Zhan Tianpeng actually came to borrow "Xuantianwen"?

This is the guy that Master Mo eats, he can actually speak?

A group of cultivators stared directly at Zhan Tianpeng, showing bad eyes.

"When did Wangxing Tower robbed so brazenly?"

"If he dares to make a move, he will fight with him!"

"That is, if you dare to fight Master Mo's idea, you can't get along with me, how can you let him go!"

Many cultivators deliberately increased their voices.

Zhan Tianpeng completely ignored these voices, he just looked at Mo Haoshi and saw his reaction.

Mo Haoshi's face changed slightly, and soon recovered.


Mo Haoshi let out a burst of laughter, "Zhan Shao, are you here to win "Xuan Tian Wen"?"

Zhan Tianpeng sighed secretly, letting go.


The breath of semi-paradise, like a tsunami, sweeps across all directions.

Everyone was in a quagmire and had difficulty moving.

The face of every cultivator was shocked.

"He...he actually reached the semi-fairyland? When did it happen?"

"What a terrible pressure, hurry... stop, I can't breathe!"

"It's worthy of being the No. 1 genius on the Qianlong list. He has become a half immortal before the age of fifty. It's terrible!"

Even Mo Haoshi's face changed slightly at this moment.

However, it quickly recovered.

He stood there, seeing death as home.

"Zhan Shao, even if you kill me, you don't want to get "Xuantian Pattern"!" Mo Haoshi said.

"Hmph, toast and not eat fine wine!"

Beside Zhan Tianpeng, an old man's figure flashed, and instantly appeared beside Mo Haoshi.

His right hand was like an eagle claw, firmly clasped on Mo Haoshi's throat.

With a gentle force, he can crush his throat.

"Hurry up and take out "Xuantianwen", otherwise you will die!" said the old man.

"Hehe, then you kill me!"

"Kill the old man, the "Xuantianwen" can only be hidden in the old man's soul space forever, no one can imagine it!"

Mo Haoshi showed an expression that a dead pig was not afraid of boiling water.


The old man's chest stagnated, "The old man abolish one of your arms first!"

"Hold on!"

Zhan Tianpeng spoke, and the old man immediately stopped and returned to Zhan Tianpeng.

Zhan Tianpeng regained the pressure, and the cultivators instantly regained their freedom.

Many immortal cultivators’ faces were covered with sweat, and the entire clothes were wet.

They looked at the three of Zhan Tianpeng as if they were looking at three monsters.

"He...the three of them, I'm afraid they are not ordinary half immortals, this strength can be compared with some big power ancestors, it is terrible!"

"I wait for the strength, but it is not enough to stuff them between their teeth. What should I do?"

"Wangxinglou has a lot of face, and I will definitely not let this happen, I'm afraid it will kill me and wait for it!"

The more they speak, the more scared they become.

"Master Mo, how offended you just now, please forgive me!" Zhan Tianpeng clasped his fists and saluted.

"Huh, don't come! If you want "Xuantianwen", there are only two options, kill me, or where to go back and forth!" Mo Haoshi said.

"Master Mo, this "Xuantianwen" is actually not what I want, but a peerless fairy who wants it. He wants to take a look. After reading it, he will naturally return it to you!"

"Of course, the senior didn't bother to come, otherwise, it would not be difficult to break your soul space, right?" Zhan Tianpeng said.

Peerless fairy?

Want to see my "Xuantianwen"?

This kid, really will make excuses.

"Hehe, then you let that peerless fairy come, anyway, I won't give it to you!" Mo Haoshi looked unbelievable.

"Master Mo, I know you don't believe me!"

"But, think about it, I'm not a master of formation, why do you want "Xuantianwen"?"

"Also, I have a breakthrough in strength now, can't you analyze the reasons?"

"Also, the two of them have been with me for so long. They have been ascending to the realm of three steps and never broke through. Why did they become half immortals in a short time?"


When Zhan Tianpeng said something, he couldn't help showing a suddenly realized expression in everyone's ears.

Indeed, how did their strength break so fast?

Among them, there must be no chance.

For a long time, Zhan Tianpeng has been looking for immortals to get a chance.

Did he really achieve it? Found a fairy?

How can this be?

If this is not the case, then their strength breakthrough so fast?

That is to say, they met a fairy!

"He is right!"

"As the young master of Wangxinglou, naturally you will not make this kind of mistake and smash your own sign! However, doing something for the fairy can indeed do it!"

"Yes, if I meet an immortal, the immortal will let me do something and go through fire and water, and I will not hesitate!"

Such a voice was heard in Mo Haoshi's ears from time to time.

His face changed slightly.

All this really makes sense!

This "Xuantianwen" was taken by ordinary people and couldn't understand it at all.

Even if I am myself, I can only turn to the third page, and I can see it in the mist.

Only by painting a gourd can I achieve who I am now.

This thing is more important than life.

How can others take it away.

Even if it is a fairy, what about it?

Want to grab my "Xuantianwen"? dream!

"Even if you are right? So what? It's impossible for me to give you "Xuantianwen"!" Mo Haoshi said.


The two old men's chest stagnated and they almost ran away.

Zhan Tianpeng smiled slightly and said, "What if I say that this peerless immortal is the Supreme Master?"


As the nine gods thunder blasted into Mo Hao's mind.

Grandmaster Supreme Master, that is the existence I want to see in my dreams!

However, how can you see those characters if you want to?

This kid must be lying.

Want to lie to the old man, dream!

Seeing Mo Haoshi's expression, Zhan Tianpeng smiled slightly and said, "Master Mo, I know you don't believe it, and I don't have any evidence now."

"However, you and I make a bet, how about?" Zhan Tianpeng said.


Mo Haoshi frowned slightly, "How to bet?"

"It's very simple, just bet whether there is a master of formation!"

"If you win, don't hesitate to mention any conditions. If you lose, I'm sorry, how about showing the "Xuantianwen" to that peerless fairy?" Zhan Tianpeng said.

Hearing this, Mo Haoshi frowned slightly.

This bet seems to be beneficial to me no matter how you look at it.

There really is a master of formation, what about giving him "Xuantianwen"?

However, how can you know that the opponent is the master of the formation?

"I can bet with you!"

The corner of Mo Haoshi's mouth raised slightly, "However, how do you know that the Master of Formation is?"

"It's very simple, I'll take you to see his works!" Zhan Tianpeng said.

"Ha ha……"

Mo Haoshi smiled slightly, "I know you would say that! Who knows if you will take some treasures and say it belongs to that person!"

"Want to lie to my "Xuan Tian Wen"? Ha ha, die this heart!"

"In this world, there is no master of the formation technique you mentioned!"

"If you want to kill, kill, don't be wordy!"

After speaking, Mo Haoshi stood there with a sneer all over his face.


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