine tribes had taken the antidote beforehand . At this moment, in our eyes, you lot are nothing but pigs waiting to be slaughter!”

A sharp light glinted in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes .

“Don’t even think of using the Poison Corpse Scarabs or Devils and Ghosts Flag! After being poisoned with the One Day Scatter, you won't be able to channel even a strand of battle qi!” An expert of Sin City snorted .

To summon both the Devils and Ghosts Flag and the Poison Corpse Scarabs required battle qi .

Huang Xiaolong watched as beastmen and demonic beast high-level experts began to fall . In the end, there were only Ao Kun, Lei Ge, Chuck, and other Tenth Order Saint realm experts left standing, albeit by sheer will .

Killing intent erupted inside Huang Xiaolong, surging madly . He didn’t expect Deities Templar to find something as rare as One Day Scatter . This One Day Scatter Poison could only be solved by a particular flower called Awaken Today . Therefore, even if Huang Xiaolong had the Jasper Lotus and other rare elixirs aged thousands of years old, it was useless at this moment .

Was there really nothing he could do but wait helplessly for death to come?!

In the current situation, Sea Emperor Vander was brave enough to approach Huang Xiaolong, striking a palm at his chest . One palm sent Huang Xiaolong flying back without any resistance . Vander’s mocking laughter rang in the square, “Immediately kneel down before the Holy Maiden!’

Huang Xiaolong crashed heavily to the ground .

In that split second, the Dragon Pearl between his brows slightly trembled . The vague dragon shadow inside the Dragon Pearl opened its jaw, absorbing all the force coming from Sea Emperor Vander’s palm attack . Next, a faint cloudy green vapor from his body was also absorbed by the dragon shadow .

Huang Xiaolong immediately felt the weakness in his limbs and body disappearing at rapid speed, furthermore, he was able to channel his battle qi!

‘This is . . . ?!’ Huang Xiaolong was both shocked and delighted . He didn’t expect the dragon shadow inside the Dragon Pearl to actually have the ability to swallow the One Day Scatter!

One of the Deities Templar’s Elders walked over to Huang Xiaolong, a frigid look in his eyes as he aimed a kick right at Huang Xiaolong’s face .

A sharp light glinted before his foot came in contact . In the next moment, a shower of blood fell on the square and that Deities Templar Elder was seen clutching his neck with both hands, but his eyes were staring at Huang Xiaolong with disbelief . Huang Xiaolong gave a disdainful snort, blasting the Elder’s heart into pieces with one palm before putting his corpse away into the Linglong Treasure Pagoda for the Poison Corpse Scarabs and Devils and Ghosts Flag .

Gripping the Blades of Asura in his hands, Huang Xiaolong slowly got up .

The unexpected turn of event left everyone greatly dumbfounded .

Li Lu’s eyes narrowed in a dignified manner, “You, are not affected?!” Without another word, the black and white swords hovering behind her accelerated in Huang Xiaolong’s direction . It was so fast that it exceeded Huang Xiaolong’s ability to react .

Turning the Blades of Asura in his hands to block, he was still a second too late . The twin black and white swords stabbed into Huang Xiaolong’s chest .

Blood bloomed red on Huang Xiaolong’s robes .

Those black and white swords were Li Lu’s martial spirits .

Huang Xiaolong had refined eight primordial divine dragons and even possessed the True Dragon Physique that was tougher than any godly weapon . Even if he stood still, allowing Ao Kun to strike him with full force, he would not be able to hurt Huang Xiaolong at all . But now, Li Lu’s black and white sword martial spirits pierced through Huang Xiaolong’s True Dragon Physique!