Invincible - Chapter 708

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Chapter 708: 708

“How is that person’s strength? Did you manage to find out his identity?” After a brief moment of mad joy, Lu Ruibing urgently asked…

Gao Haiming truthfully reported, “That person is an early-Eighth Order God Realm master, as for who he is or his background, we do not have that information as of yet . But, one thing is for sure, he’s not from our Peace Emperor World . ”

A light flickered in Lu Ruibing’s eyes: “Early-Eighth Order God Realm . ”

Goa Haiming hesitated before adding, “Young Palace Lord, do you think this person is connected to the Zhao Family?”

Three days had passed since the Zhao Family’s Patriarch Zhao Weitong and its Grand Elders were annihilated, the matter had already spread throughout the entire Peace Emperor World, shaking it upside-down .

Lu Ruibing laughed when he heard that, “Branch Leader Haiming, I understand what you’re worried about, but do you think a single early-Eighth Order God Realm master is capable of annihilating the Zhao Family’s Patriarch and over forty of its Grand Elders? Forget an early-Eighth Order God Realm, not even an early-Ninth Order God Realm can pull something like this, right?”

Gao Haiming nodded in agreement .

Indeed, as Lu Ruibing said, even an early-Ninth Order God Realm master wasn't capable of annihilating over forty Zhao Family Grand Elders, including the Zhao Family Patriarch, even less so an early-Eighth Order God Realm master .

Perhaps he was overthinking things .

“Young Palace Lord, shouldn’t we first report this matter to Palace Lord and Mistress?” Pondering slightly, Gao Haiming said to Lu Ruibing . Though the suspicions that this person was related to the Zhao Family’s annihilation was quelled, he felt that it paid to be more cautious .

Lu Ruibing shook his head, smiling as he said, “No need, I want to give Father and Mother a surprise after we succeed . Moreover, informing them now is not of much use, by the time they rush over, six or seven hours would have already passed, that person would be long gone . ” Lu Ruibing showed a resolute expression, “Pass down my orders, gather all Black North Branch’s Sixth Order God Realm masters and above, tell them to rush over here as fast as they can!”

 Gao Haiming could only comply with Lu Ruibing’s orders .

A short while later, the Nether Ice Palace's Black North Branch’s Sixth Order God Realm masters and above were all assembled .

Other than Lu Ruibing himself, who was a Fourth Order God Realm, there were four Sixth Order God Realms, three Seventh Order God Realms, and lastly, three Eighth Order God Realm masters .

During normal times, the Black Sea Branch didn't have so many God Realm masters present, but coincidentally, Lu Ruibing was here to check the branch’s situation . These Sixth Order, Seventh Order, and Eighth Order God Realm masters could be said to be his guards .

Seeing all the Sixth Order God Realm masters and above already assembled before him, Lu Ruibing explained the situation and the target to them . Then, without further delay, he led the group, flying out from the branch building to where Huang Xiaolong was .

“I really don’t know which peerless master the Zhao Family offended that their Patriarch and Grand Elders were all killed in one day . ” On the way, Gao Haiming heavily sighed .

The Zhao Family was established in the Peace Emperor World for tens of thousands of years, in fact, the Zhao Family was one of Peace Emperor World’s hegemonic forces . How awe-inspiring Patriarch Zhao Weitong was, but he was exterminated just like that .

Affairs of the world were transient!

At the current time, the Zhao Family was all split up, some fled, others betrayed . The Zhao Family only remained as a name .

All these happened in mere days .

Lu Ruibing sighed as well, “Yes ah, in the flow of time which family can achieve eternal glory and never decline? However, the person who annihilated the Zhao Family is probably a peak late-Ninth Order God Realm master or above . I heard that even the Li Family’s main lineage disciple Li Zishuai and his four mid-Ninth Order God Realm guards had their Qi Seas, meridians, both arms and legs crippled!”

Gao Haiming and all the accompanying God Realm masters were greatly shocked .

“This person does not even fear the Li Family?” Gao Haiming exclaimed .

The Li Family’s main lineage disciple Li Zishuai and four of his mid-Ninth Order God Realm guards having their Qi Seas, meridians, both arms and legs crippled was something that Gao Haiming, as well as the others, did not know about . Hearing this now frightened them .

 Lu Ruibing nodded, “That person even disregard the Li Family, they most likely come from one of the super forces . ”

Although the higher echelon of the major powers from Peace Emperor World knew what happened to Li Zishuai and his four guards, they did not know who did it . Increase their courage a hundred times over and these people still wouldn’t dare to ask Li Zishuai about this .

If Li Zishuai was angered, just two of the Li Family’s Tenth Order God Realm masters were enough to massacre the entire Peace Emperor World .

“Young Palace Lord, look! It’s that strange looking ship!” Gao Haiming suddenly shouted .

Lu Ruibing followed the direction of Gao Haiming’s eyes . In the distance was a strange looking ship emitting an ember-red glow, like an illusion, heading their way .

Intangible shadows of fire element divine beasts were flying around the ‘ship’ .

Lu Ruibing’s eyes grew hot; it really was an extreme Yang divine artifact!

Though the ship was several thousand zhang in the distance, Lu Ruibing could keenly feel an extremely pure and warm Yang energy flowing toward him . Before this extreme pure Yang energy, the frigid coldness of the Black North Sea vanished into nothing . Even the falling ice sleet reduced noticeably .

Just this extreme Yang divine artifact itself was already a precious rare treasure . But, there were more than a dozen arrays inscribed onto the body of this divine artifact!

Based on Lu Ruibing’s experience, at a glance, he could see that this extreme Yang divine artifact had several protective and attack formations! Inscribing array formations on a divine artifact was not easy .

A divine artifact complete with both protective and attack formations was rarer than rare .

The hotness in Lu Ruibing’s eyes intensified .

Then, his gaze moved to stone hovering in front of the black-haired young man sitting on the deck, emitting a faint mesmerizing glow .

“This is…?!” His eyes widened to the size of a fist .

“Godhead!” Beside him, Gao Haiming exclaimed in shock .

Earlier, Gao Haiming merely heard the report from his subordinate, thus he wasn’t aware of the godhead’s existence .


Everyone in Lu Ruibing’s group was shaken, staring at the stone with incredulity .

Lu Ruibing’s hot gaze became fanatical, even his breathing grew heavy due to excitement, laughing loudly, “Even the Heavens are blessing my Nether Ice Palace!”

With this extreme Yang divine artifact and also that godhead, his early Ninth Order God Realm Father and Mother would be able to break through to mid-Ninth Order God Realm . At that time, it was only a matter of time for their Nether Ice Palace to become the ruler of Peace Emperor World!

“We must absolutely not let this person escape!” Lu Ruibing turned to Gao Haiming, “Also, end this quickly, don’t let a wind of this reach others!”

Gao Haiming suppressed the nervous excitement in his heart and nodded at Lu Ruibing, he knew very well the importance of this .

At this time, Huang Xiaolong who was sitting on the deck refining the rank six godhead opened his eyes, seeing eleven excited faces .

“Looks like some people with bad eyesight are seeking death . ” Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi said with an evil smile .

Huang Xiaolong was indifferent, “Might as well top up some fertilizer for the Martial Spirit World . ”

Eleven God Realm masters; there were three Seventh Order God Realms and three Eighth Order God Realms . This would help in altering the lack of spiritual energy in Martial Spirit World .

Huang Xiaolong stood up, putting away the rank six godhead into his Asura Ring .

In this short time, Lu Ruibing’s group had reached the Flame Dragon Vessel .