Invincible - Chapter 497

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Chapter 497

Chapter 497: Kill Huang Xiaolong!

The black and white swords flew away immediately after piercing through Huang Xiaolong’s chest, turning into two trails of light that flew straight at Huang Xiaolong’s forehead . Their speed was faster than before by several times!

As the two swords were mere inches from penetrating Huang Xiaolong’s forehead, the Dragon Pearl between Huang Xiaolong’s brows released a brief bright glimmer, accompanied by a mysterious force flooding out .

Both black and white swords were repelled away with a crisp zheng!

Li Lu’s eyes widened in surprise, quickly retrieving both swords into her body while staring intently at the spot between Huang Xiaolong’s eyebrows . In Deities Templar’s information about Huang Xiaolong, none of it mentioned that symbol on his forehead .

She remembered her other Master saying that her Life and Death Yin Yang Sword could kill any expert below God Realm upon success! But now it was actually repelled by a small symbol on Huang Xiaolong’s forehead .

Her gaze moved downward to Huang Xiaolong’s chest where her black and white swords stabbed earlier, only to discover that blood had stopped flowing . In fact, the wound had already healed, as good as new! Uncertainty flitted in her eyes . After being wounded by her Yin Yang sword qi, no one could extract it other than a God Realm master . But Huang Xiaolong once again shattered her confidence!

“Seems like you won’t be submitting to Deities Templar!” Li Lu slowly walked toward Huang Xiaolong, each step elegant .  A contrast to her cold voice, “Since it’s like that, I will kill you to avenge my Master!”

The black and white twin swords shot out again, flying straight at Huang Xiaolong’s eyes .

His figure vanished from the spot in a blur, letting the swords pierce through an afterimage . When Huang Xiaolong appeared again, he was behind Li Lu with the Blades of Asura swinging down .

“Eye of Reincarnation!”

A giant glowing red eyeball formed, spewing out countless saber lights aimed at Li Lu’s back . But within one zhang radius around Li Lu’s body, two kinds of energy flowed out from her body, one black and one white, vibrating at a high frequency to repel the Eye of Reincarnation’s countless saber lights .

Huang Xiaolong did not dally, quickly leaping away, the Wings of Demon spread out from his back . At the same time, Huang Xiaolong summoned the black and blue twin dragons, but he did not soul transformed, instead he sent the twin dragons into the midst of Deities Templar’s experts with a casual wave of his hand . The black and blue twin dragons weaved their bodies through the group of experts, pulverizing more than a dozen people into mincemeat .

“All Deities Templar, Cosmos God Cult, and Sin City’s experts attack together, kill Huang Xiaolong!” Li Lu snapped an order, adding, “Also, sea tribe, Green Devil Tribe, and the rest, finish off the beastmen and demonic beast clans! All the others that refused to submit, kill them all the same!”

When the other patriarchs and experts heard this, their faces turned whiter than paper .

Whoever unwilling to submit, kill all!

The majority of Ten Directions Continent’s Saint realm experts were gathered here . Killing all of them would leave only those few Saint realm experts . It would result in a Ten Directions Continent almost emptied of experts, it was very cruel!

“Yes, Holy Maiden!” Sea Emperor Vander complied with a huge smirk on his face as he took large strides toward Ao Kun, Lei Ge, Chuck, and the rest .

Huang Xiaolong might have resolved the One Day Scatter poison in his body, but Ao Kun and the others were still pigs waiting to be slaughtered, with no power to resist at all .

Sea Emperor Vander and a group of experts stopped in front the beastmen and demonic beast clan experts with a cold sneer on their faces as they drew their weapons .

“Die!!” Sea Emperor Vander licked his lips in anticipation, not holding back as he sent a full force punch at Ao Kun .

The sea tribe and Green Devil Tribe’s experts also began attacking, but their actions were interrupted by a loud dragon roar .

Several primordial divine dragons emerged out of nowhere, diving into the midst of the sea tribe and Green Devil Tribe, scattering the experts off in panic .

“Fifteen Moves of the Dragon God!”

“The First Move, A Weyr of Dragons Swimming in the Sea!”

“The Second Move, Dragon God Flipping the Sea!”

“The Third Move, Sky Dragon Shattering Mountains!”

Huang Xiaolong stood high in the air, attacking the experts from Deities Templar, sea tribe, and all the opposing side’s experts . One move after another from the Fifteen Moves of Dragon God were executed .

The sky was filled with shadows of primordial divine dragons . Oppressive dragon might had the entire square locked down .

At the same time, Huang Xiaolong seized the small window to throw Ao Kun, Lei Ge, Chuck, and all beastmen and demonic clans experts into the Godly Mt . Xumi with a wave of his hand .

Under the bombardment from the Fifteen Moves of Dragon God, the experts from Deities Templar, sea tribe, and the other opposing tribes were forced to retreat in embarrassment . Those slightly weaker exploded into pieces with one punch from Huang Xiaolong .

A silhouette leaped up from the ground— it was Li Lu! Her eyes shone with monstrous killing intent . Huang Xiaolong’s growth had far exceeded her assumption, not to mention the fact that his every move was so brutal!

“Great Yin Yang Slash!” She shouted . A black and white sword shot out, separating itself into hundreds, thousands of sword energies that formed a sword tomb in the shape of a black and white wheel, spinning toward Huang Xiaolong .

Everything in its path was cut, including space .

Turbulent space currents leaked out from the many space openings .

Huang Xiaolong watched with cold eyes, swinging the Blades of Asura in his hands . Countless saber lights formed into two wind vortices, colliding with the black and white swords .

Even the Heavens shook from the collision, stray sword and saber lights flew off in all directions . The sea tribe and Green Devil Tribe experts below that did not manage to dodge in time were split and pierced through by these two people’s attacks, splashing a large area of bright red on the square .

Huang Xiaolong snorted at the result . A thousand arms fanned out from his back, hitting out punches from high air .

A thousand Great Void Divine Fists whistled past the wind .

Li Lu’s expression changed looking at the extent of damage on the ground . She summoned the black and white swords back to her, hovering in front of her in the shape of a cross . With a slight push forward, the crossed swords exploded in a blinding light brighter than the sun .

 Huang Xiaolong’s torrent of Great Void Divine Fists fell into the crossed-swords .

Shockwaves exploded, the crossed-swords were shaking violently .

Every punch that landed forced the crossed-swords back a few meters, but regardless of the attacks, it did not disintegrate, stubbornly maintaining its crossed pattern .

A short while later, Li Lu was forced back to the ground, looking a few shades whiter . Despite withstanding one attack from Huang Xiaolong’s Godly Xumi Art, her Life and Death Yin Yang qi was forced into chaos . Most of her internal organs were jumbled up .

“Godly Xumi Art!” Seeing a thousand arms, Li Lu was unable to disguise the trepidation in her eyes .

This Godly Xumi Art was hailed as Martial Spirit World’s strongest battle skill, its power was actually this strong! However, this stoked her desire to battle even more .

A myriad of black and white sword energies burst out from her body .

After forcing Li Lu back to the ground with the Godly Xumi Art, Huang Xiaolong waved his arms, inserting the Devils and Ghosts Flag into the void right above the square center . Ghost aura rumbled out like tidal waves, turning into countless evil spirits, casting darkness over the entire Nine Dragons Square as they attacked experts from the Deities Templar’s side .

At the same time, Huang Xiaolong also brought out the Poison Corpse Scarabs, overrunning the earth .

The Deities Templar experts trapped inside the Devil and Ghost Flag array became pale watching the large swarm of Poison Corpse Scarabs covering the sky above them . They began to attack the array formation with madness, hoping to break out as soon as possible .

The one thousand arms at Huang Xiaolong’s back slammed down again, killing dozens of experts from the opposing tribes . Their souls were immediately swallowed by the Devils and Ghosts Flag, becoming one of the many evil spirits within .

A short while later, Huang Xiaolong once again channeled his true essence energy, making possible a third Godly Xumi Art attack, leaving another area tainted with blood .

With Huang Xiaolong’s perverse true Dragon Physique’s attack power, an early Tenth Order or mid-Tenth Order could only withstand one hit from Huang Xiaolong .

He struck again with the Godly Xumi Art . Based on Huang Xiaolong’s current strength of battle qi and true essence fire, he was able to supply enough battle qi to execute the Godly Xumi Art two times in a row .

Watching their comrades exploding into mincemeat, those experts trapped inside the Devils and Ghosts Flag lost all hope .

Inside the large array, Li Lu’s eyes were spitting fire, she did not expect things to develop in this way . She was sure that Huang Xiaolong was poisoned by the One Day Scatter, but why, how did he become alright in less than a breath’s time?!

“Separating Yin Yang World!” Li Lu leaped up from the ground again, and the black and white swords flew out from her body, creating a barrier of sword energy that separated the world into white and black . A small crack opened on the Devils and Ghosts Flag .